Celebrate in Style: Mastering the Griddy in EA FC 24

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Let’s be honest, scoring a goal in EA FC 24 is tough enough as it is. When you finally do find the back of the net, you’ve gotta celebrate in style. The Griddy has become the hottest new goal celebration in football, and now you can pull it off flawlessly in EA FC 24. This step-by-step guide will have you hitting the Griddy and looking like a pro in no time. Get ready to make opponents rage quit as you dance circles around their goalie. By the end of this, you’ll be an expert in all things Griddy. The next goal you score, get ready to bust out your new signature move and put on a show for all those fans. Your teammates will be lining up to learn from the master. Now let’s get to work – the Griddy awaits!


What Is the Griddy Celebration in EA FC 24?

The Griddy is a viral dance celebration that has made its way into EA FC 24. After scoring a goal, your player will break out into a series of moves including bouncing shoulders, swinging arms, and stomping feet. To trigger the Griddy, simply don’t touch any controls after scoring – your player will automatically start dancing!

To master the Griddy, there are a few moves you’ll want to practice. First, bounce your shoulders up and down to the beat of the music. Next, swing your arms side to side, crossing them in front of your chest. For extra style, clap your hands together above your head.

One of the signature moves of the Griddy is the foot stomp. Lift one knee at a time, stomping the opposite foot on the ground. Alternate knees for a series of rapid stomps. Time it to the music for maximum effect!

Mix and match these moves – bounce those shoulders, swing your arms, clap, stomp your feet. The key is to feel the flow of the music and let your creativity shine through. Practice the timing and soon you’ll be griddying with the best of them after every goal.

The Griddy is all about expressing joy and sharing the excitement with your teammates and fans. Now that you’ve mastered the moves, get out there and show off your skills! Celebrate in style and make every goal one to remember.


How to Unlock the Griddy Celebration

So you’ve scored an epic goal in EA FC 24 and now you want to celebrate in style. Time to unlock the Griddy! This lively celebration is inspired by the dance of the same name.

To unlock the Griddy, first you’ll need to head into the Customize menu. Scroll over to the Celebrations tab and you’ll find the Griddy listed under Signature Celebrations. Select it and then choose ‘Unlock’ to purchase it using your Celebration Tokens or FC Coins.

Once unlocked, here’s how to bust out the Griddy after scoring:

  • Immediately after the ball hits the back of the net, double tap both triggers or shoulder buttons to activate your celebration.
  • Your player will throw their arms up and kick one leg out to the side, then bring it back in and kick the other leg out. This mimics the hopping leg motion of the real Griddy dance.
  • As your player hops, move the right stick from side to side to get your arms pumping and add extra flair. The faster and wider you move the stick, the more dramatic the arm motion.
  • Keep the stick moving and hopping until the celebration ends automatically after a few seconds.

Practice the timing and stick motion, and soon you’ll be a Griddy pro, celebrating in style every time you score. Pull this off against your friends and you’ll be sure to frustrate them with your flashy skills and even flashier moves. The Griddy is all about showing off when you dominate on the pitch!


Timing Your Griddy Celebration

Timing is everything when it comes to celebrating in style on the pitch. You’ve scored a worldie, your teammates are rushing over for hugs and high fives, the crowd is going wild – now is the time to bust out your best Griddy moves.

Don’t Rush It
Take a breath and let the moment sink in. Make eye contact with the crowd, smile big and spread your arms wide. Slowly walk over to the corner flag or towards your fans. Build that anticipation and excitement. If you rush into the Griddy too fast, the whole experience will feel hurried and the celebration won’t have the same impact.

Start Simple
Once in position, start with the basic shoulder roll or arm swing to get the crowd hyped. Look around the stadium, make eye contact with fans and cameras. Throw in a little hop or skip to really show your enthusiasm. Start to bounce to the beat the fans are clapping. This builds up the energy and gives them a chance to realize what’s about to happen.

