FIFA 2018 Esports and Will Gaming Be at the Olympics?


The world of professional sports competitions has been taken by surprise in the last couple of years by an unexpected new addition, the eSports scene. Nowadays, any talented CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends or FIFA player can easily make a living while enjoying their favorite activity at the same time, due to numerous high prized tournaments taking place all over the world, including international world championships. Dedicated streaming channels make it extremely easy for eSports fans and followers from all over the world to have live access to the most popular and prestigious competitions with just a few clicks, completely free.

When it comes to FIFA 2018, which many consider the ultimate and most realistic version to be released ever, more and more Sports dedicated TV Channels are starting to include high-ranking matches and tournaments in their menu and the results are clearly visible.



Increasing Markets Created by eSports

With everything pointing to the online environment, it seems quite likely for the eSports industry to become at least as popular, if not even more, as the actual Olympic sport disciplines. Competitive gaming has not only generated an entire community throughout the globe but also attracted numerous betting markets, both online and offline, much like any other regular sport. Given the current demand and an extremely large number of offers, one can only assume that it won’t take much longer now until tomorrow’s football odds will be equally divided between live football and virtual football.

This, however, will not complicate things that much for punters, as there are numerous compelling platforms on the Internet that include the best offers and latest information for both, side by side. One of the most distinguished places to check real and virtual football statistics, tips, match previews and, of course, odds, has to be OddsDigger. Here, any punter out there that is not that familiar with the world of eSports and its most important professional competitions, can find out everything there is to know about each event and team in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, this is also the best place to locate the latest and most attractive offers from respectable bookmakers as well as to perform an accurate comparison between them, and easily determine the most advantageous ones. When a punter can compare the odds, it will considerably help determine the most likely outcomes to occur.

So if you are reluctant about online eSports competitions and betting on them, this is definitely the place where you can get up to date with the entire scene in a heartbeat.


World Class eSports Competitions

And what better moment to do so than now, as the most important competition in FIFA 2018 is virtually knocking at the door. Planned and announced for 2018, the FIFA eWorld Cup stands to be the legitimate successor of the FIFA Interactive World Cup as well as the biggest event in official FIFA competitions so far. The exponential growth registered by this game in the past couple of years is extremely understandable. From one version to the next, FIFA is becoming a better virtual simulation of real-life football. Subsequently, its competitive scene is subjected to the same accelerated evolution, especially through the latest game mode entitled Ultimate Team, which facilitates the creation of online tournaments for absolutely any type of player, from amateur to world champion. The developers behind FIFA, EA Sports, have systematically formalized these competitions and began running an entire professional circuit around them.


Can eSports Become a Part of the Olympic Games?

Under these current circumstances, one interesting and surprisingly official question has been recently raised. Given the increasing popularity this eSports discipline has been registering among the youth and its extremely large number of followers on a global scale, can FIFA 2018 be included in the upcoming Olympic Games? A few years back, such a possibility would have seemed highly unlikely, yet these days, Tony Estanguet, co-president of the Parisian bid for the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games, took the time to address this matter in person. Estanguet agrees that the level of interest manifested by the youth in this online version of the real sport has registered such an impressive increase that it has started to turn the tide. Estanguet concluded that the inclusion of FIFA 2018, and professional eSports competitions for that matter, in the official Olympic Games portfolio is now something to be taken into consideration and, as long as there is a way to find a common bridge between real life sport disciplines and advanced computerized simulations, the board will try its best to satisfy the demand for both.



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