Presented on this page are our top recommendations for FC 24 strikers in Career Mode, players who could greatly enhance your club. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that while our selections are of high quality, they may not perfectly match your unique circumstances. Suitability depends on your club’s composition, existing players, chosen formation, transfer and wage budgets, play style, and personal preferences. To identify the most suitable players, we have primarily considered their statistics, potential, and age. This approach explains the absence of some older players from this list. It’s important to note that a player who will only stay with your club for two seasons might not be as valuable a choice as someone who could contribute for five or six seasons.
Best FC 24 Strikers
France | PSG
Rating: 91 | Potential: 94
24 Years Old | Value: €181M
There are no words to describe how good this striker is. At only 24 years old, he’s already our favorite player! He is also the fastest and the one with the highest potential in the game
Best FC 24 Strikers
Norway | Man City
Rating: 91 | Potential: 94
22 Years Old | Value: €185M
What a season for Haaland! He will be competing with Mbappé for the title of the best player on the planet, and they will continue to do so for a decade.
Best FC 24 Strikers
Nigeria | Napoli
Rating: 88 | Potential: 91
24 Years Old | Value: €126M
The Nigerian forward has been on an impressive upward trajectory in his career. From season to season, his value has grown immeasurably. How do you think he will be in one or two seasons? We know
Best FC 24 Strikers
Argentina | Inter
Rating: 87 | Potential: 90
25 Years Old | Value: €107M
If you’re looking to the future, you should consider Lautaro. In a couple of years, he will be one of the best forwards, guaranteeing many goals for your team.
Best FC 24 Strikers
England | Bayern
Rating: 90 | Potential: 90
29 Years Old | Value: €120M
You can use Mbappé in this position, but if you want the best native striker, you’ll need to go with Lewandowski or Kane. He might not be as fast as we’d like, but we still love him. Besides, he’s only 29, which means you can use him for many years
Best FC 24 Strikers
Uruguay | Liverpool
Rating: 82 | Potential: 88
24 Years Old | Value: €120M
This is one of those cases where everyone sees the immense potential he has. He already plays very well, but we’re always waiting to see when he will truly explode. Will it be on your team
Best FC 24 Strikers
France | Chelsea
Rating: 86 | Potential: 88
25 Years Old | Value: €86M
Nkunku is pure class. We are confident that he will tear apart many defenses
Best FC 24 Strikers
France | Atl Madrid
Rating: 88 | Potential: 88
32 Years Old | Value: €74M
Griezmann is probably at the peak of his career. Are you going to take advantage of this moment for your team, or are you going to watch him on TV?
Best FC 24 Strikers
Poland | FC Barcelona
Rating: 90 | Potential: 90
34 Years Old | Value: €58M
Lewandowski is a true goal machine. We don’t typically favor older players (which is why Ronaldo and Messi are not on this shortlist), but at 34 years old, and with all his skills, Lewandowski remains one of the best strikers you can have on your team.
Best FC 24 Strikers
France | PSG
Rating: 84 | Potential: 87
24 Years Old | Value: €59M
Fast and with fantastic dribbling skills, it’s not easy to stop Kolo Muani. The player has much more to offer to football, and in the right team, he could go down in the history of this sport.