Complete FIFA 16 Controls for Playstation

Complete FIFA 16 Controls for Playstation


Take a look to the complete FIFA 16 Controls for Playstation.


Complete FIFA 16 Controls for Playstation

Free Kick
Corners and Throw Ins


Move Player Left Stick
First Touch / Knock-On R2 + RS
Sprint R2 (hold)
Stop and face Goal LS (release) + L1
Protect / Slow drible / Jockey L2 (hold)
Face Up Dribbling L2 + R2
Skill Moves RS
Stop Ball LS + R2



Short Pass / Header X
Lob Pass / Cross / Header
Through Ball
Shot / Volley / Header O
Trigger Player Run L1
Chip Shot L1 + O
Finesse Shot R1+O
Fake Shot O, X
Fake Passe ■, X
Hard Stop Protect (when dribbling) R2 + L2 + no direction
Hard Stop L2
Lobbed through ball L1 + ▲
Bouncing Lob Pass R1 + ■
Low Cross ■ (double tap)
Ground Cross ■ (triple tap)
Early Cross L1 + ■
Dummy a Pass R1 (hold)
Cancel L2 + R2
Finesse Pass R1 + X
Flair Pass L2 (hold) + X
Flair Shot L2 (hold) + O
Driven Ground Pass R1 + X



Change Player L1
Switch Player (manual) RS
Tackle / Push or Pull (when chasing) O
Pull and Hold (when chasing) O (hold)
Sliding Tackle
Clearance O
Jockey L2 (hold)
Contain X (hold)
Teammate Contain R1 (hold)
Running Jockey L2 + R2
Quick Get Up
Fake Tackle X Tap



Ground Pass X
High Pass / Cross
Curled Shot O
Driven Shot L1  + O
Wall Jump (when defending)
Wall Charge X
Move Wall L2 / R2
Wall Creep R1
Call 2nd Kick Taker L2
2nd Kick Taker Curled Shot L2 + O
2nd Kick Taker Layoff Pass L2 + X
2nd Kick Taker Layoff Chip L2 + ■
2nd Kick Taker Run Over Ball L2 + O, X
Call 3rd Kick Taker R1
3rd Kick Taker Curled Shot R1 + O
3rd Kick Taker Run Over Ball R1 + O, X



Corners (Lob Pass)
Corners (Low Cross) ■ (double tap)
Corners (Ground Cross) ■ (triple tap)
Corners (Cross) X
Short Throw In X
Short Throw In (manual)
Long Throw In
Move Throw In Receiver L1



Shoot O
Finesse Shot R1 + O
Chip Shot L1 + O
Goalkeeper Dive RS
Goalkeeper Move Side to Side LS  (move side to side)



Drop Kick O / ■
Throw / Pass X
Charge / Drop Ball
Stay on Goal Line ▲ (double tap)
Pick Up Ball R1
Switch to GK SELECT



Offside Trap ↑, ↑
Team Press ↑, ↓
Swap Wings ↑, ←
CB Joins Attack ↑, →
Change Mentality ← or →

Complete FIFA 16 Controls for Playstation
Complete FIFA 16 Controls for Playstation


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