FC 24 Career Mode Features – Manager and Player Career

FC 24 Career Mode


Shape your club as a manager, or choose exactly how you play on the pitch as a player through the new EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode Experience.


FC 24 Career Mode Features

This year, the game splits the Manager Career and Player Career into separate experiences. Within each mode, players will discover a plethora of new and exciting elements to explore.


Manager Career


Tactical Vision
Managers are pivotal in shaping major club choices, either through direct interventions or adept delegation to staff. The selection of a new manager holds transformative potential for a club and its football philosophy. The game aims to empower players to imprint their distinctive mark, defining club identities under their stewardship. Tactical Vision streamlines strategic control, facilitating adept choices in selecting, implementing, and honing playstyles. A choice of 7 authentic tactical philosophies, including options like Park the Bus or Gegenpressing, allows managers to define their team’s approach both on and off the pitch.

Tactical Vision Scouting
The Scouting system has been revamped, allowing managers to recruit players seamlessly aligned with their tactical strategies. In addition to existing filters like position, age, and contract, new criteria have been introduced.

Before delving into coaching operations, it’s essential to clarify their departmental functions. Teams are structured into Attack, Midfield, Defence, and Goalkeeping departments, with players’ positions determining their affiliations. This includes both senior and youth players. For instance, the Defensive Department encompasses positions like Left Wing Back (LWB), Right Wing Back (RWB), Left Back (LB), Right Back (RB), and Centre Back (CB) in the Squad Hub and Youth Academy. Loaned-out players, however, do not fall within a specific department. Each coach will need to be assigned to a department, so the players in that department can benefit from the coach’s Knowledge and Skills.

Tactical Knowledge
Coaches are characterized by their level of Knowledge in the Tactical Visions. This expertise is categorized into three levels: Novice, Accomplished, and Expert. Initially, coaches possess a Novice understanding of all 7 Tactical Visions. Experienced coaches may hold Accomplished or Expert status in a single Tactical Vision. With time, coaches accumulate XP through matches, particularly victories, to advance their Knowledge. XP earned contributes to ascending to the next Knowledge level. All club coaches are eligible for Tactical Vision-specific XP from matches, except those who have already attained Expert level in a particular Tactical Vision.

Player Development
Coaches are characterized by their player development skills, quantified by 1-5 star ratings specific to each department. When assigned to a department, a coach’s skills contribute to the cumulative skill set of that department’s coaching staff. The Department Total is the sum of coaches’ department-specific stars, aligned with the player composition. The Ideal Quality for each department is calculated based on player quantity, OVR, and potential, representing the threshold for Achieved Quality. Meeting this threshold grants maximum boosts to Player Development Plans, resulting in heightened XP and accelerated growth. Coaches’ impact on Development Plan completion dates is transparent, showcasing how allocation affects the timeline. While existing factors like match-time actions and form still influence XP growth, coach boosts provide additional enhancement. No-coach scenarios maintain at least previous development speeds, while Ideal Quality attainment accelerates plans even further.

Coach Management
Hiring coaches involves strategic placement within club departments based on specific needs. The number of available positions is limited, primarily determined by the club’s stature (worth), with potential expansion upon positive manager ratings at season’s end. The market refreshes periodically for coach selection, and a wishlist feature aids in targeting desired Tactical Visions, Knowledge, and skills. Coaches can shift between departments freely to balance Ideal Quality. Releasing coaches incurs a severance package but precludes reentry to the market. Crafting an optimal coaching staff parallels squad assembly, requiring skill and patience. This dynamic enriches club enhancement and experimentation, allowing for tailored approaches like focusing on one Tactical Vision while bolstering player development. The journey to club excellence is customizable, promising diverse variations over time.

Training Plans
While a robust Tactical plan is essential for success, it’s just one facet of preparing for upcoming games. Managers must continually assess players’ readiness to meet their requirements. Team preparation involves maintaining the delicate equilibrium between enhancing match Sharpness and swiftly restoring Fitness throughout the season. The revamped training system mirrors modern managerial responsibilities in optimizing team performance with staff assistance. Training Plans, categorized from Performance to Energy focus, enable tailored balance for individual players, adjusting priorities based on match minutes, natural fitness, and squad schedule. Training Plans apply individually or to player groups (Starting XI, Subs, Reserves), with a “copy last” feature for efficiency. Striking the right equilibrium between Sharpness and Fitness is crucial, impacting Attribute boosts and on-field capabilities, while considering evolving club scenarios.

Pre-match Preparations
Team preparation is a fundamental aspect of football, transcending team quality. The redesigned matchday experience now mirrors real-world decision-making and meticulous prep work. The Matchday Hub seamlessly integrates pre-match reports, specialized training sessions, and press conferences, offering a comprehensive approach to overcoming the next opponent.

Tactical View
The addition of a match spectator feature to Manager Career has been carefully developed. Introducing Tactical View, where diverse viewing angles allow monitoring player actions or observing the entire match. Spectating options range from tactical overview to touchline intensity. Seamless view changes and real-time tactics adjustments enhance the experience. Tactical View harmoniously integrates with other Manager Career facets, allowing instant transition to active participation or accelerated simulation, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging matchday involvement.

Dynamic Moments
The Cinematics team has dedicated their efforts this year to a clear objective: celebrating achievements. Scenes have been meticulously designed to highlight team and individual successes. A significant collaboration with Ballon d’Or® has been established to showcase the pinnacle of player recognition within EA SPORTS FC™ 24, offering an immersive experience of receiving the prestigious individual football award. The crowning moment arrives with an open-top bus trophy parade, symbolizing the culmination of a triumphant season and uniting all earned trophies. Lavish galas will honor the Manager of the Year and Player of the Season, underscoring the importance of exceptional performances throughout the campaign. Whether securing these esteemed awards through stellar performances or witnessing your players raise the prestigious trophy, the experience promises to be a celebration of football excellence.



Player Career


Player Agent
The Player Agent offers an immersive experience in transfers, contracts, and career-shaping dynamics spanning multiple seasons. Guiding the journey, the Player Agent provides insight into achievements and setbacks while crucially assisting in negotiations with clubs for potential transfers and career-defining contracts.

In EA SPORTS FC™ 24, the Player Personality system has evolved, granting control over your player’s growth. Across 7 Personality levels, you can assign PlayStyles – distinctive boosters altering on-field behavior. PlayStyle availability is influenced by the distribution of Personality Points among Maverick, Heartbeat, and Virtuoso. Focusing on a specific personality type yields more corresponding PlayStyles, enhancing personalization.

Focus Camera
Addressing the quest for an improved player-locked camera experience, the team explored diverse options while ensuring consistency with beloved modes in EA SPORTS FC™ 24. Notably, key enhancements have been made to the default camera in Player Career mode. The camera adeptly keeps your player and the ball in focus, with a closer view during pivotal moments like approaching the opponent’s box or executing crucial actions such as dribbling or jockeying. Termed “Focus,” these upgrades are accessible across platforms, tailored to each console generation. Tactical Focus camera caters to PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S, while Legacy Focus camera suits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

EA is also introducing Face Guards and Goggles into Player Career, so on top of using PlayStyles to create a unique player with relation to how you play on the pitch, there are now more ways to customize how you look.

Training Updates
Two quality-of-life enhancements have been introduced. Players can now engage in pre-match training sessions without concern for missing sessions due to match progression. These training sessions also offer an opportunity to accumulate Personality Points, contributing to player development.

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