EA wins the Worst Company In America Title


EA was named ‘Worst Company in America’ for the second year in a row.


EA wins the Worst Company In America Title

Electronic Arts, Inc, also known as EA, is an American developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games. One of these video games is the FIFA franchise. They are also the creator of other popular titles as Battlefield, Need for Speed, The Sims, Medal of Honor, Command & Conquer and Madden NFL.

Electronic Arts is the third-largest gaming company by revenue, after Nintendo and Activision Blizzard, but not everything goes well with this company.

The Consumerist readers chose them as the Worst Company In America. And they got 78% of the votes! They become the first company to ever win a second Golden Poo from Consumerist readers after the title of the last year. They beat on the final the Bank of America. Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc and Comcast Corporation were the other two semi-finalists.


EA FIFA 13Maybe with this title, we can expect that Electronic Arts will put more effort in the next FIFA video game.


What is wrong with EA ?

EA should look at this contest very carefully since is is their consumers who are showing that they are not happy with the company. There are some gamers that are unhappy with FIFA 13 but this is the most popular FIFA franchise of all time. So, the guilty is probably of other problems.

According to The Consumerist, they have failed at three core requirements of running a consumer-friendly business:

  • They didn’t provide a product people want and like;
  • They don’t sell their product at a reasonable price;
  • They don’t support the products they sell.

    Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore admitted that they can make better. These mistakes include server shut downs too early, games that didn’t meet expectations, missteps on new pricing models and most recently, severely fumbling the launch of SimCity.


    You can read more about this subject HERE.


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