Who is Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt?

Who is Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt?


Almost no one knew who was Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt a few weeks ago, before he winning the FUT Champions Cup Barcelona. Since that day, everything has changed for him. He is not just another FIFA player. He is the player for who everyone looks to. Let’s find out how it happened and why he is now a kind of legend for so many FIFA players around the world.


Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt

If you watched the FUT Champions Cup in late January, played in Barcelona, you probably listened ‘he’s only 16’ hundred of times. Yes, they were talking about Donovan Hunt, nickname “DhTekKz”. This young student from Exeter, was the biggest surprise from the competition. No one was expecting his victory, probably not even him, but the truth that he was clearly the best one and really deserved it. If you were one of those who didn’t bet on him, maybe you should read a overview about betting in eSports.

Who is Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt?

His journey has started a few months ago, on the FUT Champions. If you don’t know, FUT Champions is a competitive game mode where the ultimate goal of is to earn in-game Ultimate Team rewards. To do it, you must play in a 40-game competition each weekend, also known by FUT Champions Weekend League. To get qualified, you must first win one of several daily tournaments (in fact they are not ‘daily’) that Electronic Arts releases from Monday through Thursday. This competition is also used to rank players every week and every month, giving you the chance to know who is the best players in the world. Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt is a usual FUT Champions player but in more than 10 months, the best he got was a #15 place in May 2017. You can see his previous overall ranks in the following table.

Overall Rank
Region Rank
December FIFA 17342517911,170
January FIFA 1714110969 ( -110 )4,350 ( -6820 )
February FIFA 175743142 ( +73 )8,691 ( +4341 )
April FIFA 17247167176 ( +34 )10,997 ( +2306 )
April FIFA 1724716752 ( -124 )4,474 ( -6523 )
May FIFA 171510147 ( +95 )9,061 ( +4587 )
June FIFA 176444174 ( +27 )11,271 ( +2210 )
October FIFA 181917152 ( -22 )9,472 ( -1799 )
November FIFA 185545150 ( -2 )9,493 ( +21 )
December FIFA 1816612374 ( -76 )4,661 ( -4832 )
January FIFA 18134102112 ( +38 )6,990 ( +2329 )
February FIFA 18332177 ( -35 )4,807 ( -2183 )


As you can see, Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt was far to be one of the favourites but he made his path to the FUT Champions Cup and in Barcelona he was brilliant. He played 23 matches, winning 21, scoring 75 goals and concending 43. Here are his results on the knockout phase:

🇬🇧 DhTekKz vs 🇫🇷 IvarTheBonel 7-5
🇬🇧 DhTekKz vs 🇵🇱 kurt0411 5-1
🇬🇧 DhTekKz vs 🇬🇧 Hashtag Ryannn 3-1
🇬🇧 DhTekKz vs 🇩🇪 VfL MegaBit1848 10-6
🇬🇧 DhTekKz vs 🇩🇪 NRaseck 7 5-3

Who is Donovan “DhTekKz” Hunt?

On this tournament, Xbox One players played against each other, and PS4 players did the same, until they find the two console finalists who faced off in a two-leg grand final. He won in the XBox One while Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba did it on the Playstation 4. The final was supposed to be played one leg on each platform but PlayStation Network was offline and it was played entirely on XBox One. We never will know what would happen if both matches would played as they were supposed to be but the way he played turned him into a legend. A FIFA legend, and not one of those who were replaced by the Icons.



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