FIFA 19 Betting Sites Guide

Your Top FIFA Betting Strategies

Electronic Arts Has Announced FIFA 19

If you were told to choose between sports and competitive gaming, which one would you opt? This is a question that many have failed to answer convincingly. However, even if you like watching the real game more, we are sure you love placing bets on it with Betway. Yes, Betway eSports helps you bet on live football matches and win big. It’s why players like Betway are becoming more popular among the sports fans and gamers alike.

Although the two are considered as separate entities, they share some similarities in terms of the format and approaches they use.

FIFA is a franchise of EA, and it is one of the most played and popular football video games. It features some of the most popular players and teams from all over the globe. Since it was introduced in 1993, it has grown and went ahead to attract the attention of betting. FIFA 19 is the latest franchise from EA, and it is also one of the most popular esports games to be wagered.


Which are some of the best betting sites to wager on FIFA 19?

Over the past couple of years, FIFA has grown to be an esport giant. Different online sportsbooks have taken an interest in FIFA. Although some are still reluctant about embracing the idea of betting on FIFA. Here is a look at some of the best betting sites to wager on FIFA 19.

#1. Betway
Betway is one of the leading sportsbooks not only in the UK but globally. It has not been in the gambling industry for long compared to other sportsbooks. However, it has been at the forefront of embracing esports. Betway became one of the first sportsbooks to offer FIFA betting. One of the few reasons that make it stand out is that it provides a wide array of FIFA selections to bet. The sportsbook offers you are €30 welcome bonus which is risk-free.

#2. 10Bet
10Bet is one of the leading esports sportsbooks. The site offers an attractive 50% deposit welcome bonus on all deposits up to £100. It is risk-free.

#3. Pinnacle
Pinnacle does not have attractive promotions and bonuses like Betway and 10Bet. However, the site does offer very competitive odds, and if you play your cards right, you can earn some perfect money from it.



Your Top FIFA Betting Strategies

FIFA betting is like any other type of gambling where it is based on probability and statistics. However, if you’re new to esports and you do not know what you’re doing, then here are our top FIFA betting strategies that can help.

#1. Get to know what you’re getting yourself into
Before you start betting on your first need, familiarise yourself with FIFA. For instance, you need to know the players who are participating in the latest meta.

#2. Manage your bankroll
Avoid risking your money by getting yourself into an instantly FIFA 19 offer.

#3. Learn from your mistakes
You are bound to win some and lose some, but the best thing that you can do is learn from your decisions.


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