The Evolution of FIFA: How the Game Has Changed Over the Years


Football Simulator Development

FIFA is a football simulation game that started more than 20 years ago. It has long been ingrained in players’ computers and is a much sought-after version of the game.

In 90 years there was a popular developer company Electronic Arts. She released various entertainment on a wide variety of topics. In the beginning, the most popular were American sports such as rugby and basketball.

But 1993 was a turning point. Before then, the games had only been available in the USA. From then on, they were also sold in Europe. At that time the marketing directors decided to create the most popular category in FIFA at the moment: football.

But FIFA weren’t the only ones to offer a simulation of different sports. They had to compete with Sensible Soccer and Kick Off.



The rules of the game were quite simple in 1994. However, even these conditions provided plenty of good emotions for the players. So they could choose which team they wanted to play for.
But like other simulators, such a simple and unimproved version had many bugs. For example, even the opposing goalkeeper could score a goal from his own gate. Of course this could not happen in a real game.



Each year the game became more and more improved. The game creators have thought of new rules and fixed bugs. The following features were added in the 1995 version:

  • Bundesliga from Germany;
  • Dutch Eredivisie;
  • Italian Serie A;
  • France Ligue 1;
  • Spanish Primera Division;
  • England in the Barclays Premier League.

But the implementation was not fully thought through. The game did not use the names of the actual players. At the time all opponents were under fictitious names.
FIFA 95 apart from the new features ran on the best mega drive processor, which is still in use today.



This version was the first to be playable on PC. It featured 3D graphics and created a completely new emotion for the players. A new Virtual Stadium system was implemented, allowing players to watch the pitch from different angles, listen to the comments and remarks made in real time on the pitch.

Also an exciting feature was the addition of real players. The teams were no longer fictional characters, but real and famous players. They had their own characteristics such as positions, awards, rating and teammate value.



Those with a passion for football simulation games may remember this legendary version. It was known as FIFA: Road to World Cup 98. It started with the popular Song 2-Blur, which was played at the time.

New features were also implemented, such as updated graphics, new licensed stadiums, improved artificial intelligence, all football teams were added and the World Cup model was improved.


FIFA 2001

In the new version, the graphical settings have been updated again. This helped to create a more believable picture. In the early 2000s these graphics technologies were not used in many games and simulations. The reason for this was that there were very few good devices that could offer both graphics and functionality.

They upgraded the players’ formation and implemented an improved editor, introducing a new goal scoring table. The game wasn’t introduced for a single player, but a multiplayer game.


FIFA 2003

During this time, the developers dropped the old graphics technology and implemented new functionality, which was a huge leap in graphics. A new kicking and passing system was adopted at the time. Artificial intelligence was improved and ball settings were changed. Now all the passes were more like the real thing.
However the settings and innovations of the game were not able to beat the then well-known Pro Evolution Soccer.



Improved technology was developed, moving away from the arcade settings and introducing more in-depth gameplay features. There has been a complete reworking of the fighting and collision moments, the developers have tried to take into account the players’ strength, speed and personal parameters. Time periods were added. For instance, it was possible to see how day is gradually changing into night and vice versa.

A major new feature, however, allowed FIFA to surpass its opponents was the creation of a personal team. Now the player could choose his own players for the squad. To do this, you had to buy the right hero cards. Unwanted players could be sold or swapped.

The funny fact is that professional players often watch how they are rated in the simulators. And very often they end up disappointed because of their low grades and transfer values.



The previous version, with the creation of personal teams, began the golden period of the simulation. Throughout the period there were minor changes, such as improvements to the processor and bringing the game to flawlessness.

The new version features the new Frostbite processor, which has helped create unique and realistic player models. New technologies were also added in team building.

But the most important feature was the Story. It gave the possibility to create the so called series that would be enjoyed by both children and adults. The main role in this series was played by the fictional character Alex Hunter, which everyone loved very much. After such popularity, he appeared in another backyard football drama.



The creators did their best to develop a unique gameplay and now the matches could no longer be called boring. Now it was possible to apply strategies and tactics. The game no longer depended only on the characteristics of the player.

The most popular team building feature also received many changes. The battle is now fought between the strongest teams.
The option to play yard football was added. The addition of an updated interface has made it even more exciting.
It is fair to say that FIFA has come a long way. At first nobody noticed it and it was replaced by other simulators. Although some professional players still have issues with the current version, FIFA 20 is the most improved and sought after version of the football simulator.

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