How Did Creativity of the FIFA Developers Bring Popularity to the Game?

The FIFA game series is so big that it extends to 51 countries and is available in 18 languages. We can all agree that we love FIFA because of its uniqueness. If you have played FIFA before, you will agree that the game offers you the best experience through good graphics, quick feeds and excellent audio. FIFA has gone down as Guinness World Records for selling sports games worldwide, selling over 325 million copies as of 2021.

The game is so popular that personal statements and essays have been written about it. Students who find it impossible to develop decent papers can find a personal statement writer at Edubirdie to help them. In a nutshell, FIFA has enjoyed this attention globally because it is worth it.


Why FIFA is popular

You might be wondering, why is FIFA so popular? There are many reasons for the popularity of FIFA. In December 2021, over 460 million matches had been played already. The highest rate of enthusiasm for the game is among students. Thanks to sociological surveys, it was possible to prove that young people were inspired by the style of the game. FIFA started in 1993 as a part of EA sports. The Federation Internationale de Football Association certified the game in the same year.

The primary aim of the game was to dominate the football industry, but it was not achieved on a bed of roses. There was a struggle to rise to the top. The game only included national teams, and there was a bug that made scoring goals easy.

The franchise continued to make small improvements, but it was nothing to be until 2006. From thereon, major upgrades were made, making the game control smooth and flexible. The quality and graphics also immensely improved. The franchise expanded to include FIFA mobile and FIFA online.


Consistent Improvement

One of the things that make FIFA exceptional is the fact that there is a constant upgrade. The game is always progressing into something more stable than the last. The most obvious factor behind the game’s popularity and growth is that it always has something new to offer. The modern world is developing very quickly and requires constant improvement. Video games have become commonplace in online classrooms or educational courses. When the game hit the public, it was accessible on systems and consoles; now, you can play it on mobile devices.

It has come a long way from the 16-bit it was built to operate on. Now, the graphics of the game are extraordinarily top-notch. The game has put a lot of effort into being exceptional and excellent.



FIFA’s most solid selling strategy is the game’s ability to feel as real as possible. The best gaming experience is to feel that the game is indistinguishable from real life. When Messi waves at you, his tattoos are exact and obvious. Technological ideas for the FIFA game concentrate on making the characters be able to simulate the player’s real-life skills and emotional responses.

The stadiums are also very much real, and you see the fan activities. This is the best reward you can give a gamer. If you are part of the esports community, try out FIFA for twice the fun and gaming rewards.


The updates make it unique

EA has been innovative when it comes to updating FIFA. They have been serving updates for a long time; nowadays, many other football games have drawn inspiration from this update. Some of the updates are available exclusively on FIFA only. Some of the updates include:

  • Strafe Dribbling: this game allows you to dribble, like actual dribble. No game has this feature. With this feature, you can bring in a tackler and switch directions to fake the tackler. You can do it at the last minute, so it feels real.
  • Volta Football: this update amalgamates street modes and journey features. You will be playing on a small-sided pitch. Volta in Portuguese means ‘to return.’
  • Controlled Tackling: this built-in technique will let you tackle a player easily and carefully.


Other remarkable features

  • Hypermotion: this AI technology combines 11v11 motion capture and machine learning to make players move in a realistic way.
  • Explosive Sprint: this mechanics will enable you to cope better in one-on-one situations. It gives you better control over your acceleration as you dribble or defend.
  • True Ball physics: FIFA 22’s ball mechanics are quite real, thanks to the integration of actual data. Every feature is well-tuned to give a real effect.



FIFA keeps getting better with each new release and update. The game has taken video game hyperrealism to the next level. Every control feels real, and the characters are much real as well. Coming to the game mechanics, the ball physics and hypermotion technology steals the show.

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