Fantasy FC 24 Promo Event

Fantasy FC 24

Turn stats into stars with Fantasy FC 24, where a player’s metrics in real-world matches inform ratings boosts, earning upgrades for general output like goals or clean sheets. The better they and their club play week-in and week-out, the better upgrades they’ll receive in Ultimate Team. This year, the campaign also includes Fantasy Heroes, who will earn upgrades based on their historical club’s performances in their upcoming domestic league matches.


Fantasy FC 24 Promo

Power your Ultimate Team with real-world performances during Fantasy FC 24. Each special Player Item is eligible for upgrades based on both team and individual achievements on the pitch during select matches in their domestic run-in. Every detail counts—from starts and clean sheets to goals and assists—boosting their rating each time they hit specific statistical milestones.

There will be two teams of Fantasy Player Items, including Fantasy Heroes that will be able to upgrade based on a former club’s results in real-world matches. All upgrades will be based on the four domestic league matches after they get released.

Fantasy FC 24 is available for two weeks. The first two teams (including Heroes) are available on February 23. The other two go out one week later.

Fantasy FC 24 Event
Fantasy FC 24 Event
Fantasy FC 24 Event
Fantasy FC 24 Event


Let’s see the answers to the most common questions about the Fantasy FC 24 event and special player items.

Which games are the upgrades based on?
All fantasy upgrades will be based solely on a club’s next four domestic league matches. Both individual and team contributions will no longer be tracked after the club’s next four domestic league matches.

When will items be upgraded in-game?
Fantasy player items will upgrade weekly based on any upgrades earned after each matchday.

How do the Fantasy FC items work?
Fantasy items have the opportunity to earn up to a +4 IF upgrade based on both individual and team performances in the club’s next four domestic league matches.

If a player makes three appearances, they will receive a +1 IF upgrade.
For attackers and midfielders, if a player achieves 1 goal/assist, they will receive a +1 IF upgrade.
For defenders and goalkeepers, if a player keeps 1 clean sheet, they will receive a +1 IF upgrade.

If their current club wins two games, they will receive a +1 IF upgrade.
If their current club scores 11 goals, they will receive a +1 IF upgrade.

How do the Fantasy Hero items work?
Fantasy Hero items have the chance to earn up to +2 IF upgrades based on the form of one specific associated former club in the next four domestic league matches:

Associated former club wins two games out of the four, they’ll receive a +1 IF upgrade.
Associated former club scores 11 goals, they’ll receive a +1 IF upgrade.
You can find the associated club for each fantasy hero in the additional information tab in-game.

Do players have to play in order to earn upgrades for their fantasy player items?
For the Club Wins and Club Goals upgrades, a player does not have to feature in those fixtures to be eligible. However, they do have to appear in the match to be eligible for the Player Appearances Upgrade and play at least 60 minutes to be eligible for the Clean Sheet upgrade (DEF/GK only).

What counts as a goal, assist and clean sheet?
Goals and assists will be awarded in alignment with Opta data. Clean sheets are awarded to DEF/GK who play at least 60 minutes in a match without conceding. If their team concedes once they’ve been withdrawn but after they’ve reached that 60 minute minimum, they’ll still receive a Clean Sheet upgrade.

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