Featured on this page are our top recommendations for FC 24 goalkeepers in Career Mode, individuals who could significantly enhance your club’s performance. However, it’s essential to note that while our choices are of exceptional quality, they may not perfectly align with your specific circumstances. Suitability hinges on factors such as your club’s composition, existing players, chosen formation, transfer and wage budgets, play style, and personal preferences. To determine the most suitable players, we have primarily analyzed their statistics, potential, and age. This approach explains the omission of some older players from this list. It’s worth considering that a player who would only remain with your club for two seasons might not be as advantageous an investment as someone who could contribute for five or six seasons.
While no version of Football Club 24 is available yet, we will populate this page with choices for FIFA 23.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Italy | PSG
Rating: 88 | Potential: 88
23 Years Old | Value: €103.5M
Release Clause: 199M | Wage: €110k
Yes, the age is correct. However, he’s only 23 and is already known as the best goalkeeper for the coming years. If he reached this status in real-life, why he wouldn’t do it in your Career Mode campaign?
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Slovenia | Alt Madrid
Rating: 89 | Potential: 91
29 Years Old | Value: €85.5M
Release Clause: 182M | Wage: €100k
He took a few years to reach the top positions, but no one will get him out of there. He is one of the best goalkeeper money can buy on FIFA 23 Career Mode.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Brazil | Man City
Rating: 89 | Potential: 91
28 Years Old | Value: €88M
Release Clause: 169M | Wage: €210k
With the ball on his feet, no one is better than him. However, Ederson is also one of the best goalkeepers when playing with his hands.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Belgium | Real Madrid
Rating: 90 | Potential: 91
30 Years Old | Value: €90M
Release Clause: 191M | Wage: €250k
Madrid’s goalkeeper isn’t one of the fastest, but he has other great stats, like superb reflexes and handling. The end of his career is still far, meaning he will still play at the highest level for several years.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Brazil | Liverpool
Rating: 89 | Potential: 90
29 Years Old | Value: €79M
Release Clause: 152M | Wage: €190k
Generally, it’s impossible not to compare Ederson to Alisson. They have many things in common. Of course, both would be good additions to your club, but the City keeper is currently slightly better.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
France | Milan
Rating: 87 | Potential: 90
27 Years Old | Value: €78M
Release Clause: 142M | Wage: €91k
As you probably know, it’s not easy to buy a top-quality goalkeeper like Oblak, Donnarumma or Courtois. They are expensive and play for top clubs that don’t want to sell them. You may have better luck with Maignan.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Germany | FC Barcelona
Rating: 88 | Potential: 89
30 Years Old | Value: €68.5M
Release Clause: 146M | Wage: €210k
Contrary to other positions, a 30-years old goalkeeper isn’t old. ter Stegen is an excellent example of how they can still improve with this age.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Switzerland | B Dortmund
Rating: 83 | Potential: 88
24 Years Old | Value: €44M
Release Clause: 78M | Wage: €40k
If you tried to hire every goalkeeper listed on this page and had no success, don’t worry. We have here a decent player with high potential that you can pay.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Germany | FC Bayern
Rating: 90 | Potential: 90
36 Years Old | Value: €68.5M
Release Clause: 22M | Wage: €210k
No, you won’t find Navas or Lloris on this list. Who plays Career Mode is usually looking for younger players. That’s not precisely the case for Neuer, but he is still as good as the best players on this list. He has already reached his maximum potential, but this doesn’t need to be bad news because his level is high.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Spain | Man United
Rating: 87 | Potential: 87
31 Years Old | Value: €42M
Release Clause: 80M | Wage: €150k
Far from the quality of the top 5, De GEa is a goalkeeper that will keep your goal safe thanks to his amazing reflexes, diving and positioning. He is also a good choice for those who love to use the goakeeper to start their attacks.