Which Brazilian Teams will be included in FIFA 14 ?


Do you want to know which Brazilian teams will included in FIFA 14? Now, you can get an idea.


Brazilian Teams in FIFA 14

EA are definitely trying to turn FIFA 14 in the most authentic FIFA game ever.

Adding the Blue Square Premier League was only one of the steps to that authenticity. EA are trying to add some other leagues and some new clubs. They had acquired the licences for so many of the Brazilian League teams last year and they are trying to do it better for FIFA 14. But they are not alone. Konami is doing the same and it can make the things a bit difficult to EA.

The website TechTudo has done some extensive research identifying which Brazilian football clubs will be licensed in FIFA 14 and in PES 2014.

Here is the list of Brazilian Teams that wil be included in FIFA 14 and PES 2014:

Atlético MineiroConfirmedConfirmed
Atletico PRConfirmedStill no contact from Konami
CriciúmaAccording to a spokesperson of the club, the value offered by EA was not satisfactoryStill no contact from Konami
FlamengoThe club did not respond
GoiásStill no contact from EAStill no contact from Konami
NáuticoStill no contact from EAConfirmed
Ponte PretaStill no contact from EAConfirmed
PortuguesaMissing small adjustments in the valueConfirmed
Sao PauloConfirmedConfirmed
Vasco da GamaConfirmedConfirmed
VitóriaStill no contact from EAStill no contact from Konami

FIFA 14 Brazilian Teams

Palmeiras, one of Brazil’s top supported clubs, is not in this list because they were relegated to Serie B. However, they could make an appearance in FIFA 14 “rest of the World” section.



  1. Look at last year’s licensed Brasileirão clubs, all except Nautico, Atletico-GO, Ponte Preta, Portuguesa, Sport, Internacional, and Figueirense. Vasco and Botafogo were partially licensed and Palmeiras was only licensed in the iPhone version. Figueirense, Ponte Preta, Sport, and Internacional were licensed before. EA can’t meet the teams, I am afraid I’m going to have to go get PES. Konami licensed all 20 last year, EA only did 10. (Palmeiras, Botafogo and Vasco were licensed on older iPhone versions). Perhaps their worst job with licensing Brazilian clubs was in FIFA 99, 2000, and 2010. FIFA 10 and FIFA 99 only had 8 real clubs. In FIFA 2000, you couldn’t even do a season with the few Brazilian clubs there was. I’m sure PES will do me good again this year. I used to love the FIFA series, now I feel like moving to PES.
    -My concern on Brazilian clubs in FIFA titles is that I think Euro clubs are overrated. Brazil clubs are underrated. More people know Manchester United than they know Santos FC.


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