On this page, we present a selection of the most promising young goalkeepers for your FC 24 Career Mode, all of whom could greatly benefit your club. Nonetheless, it’s important to bear in mind that while our recommendations are strong, they might not perfectly align with your club’s unique circumstances. Factors such as your existing players, formation, transfer and wage budgets, play style, and personal preferences will play a crucial role in making your decision. This carefully curated list focuses on goalkeepers under the age of 23, who exhibit substantial potential for growth. In essence, these are the individuals who could evolve into top-tier players in the near future.
Best FIFA 23 Goalkeepers
Georgia | Valencia
Rating: 80 | Potential: 86
22 Years Old | Value: €27M
Mamardashvili isn’t inexpensive, but we can guarantee that his price will be much higher in a couple of years. Only one player has higher potential among all young goalkeepers, which should be enough to make you consider him for your team
Best FC 24 Goalkeepers
Ukraine | Benfica
Rating: 77 | Potential: 85
21 Years Old | Value: €21M
As one of the future best goalkeepers in world football, now is the right time to Benfica trusted this goalkeeper as a replacement for Vlachodimos. If they did so when he’s only 21 years old, it’s certainly for a good reason.
Best FC 24 Goalkeepers
Belgium | Genk
Rating: 75 | Potential: 85
21 Years Old | Value: €11M
The Belgian is another sure bet for the future of football. This is the right time to sign him while the big European clubs haven’t snapped him up yet
Best FC 24 Goalkeepers
Netherlands | Brighton
Rating: 75 | Potential: 85
20 Years Old | Value: €11M
It’s not even possible to sign whoever we want. If you’ve missed out on the top three, the Dutchman is the next young talent in line.
Best FC 24 Goalkeepers
Belgium | Genk
Rating: 70 | Potential: 87
18 Years Old | Value: €4M
He’s not the right player to have on your team just yet, especially since he’s only 18 years old, but one day, he will be the best in the world. It’s up to you to manage when to sign him so that he becomes a part of your club without feeling discouraged by not playing.
Best FC 24 Goalkeepers
France | Lille
Rating: 78 | Potential: 84
21 Years Old | Value: €20M
With a proven track record, the Lille goalkeeper is someone ready to play for any club. A safe investment for the short term
Best FC 24 Goalkeepers
Brazil | Gil Vicente
Rating: 75 | Potential: 84
22 Years Old | Value: €11M
Despite belonging to a relatively unknown club, Andrew’s price is relatively high. In fact, this is a sign that his future is bright.
Best FC 24 Goalkeepers
France | Burnley
Rating: 71 | Potential: 84
20 Years Old | Value: €4M
If you want to buy affordable prospects, you might think you need to turn to less popular teams, right? Wrong. Trafford is an excellent example of how you can sign a great goalkeeper at a fantastic price.
Best FC 24 Goalkeepers
Italy | Empoli
Rating: 72 | Potential: 84
21 Years Old | Value: €5M
He may never be a Buffon, but Caprile is set to improve significantly in the coming years. Will it be your team that benefits from it?
Best FC 24 Goalkeepers
Portugal | Benfica
Rating: 63 | Potential: 84
18 Years Old | Value: €1M
Benfica has given the world of football recent names like Ederson and Oblak. Trubin and André Gomes are candidates to carry on that legacy.