Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


You are building your squad but you are not sure about which defenders you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode.


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How to choose the Best Defenders

In this article we will suggest the best defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your low, medium or large budget club. Keep in mind that the best players for us many not be for you. It depends of your other players, formation, budget, play style, preferences, etc…

We will suggest defenders of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Defenders with nice potential rating and that you can find at decent prices.
    Best Young
    Young Defenders with great growth and that will be top players in the future.


Best Centre Backs (CB) for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Best CB’s for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Spain
Rating: 86
Potential: 89
Age: 27

There are several good players for this position but some of them can only be used with a pacey team mate next to them. Piqué and Hummels are two good examples. If you have a fat wallet, Ramos will do his work very well.

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: RAPHAEL VARANE

Nationality: France
Rating: 81
Potential: 88
Age: 21

If you don’t have so much money, you can try another Madrid’s centre back. Varane is young, has good defending stats, is fast enough and may be one of the best defenders in a near future. You can take a look to Mangala, Nicolas Nkoulou and Angelo Ogbonna too.


Best Deals in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Rating: 80
Potential: 82
Age: 27

Who already have played with him, probably knows that he is a good and balanced defender. He ends his contract with Spurs in 2014, so you can get him free. If the transfer fails, you can try Mamadou Sakho that ends his contract with PSG too.

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Venezuela
Rating: 81
Potential: 82
Age: 28

There are some popular players, as Puyol and Nesta, that you can get for free but if you are building a team for the future you probably will prefer someone younger as Amorebielsa. If you are thinking in a long term, you may also take a look to the Brazilians Luccas Claro and Thiago Heleno. Both may reach in the future a rating of 78.


Best Young CB’s in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Promise: JONATHAN TAH

Nationality: Germany
Rating: 60
Potential: 83
Age: 17

Tah only has 17 years old but he is one of the defenders with higher potential growth. He is not prepared to be a first option yet but in the future he may be important in your team.

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: LUIZ EDUARDO

Nationality: Brazil
Rating: 67
Potential: 83
Age: 20

A bit older, Luiz Eduardo already has decent stats which means that it will be easier to put him playing in your team. Take a look to some promises like Nathan Aké, Facundo Cardozo and Dario Del Fabro and don’t forget to follow Koray Günter and Leo Chambers since their are ending their contracts in the end of the first season.


Best Right Backs (RB) for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Best RB’s for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Germany
Rating: 87
Potential: 87
Age: 30

If you are looking for the best right back money can buy, you can stop your search. Lahm is currently the best RB of the world.

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: MATTIA DE SCIGLIO

Nationality: Italy
Rating: 77
Potential: 85
Age: 21

If you don’t have so much money, you can try another some one younger and with a promising future. The Milan’s right back is very fast and may start playing in your team right now. If he gets enough chances, he will be one of the best players in his position. The English players Phil Jones and Micah Richards are more expensive alternatives.


Best Deals in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Rating: 80
Potential: 80
Age: 30

There are lots of good right backs ending their contracts in the end of first season. If the age is not a problem, try Sagna. Otherwise, take a look to other good players as Abdoulay Konko, Ignazio Abate, Jesús Gámez and Rafinha.

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Rating: 74
Potential: 77
Age: 27

It is very hard to find quality players for this position that are out of contracts. Danzé is one of the few but you can take a look to Roman Shishkin and Norberto Norsales too.


Best Young RB’s in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Promise: MONTOYA

Nationality: Spain
Rating: 77
Potential: 83
Age: 21

Montoya will be a great player in the future. He already is but he will become even better. And the best part of it is that you can get the pacey Barcelona’s right back for free or for a good price since he ends his contract in 2014.

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: HÉCTOR BELLERÍN

Nationality: Spain
Rating: 56
Potential: 82
Age: 18

This fast young player has a lot to learn. In good hands he may becomes a good player for every team. But there are several players that you should look with attention: Mário Fernandes, Santiago Arias, João Cancelo, Tony, Tomáš Kalas, Šime Vrsaljko, Constantin Nica, Hayden White and Bruno Martignoni


Best Left Backs (LB) for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Best LB’s for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Austria
Rating: 81
Potential: 84
Age: 21

There are better LB’s than Alaba but no one is as good as he is with his age. Buy him and you will get a good defender for many years.

