How Do You Become a Pro FIFA Player?

Does the thought of being paid to play FIFA sound awesome? In this article, we are going to share 5 tips that will turn you from a weekend warrior into a pro gamer! Maybe one day, you will win 5 figure prizes, and people will be streaming and betting on your matches at


1. You Need to Play a Lot Of FIFA

This tip may seem obvious, but even if you think you are obsessed with FIFA, you are probably not playing anywhere near as much as the pros. To break into the professional ranks, you need to play 15 to 20 hours a week. Yep, that is right, we recommend playing 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, and then taking two days off. If you can’t stick to this level of weekly gameplay, you won’t make it as a FIFA pro!


2. Study Other Professional FIFA Players

You can’t just play FIFA and expect to turn pro. You need to analyze the top professionals and see what strategies they are using, how they utilize certain players, and their responses to common situations. We recommend spending 5 hours every week watching top professionals play. The best way to quickly get good at FIFA is to mimic what the established pros are already doing.


3. Analyze Your Own Games

You should be constantly recording your FIFA matches and then taking the time to analyze what happened. You need to identify things you did well and things you did poorly. Then you need to come up with solutions to your errors and diligently try to fix them. High-level professional FIFA players rarely make the same mistake twice and give their opponents very few opportunities to score.
It is also beneficial to get players who are more skilled than you to view your games and give you tips. Sometimes it is not easy to identify your own mistakes, and another set of eyes can really take your FIFA skill to the next level!


4. Play Division Rivals

Division Rivals is the best way to compete against people who are better than you or have the same skill level. You need to be constantly pushing yourself and getting into as many tough games as possible. Division Rivals has the best matchmaking system, so you won’t be stuck playing people who you can easily beat. Your goal should be to crush Elite Division over and over again!


5. Practice Penalties

Penalties may be the most important skill if you want to become a pro-FIFA player. Did you know that in elite FIFA matches, nearly half of the goals come from penalties? If you can become a super reliable penalty taker, you will have a big edge over your opponents.
You also need to be creative and develop your own style. Copying existing pros will only get you so far. To make that next jump to world-class professional, you need to innovate and create your own strategy that gives your opponents fits!


Final Thoughts

So there you have it, if you follow our FIFA tips, you should be well on the road to turning pro. Just remember to keep grinding no matter how hard it gets because consistency is the key. After a couple of years of putting in 20 hours a week, your FIFA skills will be off the charts!

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  1. Well they may as well sign me up now. I’m consistently smashing the elite tiers. 15-20 hours a week , I play FIFA 15 hours a day and have done since FIFA 95 when I was 5!!

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