Complete FIFA 14 Controls for XBox 360

Complete FIFA 14 Controls to XBox 360 and Playstation 3


Check the full FIFA 14 Controls for XBox 360.


Complete FIFA 14 Controls for XBox 360

[accordion_item title =”Movement”]

Move PlayerL
First Touch / Knock-OnRT + R
SprintRT (hold)
Stop and face GoalL (release) + LB
Protect / Slow drible / JockeyLT (hold)
Face Up DribblingLT + RT
Skill MovesR
Stop BallL (release) + RT

[accordion_item title =”Attacking”]

Short Pass / HeaderA
Lob Pass / Cross / HeaderX
Through BallY
Shot / Volley / HeaderB
Trigger Player RunLB
Chip ShotLB + B
Finesse ShotRB + B
Fake ShotB, A
Fake PasseX, A
Hard Stop Protect (when dribbling)LT
Lobbed through ballLB + Y
Bouncing Lob PassRB + X
Low CrossX (double tap)
Ground CrossX (triple tap)
Early CrossLB + X
Dummy a PassRB (hold)
CancelLT + RT
Finesse PassRB + A
Flair ShotLT (hold) + B

[accordion_item title =”Defending”]

Change PlayerLB
Switch Player (manual)R
Tackle / Push or Pull (when chasing)B
Pull and Hold (when chasing)B (hold)
Sliding TackleX
JockeyLT (hold)
ContainA (hold)
Teammate ContainRB (hold)
Running JockeyLT + RT

[accordion_item title =”Free Kick”]

Ground PassA
High Pass / CrossX
Curled ShotB
Driven ShotLB + B
Wall Jump (when defending)Y
Wall ChargeA
Move WallLT / TR
Wall CreepRB
Call 2nd Kick TakerLT
2nd Kick Taker Curled ShotLT + B
2nd Kick Taker Layoff PassLT + A
2nd Kick Taker Layoff ChipLT + X
2nd Kick Taker Run Over BallLT + B, A
Call 3rd Kick TakerRB
3rd Kick Taker Curled ShotRB + B
3rd Kick Taker Run Over BallRB + B, A

[accordion_item title =”Corners and Throw Ins”]

Corners (Lob Pass)X
Corners (Low Cross)X (double tap)
Corners (Ground Cross)X (triple tap)
Corners (Cross)A
Short Throw InA
Short Throw In (manual)Y
Long Throw InX
Move Throw In ReceiverLB

[accordion_item title =”Penalties”]

Finesse ShotRB + B
Chip ShotLB + B
Goalkeeper DiveR
Goalkeeper Move Side to SideL (move side to side)

[accordion_item title =”Goalkeeper”]

Drop KickB / X
Throw / PassA
Charge / Drop BallY
Stay on Goal LineY (double tap)
Pick Up BallRB
Switch to GKBACK

[accordion_item title =”Tactics”]

Offside Trap↑, ↑
Team Press↑, ↓
Swap Wings↑, ←
CB Joins Attack↑, →


Complete FIFA 14 Controls for XBox 360

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Source: FIFA 14 Manual



  1. HI, I saw some players can make goalkeepers move their hand when the ball in possession. Some thing like asking players to move forward. Can you please let us know the controls for it? Thanks


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