FC 24 Radioactive Promo Event

FC 24 Radioactive

The FC 24 Radioactive promo brings electrifying players with supernatural chemistry to the Ulmtimate Team game mode.


FC 24 Radioactive Promo Event

Introducing Radioactive—players with altered Chemistry who provide extra links to your Ultimate Team squad. Unlock new squad building possibilities and introduce more leagues into your XI with the added Chemistry capabilities that Radioactive players provide.

Each Radioactive player automatically gets two Chemistry points when starting in their preferred positions without needing any links from other players. They also give two links for their League, Club, and Nation to other players in your squad, doubling the effect their base version would have on your squad’s Chemistry.

The first Radioactive squad is released on Friday, December 1 and a mini-release of four players, two days later. Throughout the event in FC 24 you’ll also find new Evolutions slots and a themed daily login SBC ‘Advent Calendar’.

FC 24 Radioactive Promo Event

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