How to Become a FIFA 20 Coins Millionaire


With lockdown conditions continuing in the UK, many people will be keeping themselves occupied by playing video games like FIFA 20.

Ultimate Team is the most popular mode on the game by far and many people who have just bought FIFA 2020 will be getting to grips with it right now.

Coins are needed to build the best team possible, so how do you become a FIFA 20 millionaire?

FIFA 20 Coins v FIFA Points

There are two main ways to build a world-beating Ultimate Team squad: coins and FIFA points.

Most players have been tempted to buy FIFA points at one time in the hope of landing a great player in a pack.

New players are likely to find it very hard to earn enough coins to help them compete with those who have been playing FIFA 20 for several months. It can be daunting to come up against a lot of teams that are stacked with icons when you are just starting out playing Ultimate Team.

This is why buying FIFA points is treated by many gamers as a shortcut to success on Ultimate Team. Buying packs with FIFA points, especially when there is a promotion running such as FUT Birthday, can mean unlocking a special player who is worth a massive number of coins.

Some players are still worth millions of coins on their own, so those who get lucky can become an instant FIFA 20 coins millionaire if they land the right player. Opening lots of packs will also give gamers plenty of other players that can be used in Squad Building Challenges on FIFA 20.

However, for those who want to avoid buying FIFA points, what is the fastest way to earn coins?


Earning coins to become a FIFA 20 coins millionaire

FIFA 20 has introduced changes to make it arguably easier than ever to earn coins on the game. This should theoretically level out the game’s playing field and avoid paying to win.

Rewards are plentiful and even by just playing a lot of matches will see gamers rack up large amounts of coins. Squad Building Challenges can also be very profitable for those who like to play these puzzles. But the fastest way to acquire coins is likely to be on the transfer market.

Trading on FIFA 20 has long been widely treated as a way to make a lot of coins quickly. Of course, like any other trading there are risks involved. EA takes a cut of every transaction, so those who are not experienced with FIFA trading could lose coins rather than making a profit.

Marquee Matchups provide one of the best trading opportunities on FIFA 20. Every Thursday, EA makes four of the upcoming weekend’s fixtures into Squad Building Challenges that need players from the clubs involved to be completed.

Anyone who has these players in their clubs already is likely to be able to cash in a lot. But selling at the right time is needed in order to maximise the money that can be earned.

When the SBC requirements are particularly challenging, it is not uncommon for some players to become ‘extinct’ on the market. This means that they will be instantly worth their maximum buy it now price on the Ultimate Team market, allowing players to cash in to a large degree.


Becoming a FIFA 20 coins millionaire through trading

As the Marquee Matchups are usually derby games or big matches from a top league, they can sometimes be predicted in advance. This is one of the real keys to trading success in FIFA.

Players who are likely to be featured in Marquee Matchups can usually be snapped up early in the week for a knockdown bargain price. It is possible to make many thousands of coins this way, but it does rely on accurately predicting the games that are included in Marquee Matchups.

Basic trading can also be a route to becoming a FIFA 20 coins millionaire. Players tend to be at their cheapest early in the week, while they can dip in value when gamers have just received their rewards from competitive game modes like the Weekend League and Division Rivals.

The most ‘meta’ players in the game then rise in value again when the Weekend League is getting under way. This is because players are building their teams to be as competitive as possible. Trading with these players is, therefore, another way to make FIFA 20 coins quickly.

Buying and selling Team of the Week players is another popular way to earn FIFA 20 coins. Between Wednesday and Saturday, Team of the Week players are often available for bargain prices. As they are always needed for the most advanced Squad Building Challenges, these players are among the safest investments it is possible to make on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

These are just some of the ways players can become a FIFA 20 coins millionaire – good luck!


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