On this page, we present the optimal selection of young strikers for your FC 24 Career Mode, individuals who could greatly benefit your club. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to bear in mind that while our recommended players are of high quality, they might not perfectly align with your specific requirements. Compatibility hinges on factors such as your club’s composition, existing players, chosen formation, transfer and wage allocations, play style, and personal preferences. This compilation takes into account strikers under the age of 23, who exhibit substantial potential for growth. In essence, these are individuals who could evolve into premier players in the near future.
Best FC 24 Strikers
Norway | Man City
Rating: 91 | Potential: 94
22 Years Old | Value: €185M
There are no words to describe how good he is. However, what’s even more impressive is imagining him getting even better. How can that be possible? Buy him and see for yourself.
Best FC 24 Strikers
Denmark | Man Utd
Rating: 76 | Potential: 89
20 Years Old | Value: €18M
Fast on the field and fast in his development off it. It won’t take long for this young talent to start scoring non-stop. The only question is, which club?
Best FC 24 Strikers
Portugal | PSG
Rating: 80 | Potential: 87
22 Years Old | Value: €43M
It seems Paris SG got there first. Unless he continues to appreciate in value. And that’s exactly what will happen with this genuine goal scorer.
Best FC 24 Strikers
Germany | Dortmund
Rating: 77 | Potential: 87
18 Years Old | Value: €23M
The Borussia forward is one of the community’s favorites, and it’s easy to see why. He is already a very talented player, but the best is yet to come
Best FC 24 Strikers
France | Lens
Rating: 78 | Potential: 88
20 Years Old | Value: €31M
For now, Wahi is just an extremely fast young player. However, in the future, many of his other characteristics will catch up with his speed, making him a top-tier player
Best FC 24 Strikers
USA | Monaco
Rating: 79 | Potential: 86
21 Years Old | Value: €36M
It’s not exactly news that the American is going to be one of the best forwards in the future. The question is when he will reach the peak of his career.
Best FC 24 Strikers
R Ireland | Brighton
Rating: 74 | Potential: 86
18 Years Old | Value: €10M
The earlier you sign a young prospect, the cheaper they will be. In this case, you already know he’s a sure thing. What are you waiting for?
Best FC 24 Strikers
08 TEL
France | Bayern
Rating: 71 | Potential: 86
18 Years Old | Value: €4M
Ter is another exciting player who can also play as RM and LM. He is still very young, so our suggestion is to try to buy him before he gets enough chances to showcase his talent at a big team like Bayern.
Best FC 24 Strikers
Portugal | Famalicão
Rating: 71 | Potential: 85
21 Years Old | Value: €5M
OK, your club is broken, and you can’t pay the money a reasonable player costs. Maybe you can. Araújo is on loan, so perhaps you can get him at a bargain price
Best FC 24 Strikers
Germany | Mainz
Rating: 66 | Potential: 86
18 Years Old | Value: €2M
He’s unlikely to play much in the first season, or even in the second, and maybe not even in the third. However, sooner or later, you’ll want him on the field in every game.