FC 24 National Women’s Soccer League TOTS

FC 24 Team of the Season

A new Team of the Season has been released. The FC 24 National Women’s Soccer League TOTS recognizes the best performers of the 2023-2024 season in the primary USA women’s football league


FC 24 National Women’s Soccer League TOTS

Team of the Season (or TOTS) is a seven-week campaign in FC 24 Ultimate Team celebrating the best players from around the world during the 2023/24 domestic league seasons. Players selected in TOTS are recognised for their superb form with ratings upgrades that can make them some of the highest-rated players available in FC 24.

The event kicks off with the Live TOTS and continues every Friday with two new teams. In addition to finding these cards in packs, it’s also possible to earn them through SBCs, objectives, and by playing Champions, Squad Battles, and Rivals.

Available from May 24 to May 31, 2024:

FC 24 National Women's Soccer League TOTS

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