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: FÁBIO COENTRÃO

Nationality: Portugal
Rating: 79
Potential: 86
Age: 25

If you don’t have so much money, you should try alternatives to Alaba and to Jordi Alba. In our opinion, Coentrão is a good investment. He already is a top player and Madrid may make you a good price since they have Marcelo as first option. Coentrão needs to play and if it happens he will be the best LB of the game.


Best Deals in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Deal: FÁBIO

Nationality: Brazil
Rating: 75
Potential: 81
Age: 23

There are several good LB’s ending their contracts in the end of first season, like Ashley Cole and Patrice Evra. But if you plan do play several seasons, you may try someone younger. Fabio seams to us the right choice.

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Free Player: GRIMALDO

Nationality: Spain
Rating: 67
Potential: 78
Age: 18

It is very hard to find quality players for this position that are out of contracts. Grimaldo is one of the few but you can take a look to Henrique (Vasco da Gama) too.


Best Young CB’s in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Promise: LUKE SHAW

Nationality: England
Rating: 70
Potential: 85
Age: 18

Luke Shaw has contract with Southampton until 2018, which shows how he is looked by the club as a strong promise for the future. He is extremely fast and has everything to be one of the best defenders of the world.

Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: JETRO WILLEMS

Nationality: Netherlands
Rating: 72
Potential: 83
Age: 19

Willems is another of our favourites. He already has decent stats which means that it will be easier to put him playing in your team. But there are several unknown players that you should look with attention: Declan John, Ronan, Ibrahima Mbaye, Raphaël Guerreiro, Nicola Murru and Jack Robinson.


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115 thoughts on “Best Defenders for FIFA 14 Career Mode”

  1. I pretty much like these guides as they’re quite helpful, but there’s a couple of things here which I don’t agree with. In the “Best Young RB’s” section, you included both Montoya and Héctor Bellerín, when there are actually better ones. Instead of including Montoya, you should have included Danilo who is 1 year younger and is got +1 potential. And instead of Héctor, you should have included João Cancelo, as he is 18 years old, but he is 68 overall and he’s got a potential of 84. I’m just leaving my suggestions here, please take them in consideration.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      It’s good to have different opinions. When we suggest best young players, we analyse several factors as their age, overall, potential, grow, skills, stats, price, contract, etc… That’s why sometimes the choice doesn’t look obvious.
      Next time we will try to show, step by step, how we elected our suggestions.

      1. Khaos Gamingx

        I’m looking for shock players, i have 250,000,000$ on the smartphone version
        Plz tell me what I should get for defense
        I play as Barça, aka i kept the best defenders.

        1. Sergio agüero is one the best striker u need to have in ur squad…he is good striker and gets off the market quickly..

        2. I play on my smartphone and play as Barca as well! my lineup is:
          Mascherano (Left Back) [Barcelona] {85}
          Thiago Silva (Left Center Back) [PSG] {88}
          Pique (Right Center Back) [Barcelona] {88}
          Piszczek (Right Back) [Dortmund] {87}
          This is after 2 full seasons of playing; My formation is 4-1-3-2
          == if anyone knows of any better left or right backs let me know! (: ===
          the rest of my team
          Sergio (Center Defensive Mid) [Barcelona] {88}
          Pogba (Center Mid) [Juventus] {96}
          Muller (Left Mid) [Barcelona] {90}
          Hazard (Right Mid) [Chelsea] {90}
          Messi (Right Striker) [Barcelona] {96}
          Neymar (Left Striker) [Barcelona] {95}

          I am working on getting bale as a sub and ronaldo as a starter to replace Muller

          1. Stephan El Shaarawy could prove to be better than Ronaldo as he rises to 91 and possibly 93 he is also much younger than ronaldo. You could also buy Bakkali from PSV he is only 20 and rises to 90 if worked well

  2. Sankalp Singh

    how about alberto moreno , young LB from sevilla ? He has a decent potential and a very affordable price

  3. If you look for a great lb look for gianluca pollace in ss lazio, when i bought him he had 59 and now its over 80. Also Murru of cagliari is a great lb

  4. Do these reviews factor in the actual play of each player. I doubt I’m the only one who has notices but sometimes you get a guy with a better overall rating but his performance on field is not as good as a player with a lower rating. I like playing with a fast team it just seems more fun personally. Perhaps you could do a review depending on playstyle perferance methodical football vs speed football? Personally almost everyone on my squad is quick except the CBs and my CDM my CDM always is a great long range shooter though. Thank you for the reviews although they are helpful just my 2 cents on perhaps another way to make another interesting review/article.

