EA Sports Football Club Catalogue – Career Items

EA Sports Football Club Catalogue - Career Items


List of all Career Items from the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue.


EA Sports Football Club Catalogue

The EA Sports Football Club Catalogue is a kind of store where players can trade the FCC (Football Club Credits) they earned by hundreds of items.

Every time you play FIFA 14, you earn XP points and FCC until the daily limit of 2,000 for each one. As we already explained, you can spend the FCC to unlock items on EA Sports Football Cub. You need to get a specific level to buy certain items. That’s why XP points are important. Players can not trade items of a higher level and are not allowed to buy a item more than once. The purchased items are marked with a green tick and the inactive items are marked in gray until the player reaches the respective level.

To access to EA Sports Football Club Catalogue, players just need to select ‘Football Club’ from the main FIFA 14 menu and then ‘Catalogue’. It is not possible to access Catalogue from the FUT Web App.

Inside the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue, the items are organized by level of experience and by category. It is possible, for example, to filter the items that are exclusively for Ultimate Team mode. The categories available are: Game Play, Ultimate Team, On line and Career Items.


Career items


Career Items

Here is the list of all Career items that you can trade from catalogue:

[accordion_item title =”Career Pro”]

Career Pro Ball Skills Boost 3 200
Career Pro Goalkeeper Boost 5 200
Career Pro Mental Boost 7 200
Career Pro Passing Boost 9 200
Career Pro Defense Boost 11 200
Career Pro Physical Boost 13 200
Career Pro Shooting Boost 15 200
Career Pro Boost Bundle 17 1250
Career Pro Ball Skills Boost 22 400
Career Pro Goalkeeper Boost 24 400
Career Pro Mental Boost 26 400
Career Pro Passing Boost 28 400
Career Pro Defense Boost 30 400
Career Pro Physical Boost 32 400
Career Pro Shooting Boost 34 400
Career Pro Boost Bundle 42 2000
Career Pro Swerve Pass Trait 51 600
Career Pro Fancy Flicks Trait 57 750
Career Pro Diving Header Trait 59 850
Career Pro Ball Skills Boost 62 1000
Career Pro Goalkeeper Boost 64 1000
Career Pro Fancy Passes Trait 66 1000
Career Pro Mental Boost 66 1000
Career Pro Passing Boost 68 1000
Career Pro Defense Boost 70 1000
Career Pro Physical Boost 72 1000
Career Pro Shooting Boost 74 1000
Career Pro Black Gloves Acessory 74 1500
Career Pro Bicycle Kicks Trait 85 1500
Career Pro Undershirt Acessory 93 3500
Career Pro High Socks Acessory 100 2000

[accordion_item title =”More Items”]

Scout Furture Star 9 1750
Financial Takeover 13 1500
Career Rematch Ability 16 2750
Edit Player in Career 19 2500
Scout Furture Star 20 2000
International Manager Offer 23 1800
Scout Furture Star 27 2250
Scout Furture Star 33 2500
Financial Takeover 39 3000
Scout Furture Star 57 2750
Scout Furture Star 68 3000
Scout Furture Star 76 3250
Financial Takeover 78 5000
Scout Furture Star 87 3500
Scout Furture Star 113 5750
Scout Furture Star 120 6000



32 thoughts on “EA Sports Football Club Catalogue – Career Items”

  1. I am currently playing on career mode, and I would to know that after I purchase a trait like “swerve” or “diving header” , how do I apply them to my player(s) once I get back to my career mode home screen? I cannot seem to figure it out.

  2. I purchased a few career items such as stat boosts and financial take over. Do I need to redeem them or does it automatically do that once I’ve purchased them?

  3. Why can’t I use unlocked items bought from the catalogue in different player career save? I have bought those cool yellow nikes, and I started another career, now i cannot use them

  4. Hello,

    I’ve recently purchased 14, and every time i buy an item in teh career tab from the FCC im unable to redeem it, and i dont see it on my career player…

    How do i redeem the codes I’ve bought?
    I see the option to confirm or gift but the confirm button is blacked out and i cant click it..?

  5. Hi, I redeemed the Career pro Boost bundle from the catalogue. Does this only apply to the pro career or to the manager career as well?

  6. i was just wondering y i cant use my pro boosts on a new career cuz my old one got deleted and y i cant buy them again if i already used them

  7. If i buy ‘career shooting boost’ does this update all CURRENTLY created pro’s or does it add it to all pro’s created AFTER purchase?

  8. Hi Rodrigo,
    I purchased a bunch of items, but I do not want to use them all, like financial takeover, is there a way to reset the purchase or delete it somehow?

  9. Pascual Martinez

    I just urchased the career pro ball skills boost, and before I purchased it my ball skills were 76 and after the purchase it’s still the Same. Do you know why it won’t change?

  10. Is there a way to delete the international job manager in the catalog I redemmed it by accident when I was managing Portugal, thanks

  11. Is it possible to refresh the catalog somehow because I accidently redeemed the international job offer when I was managing Portugal, thanks

  12. Hi, I know this might sound stupid, but I recently bought the international manager offer and I haven’t been able to get it to work yet. Could you please give me some help with it, maybe just the steps to get it to work on something it would be really appreciated.

  13. Rodrigo Lopes are you aware of the ability to re use items from the catalogue. Example you only get 3 financial takeovers. Can these be used again with a new career or are you limited to 3 and once used that’s them done?

    Thanks for any advice.


  14. If I am playing career mode and earning XP points but my internet is down and can’t connect to the EA servers, do I still get those points once my internet is back on and I can connect to the EA servers?

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