All the Chemistry Style Cards of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

All the Chemistry Style Cards of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Chemistry Style cards are one of the greatest new features of FIFA 14. But which ones you will have the chance to find it in FUT 14 ?


Introduction to Chemistry Styles cards of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team you have the chance to choose which attributes will be affected by the chemistry. Chemistry Styles are items that decide what stats chemistry will boost. It dictate which stats are increased by chemistry. Chemistry styles do not change your chemistry numbers.

When a player is released in a card his chemistry style is basic (BAS), the starter style. It means that all his attributes are improved in the same way. If you want to change it, you can apply chemistry style cards that you can find in the transfer market or in packs. They are consumables, which means that you can use it once. However, you can apply these cards to each player as many times you want but only one per player at a time. As it happens with positioning cards, its effects is permanent unless you use a new one. If you trade it, the buyer will keep the style. The Chemistry Styles allow you to let choose what stats are changed but not how much it will change. It depends of your chemistry. If you get individual chemistry 10, you will get the higher improvement possible in the stats you chosen.


All the Chemistry Style Cards of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Basic is the default chemistry style of any FIFA 14 Ultimate Team player.
It is the only of these cards that is not rare.


All the Chemistry Style Cards of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

If you have understood what Chemistry Style Cards are, you probably are already thinking which cards you will apply to which players. But there is something that is missing. You need to know which Chemistry Style cards will be released. Luckily, you can find it here with us.

In fact there will be 23 chemistry styles cards: the basic, that will come with all the players that you get from the packs; four to the goalkeeper; and eighteen to the other players. Just check in the following table, which stats each card will boost and start planning how will be your squad and which cards you will use.


[tab title=”Goalkeepers”] 


[tab title=”Other Positions”]




Source: FIFA U Team Website (Introduction)



  1. I feel in fifa 14, it would be good to introduce multi formation cards. This was it is good if you are loosing and you feel a change in formation is required, you can then change your formation of the team and the player will fit into this formation by having a multi formation card. e.g. hazard has 4-1-2-1-2 formation and 4-3-3

    • It will not happen at all. We understand what you said but formations cards no longer will exist in FIFA 14.
      In FIFA 14 you are free to change your formation before or during the matches. It will not affect your chemistry.

  2. How expensive do you, Rodrigo, think these cards will be and will they affect the prices of players like formation cards did in fifa 13?

  3. Do you know how much chemistry style affects each individual stat?
    Like “artist” gives 3 in dribbling and passing, does that mean you get 3+ in agility, balance, ball control, dribbling, short pass… etc.?

    • Hi.
      EA Sports loves to keep chemistry thing like a big mystery.
      The problem is bigger than you think: “artist” don’t give +3 stat points in dribbling and passing. +3 only represents the higher improvement possible (that you only get with individual chemistry 10). Almost everyone thinks that it gives +3 points but it is not true (for example: a player with dribbling 80 don’t get dribbling 83 when a “artist” card is applied to him).
      We know that the other stats are affected but we do not know how much.

  4. hi,

    How does a player card color change from basic to silver to dark brown ? i really dun understand the concept.


  5. Do the cards with a drawback in any way like say i give a finisher card to a player it makes heading and shot better but do the other stats get a little worse

  6. Which attribute is Positioning under? For example, if I wanted to boost someone’s heading accuracy specifically, then I would put a chemistry style that boost their heading as heading accuracy is obviously under the heading attribute or if I wanted them to get stronger, I would give them a chemistry style that boost defending as strength is under the attribute defending, so if you know what attribute positioning is under as I want to boost Ramos’ positioning, the Colombian striker from the Bundesliga, it would help a lot!


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