  5. Porto’s Brazilian RB Branilo is amazing!!!
    He’s 22, can cross, has high workrate. long shots and finishing… And he’s a RB!!!
    He’s $14-24 Million in the first 2 seasons!!!
    Buy him now!!! He’s AMAZING

  6. How come kolisanic from shalke is not on the best young left backs, potential of 86 on my career and starts at 72

  7. Karim Rekik is a good CB his potential growth is 87 and he is alot cheaper than the other guys … Mats Hummels grows upto 88 he is also worth the price !!

  8. I think that a consideration should be given to Serge Aurier for the best young Rb section. He has a 74 starting overall with 84 potential as a RM, but he is out of position and his rating is actually three higher as a RB. This means that as a RB, his overall is 77 and his potential is 87, the highest potential tied with the much older Phillip Lahm in the RB position.

  9. A great rb is danny da costa. He is out on loan at the start of a career but goes up a lot over that first season out on loan.

  10. i took columbus crew from mls and put them in england (football league 2 ) to get the thrill of promotion .. .. .they have close to zero budget … please suggest players in all positions …..i usually use wings ….. and a 4-3-3 formation. especially in CAM .

  11. my defence side from the RB:-


    as subs the strong ones also:-


    guyz the best defence side on my openion.. consider it.

  12. my team in fifa is crystal palace and my defence is joao cancelo/sabastian coates/luiz eduardo/sead kolasniac

  13. my defense is lahm (lb) kompany (lcb) pique/thiago silva (rcb) and Sergio ramos (rb)phillip lahm is losing potential really fast at the start of the second season and for some reason he moved to cdm 🙁 idk who to replace him with I already have busquests and vidal at cdm

  14. Just as another suggestion, i like to get ricardo rodriguez on wolfsburg. He grows to become the best left back in the game, and he starts growing at a very early age. He has nice crossing and distance shooting/passing. Also, your suggestions are very, very good.

  15. Please tell me the best dfenders between in heading of the ball.

    Thank You

  16. I like young players overall so I sold Ramos(mistake?)got varane and marquinhos starting. need another young one for my subs. i have alaba for left back but considering selling marcelo cos of age, i need someone younger than alaba for my sub. lastly, i have de sciglio and carvajal but wanna get rid of carvajal and get someone younger and good. so suggestions please and thanks.

  17. Hi, I’m on my 5th year I think with stoke city, I have about $25,000,000 and I’m trying to fill my squad. I have a young, but talented group bc I used the future scout player item in the catalogue. Who could I buy in the mid-upper seventies and also won’t break the bank. People I could use if injuries occur bc all my subs are about 29-30ish of age!

    Thank you Rodrigo!

    1. If you already have a decent team and you need back ups, you should focus in wonder kids that will be useful in a near future: Héctor Bellerin, Shaw, Jetro Willems, Goretzka, Bakkali, Miño, Bruma, Fischer, Martial, Benzia…

  18. My current squad in season 2015/2016 is Leali (gk) de Sciglio(rb) Zouma(cb) Varane(cb) Shaw (lb) Amini (cdm) Kovacîc (cm) Maher/Corea(cam) Bruma (rw) Martial/Benzia(st) Bakkali (lw)

  19. Suggestion pls. I bought Pique from Barcelona and I need a second opinion because I think I should’ve bought Ramos. Or should I buy them both because I have PSG? I also need a good RB.

  20. Nobody mentioned.. Rober and Hugo mallo.. Best RB both.. Rober has a potential of 89 nd hugo mallo has 86.. Nd rober would only cost 300,000 initially.. Nd I sold him for 45,000,000 . Nd mallo for 25,000,000

  21. Chris Cellucci

    Yedlin is also a good young rb. You can get him fpr less than 1 million sometimes, has crazy pace, and I got him up to an 81 overall after about 3 seasons.

  22. My manchester united team andre ster stegen lindegaard desiglio hummels subotic alba evans smalling shaw jones gundogan vidal pogba verrati ander hererra kroos lewandoski benzema lukaku. What do u think rodrigo.

  23. If u don’t have enough cash and cant afford to buy players like Eden hazard and Neymar ,,u can buy Stephen El,sharaway a high potential player who will be a good purchase in ur squad…

  24. A good left back would be Hull City’s Joe Dudgeon after 4 years he is 27 years old and rated 88 overall with 96 stand tackle and good dribbling attributes. Also Stephan El Shaarawy who starts at 80 and over the space of 4 years grows to 91. Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere can grow to 90 after 2 seasons.

