FC 24 Accessibility Features and Settings

FC 24

The game provides a range of FC 24 accessibility options, encompassing features for color blindness, narration, subtitles, and text-to-speech.


FC 24 Accessibility

FC 24 is designed for everyone who wants to play, which is why it offers various accessibility options. These settings in FC 24 allow the game to be enjoyed by a wide range of players, enabling users to personalize on-screen visuals for enhanced visibility according to their preferences

Accessibility is available under [Settings] tab in Football Club 24 main menu. Below is the list of options that you can customise and adjust under the Accessibility setting.

Adjust colours to correct for colour blindness.
Options: Default; Protanopia (red weak); Deuteranopia (green weak); Tripanopia (blue weak)

Adjust the brightness settings
Options: 1 (least brightness possible) to 10 (most brightness possible)

Adjust the contrast settings
Options: from 1 (least contrast possible) to 10 (most contrast possible)

Change the size of the overhead indicator in gameplay
Options: Small; Default; Large.

Switch the functionality of the Right Stick to the Left Stick, allowing you to navigate through all menu options with the Left Stick. Note: this applies to menu navigation only.
Options: On; Off

Switch the functionality of tL1/R1 buttons and L2/R2 buttons to the Left Stick, allowing you to navigate through all settings options with the Left Stick. Note: this applies to the game settings and customise controls screens only.
Options: On; Off

Select whether to have subtitles on or off.
Options: On; Off

When enabled, narration will read aloud highlighted tile, menu, or pop-up.
Options: On; Off

When enabled, spoken words from other users will be converted to text in online game modes.
Options: On; Off

When enabled, you can type in a chat window, which is converted to speech for other users to hear.
Options: On; Off

In the first title of the FC franchise, you have the flexibility to tailor your gaming experience to your skill level with six difficulty options. The game’s speed can also be adjusted, allowing you to control the pace of player movement. Notably, FC 24 features pause menu narration, enabling you to navigate menus even while the game is paused.

The game offers a range of communication and navigation aids. When playing with friends, you can utilize speech-to-text, which converts spoken words into readable text. Conversely, text-to-speech can be activated, transforming your typed messages in the chat window into spoken words for other players to hear. Additionally, subtitles are available for story elements in VOLTA Football.

For assistance in tracking the ball, FC 24 provides various auto features. Auto-switching aids in switching between passes, ensuring constant ball control. Player indicators, the red triangles above active players, can be resized to suit your preference.

FC 24 boasts diverse control options. Customization of controls can be done in the [Customise Controls] menu by holding the A or cross button and selecting the desired replacement button. One or two-button controller layouts are available to simplify basic moves. Additionally, the right stick, bumper/trigger buttons, or right stick and keyboard equivalents can be remapped to the left side, catering to players who require alternative configurations.

Various volume settings, including commentary language, music, sound effects, and menu volume, can also be adjusted. With its comprehensive accessibility features, FC 24 stands as an inclusive videogame.

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