Add In the Kicks
When the cheering is at its peak, that’s your cue. Bend one knee and kick your heel up towards the opposite hand, then switch. Find the beat and get the rhythm down. Kick fast, kick slow, go in a circle – have fun with it! The more you practice the Griddy, the more creative you’ll get. Throw in spins, add hops between kicks, use your arms – make it your own!

The longer you hold that final pose, the more epic the Griddy will become. Take it all in, you’ve earned this moment! With perfect timing and the right amount of showmanship, you’ll have the crowd, your teammates and everyone at home jumping out their seats. The Griddy done well is a celebration for the ages. Now get out there and make it iconic!


Best Players for Pulling Off the Griddy

To pull off the perfect Griddy celebration in EA FC 24, you need players with the right skill and flair. Some players are just built for showboating, and will execute the Griddy with style.

Kylian Mbappé
The young French phenom is all about flash and pizzazz. His 97 dribbling and 95 ball control ratings mean he can bamboozle defenders and create space to pull off the Griddy. With 95 acceleration, Mbappé can also speed away from opponents after hitting them with his signature move.

The Brazilian magician lives for the spotlight, so you know he’ll relish the chance to bust out the Griddy. His 97 dribbling, 96 ball control and 95 skill moves make him uniquely suited to pulling off the most outrageous tricks and celebrations. Good luck stopping him once he starts dancing!

Cristiano Ronaldo
CR7 is one of the all-time great showmen. While his skills have declined slightly at 36 years old, he still boasts 93 dribbling and 92 ball control, allowing him to create opportunities to unveil his signature ‘Siii’ celebration and potentially the Griddy. You can bet Ronaldo has been practicing his moves and will unleash them at the earliest opportunity.

Jadon Sancho
The English winger has emerged as one of the most promising young talents, with silky dribbling skills and the confidence to try audacious moves. Sancho’s 92 dribbling, 93 ball control and 90 skill moves mean he has the technical ability to stunt on opponents. And at just 21, you know he’ll be eager to celebrate in style.

With players like these at your disposal, you’ll be hitting the Griddy in no time and making opponents look silly. Just score a goal, find an open patch of pitch and get dancing! These superstars were born to ball out and celebrate.


Griddy Celebration Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve scored a goal in EA FC 24, it’s time to celebrate! The Griddy has become a fan favorite celebration, popularized by players like Haaland and Mbappé. Here are some tips to master the Griddy in style:

Find the rhythm
The key to the Griddy is all in the knees and the beat. Bend your knees and bob up and down to the rhythm of the crowd chanting your name or singing the goal song. Move side to side and swing your arms to hype up the fans even more.

Add some flair

  • Raise the roof by lifting your hands above your head.
  • Do the dab by dropping one arm and raising the other.
  • Spin in a circle with your arms out.
  • Once you’ve got the basics down, start alternating and combining the different moves.

Keep practicing
Even the pros work on their goal celebrations. Play some of your favorite hype songs and practice the Griddy in front of a mirror. Try different variations and make it your own! With regular practice, you’ll be busting out the Griddy without even thinking about it when you score.

Play to the crowd
Run over to the corner flag or sideline and do the Griddy facing the fans. Make eye contact, point at specific fans, and feed off their energy. The more you interact with and engage the crowd, the more epic your Griddy will be.

Stay on beat
The key to any great goal celebration is timing. Start the Griddy as soon as the ball hits the back of the net and keep dancing for 10-15 seconds. Drag it on too long and it loses its impact. Stop too soon and you’ll miss out on hyping up your fans. Practice that perfect timing to become a Griddy master!

With these tips, you’ll be performing a legendary Griddy in no time. Now get out there, score a goal, and celebrate in style!


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So there you have it, everything you need to know to celebrate in style with the griddy in EA FC 24. Now that you’ve got the moves down, get out there and show off your skills. When you score that winning goal or your favorite player hits a hat trick, bust out your best griddy and celebrate with passion. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own flair – the griddy was made for expression. Most importantly, have fun with it! Dance like no one’s watching because when you’re pulling off the griddy, all eyes will definitely be on you. Time to make this celebration your own and take your griddy game to the next level. Get your grind on and happy griddying!

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