  25. Afrasiab Falak (Bangladesh)

    My squad
    Gk- Mark Andre ter stagen
    RB- Alex
    RM-Samir Nasri
    ST-Edinson Cavani

    …….This is my PSG lineup.I play in 3-4-3 formation.Is it strong enough to win league title?

  26. my defence consists manquillo chambers my two RBs marquinho varane tah and a scouted player there my CBs shaw and alaba my two LBs and this is arsenal 2019 and i just bought ronaldo and ibra for there regens which there not retiring for a least another two seasons and ronaldo still has 87 pace and is 88 rated and ibra is 84 rated

  27. jonas (uganda)

    my arsenal team 2015…..FIFA 14
    gk-lorris, 85 ter stegen 85
    rb-montoya 82 Robert Kelly 84
    cb-varane 80 Juan Jesus 81 Marc batra 80
    lb-gaya 79 alaba 82
    cdm-veratti 82 pogba 81
    rm-sanchez 85 Walcott 82 oxlad…79
    lw-alex gradel 78 Wellington 76…..
    cam- ozil 89 Barkley 80 coutinho 85 (exchanged with carzola)
    st-welbeck 80 lacazzette 79 jese Rodriguez 78 (just arrived)

  28. My Manchester United team after two season
    gk: courtois (rated 85)
    lb: alba (rated 86)
    rcb: hummels (rated 91)
    lcb: badstubar (rated 88)
    rb: de sciglio (rated 85)
    lm: hazard (rated 91)
    cm: gotze (rated 90)
    rm: lucas (rated 89)
    rw: Sanchez (rated 90)
    st: lewandowski (rated 88)
    lw: neymar (rated 89)

    rm: james Rodriguez (rated 86)
    cm: fellani (rated 85)
    cdm: M’Villa (rated 85)
    lm: marco reus (rated 90)
    cb: boateng(rated 86)
    st: benteke (rated 86)
    gk: blaswich(rated 85)

    lb:alaba (rated 82)
    cb: kaya (rated 87)
    rb: walker (rated 83)
    rw: narsingh (rated 83)
    lw: el shaarawy(rated 84)
    gk: ter stegen(rated 80)

    isn’t it unstoppable?? 😀

    1. Thats fucked up. You need to have balance in the team. Most of your players are gonna be unhappy during the season.

  29. my team as real madrid

    Gk. T. Cortois -86
    rb. S. Ramos – 87
    rcb. V. Company 85 (c)
    lcb. T. Silva – 87
    lb. M. morino – 84
    rm. G. Bale -90
    LM. E. HAZARD – 89
    RAM. J. RODRIGES -89
    LAM. M.GOTZE- 90
    RS. S AGUERU -89
    LS. C. RONALDO- 93

    CB.R. VARANE 82
    CB. E. MANGALA- 82
    LB. D. ALABA – 82
    CAM. ISCO – 86
    RM. LUCAS -88
    GK. LEXO 83


  30. Needing a cheap injury replacement for a couple months, I picked up Amorebieta after reading this list. To my horror, he was only rated 74. This was midway through my second season, so it’s not like he had a ton of time to regress. I’d take him off the list.

    If you want a cheap defender, I’d suggest Serdar Tasci. He’s been fantastic for me at LB.

  31. My Team as Liverpool

    Fifa14 after 4 Seasons

    G.K. Szczesny 92
    R.B. Marquinhos 88
    C.B. Varane 87
    C.B.Kaya 88
    L.B. Alaba 86
    C.D.M. Pogba 87
    C.D.M. Veratti 88
    L.M. Shaarawy 91
    C.A.M. Isco 89
    R.M. Bakkali 87
    S.T. Dybala 89


    C.B. Rekik 84
    C.B. Dier 86
    R.M. Andersen 86
    L.M. Castillejo 84
    C.A.M. Draxler 86
    S.T. Ezekiel 87
    G.K. Gea 84

  32. my defender
    thiago silva
    jordi alba
    dani alves
    pls give me good defenders i can buy… is not a problem

  33. Mohammed Jafrin

    I need a RB and LB who are great players.Currently it is Dani Alves and Jordi Alba but I feel I can buy someone better.

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