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Have you spent the last couple of months perfecting your FIFA skills? If so, read on for more information about the FIFA Interactive World Cup.


Get involved with the FIFA Interactive World Cup


While the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC17) kicked off October 1st, the qualification phase runs through until April 2017 — leaving plenty of time to get involved.

Pioneering a brand-new tournament format, the FIWC organising body have come together with FIFA Ultimate Team for the first time to create an innovative and interactive tournament format. You now have the opportunity to build your own squad, improve players throughout and play against some of the best FIFA competitors in the world — all through the Ultimate Team portal on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Qualification is simple; work your way through regional monthly leaderboards (again, found on FUT section of the game) where the highest ranked players will move through to the regional events — also known as ‘the regionals’.

There are three regional seasons, which route entry into two second-stage tournaments:

    FUT Champions Season 1: 1st Oct to 30th November 2016
    FUT Champions Season 2: 1st Dec to 31 January 2017
    FUT Champions Season 3: 1st Feb to 30 April 2017


Ranking highly in one of the first two seasons will earn you entry into the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series, while finishing towards the top of the third season’s leaderboard will see you through to FIWC Regionals.

The FIFA Ultimate Team Championship has 8 Grand Final seats up for grabs, while the FIWC Regionals has 22.

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