FC 24 Road to the Final Event

FC 24 Road to the Final

Welcome the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Women’s Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League back to Ultimate Team with new dynamic Player Items that champion the clubs still vying for European glory. Road to the Final Player Items upgrade with each step towards the trophy—the further a player’s team makes it out on the pitch, the higher their rating will climb in your club.


FC 24 Road to the Final Event

Road to the Final returns in Football Club 24! European nights are back, and the biggest teams from across the continent are battling it out under the lights to make it to the final of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Women’s Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League. Now you can get involved in the Road to the Final in FC 24 Ultimate Team with live, dynamic player items that have the potential to upgrade as teams make progress through each tournament. Plus, enjoy a series of Road to the Final Squad Building Challenges, Objectives, and more throughout the campaign.

Beyond their initial boost at the start of the campaign, Road to the Final items have the potential for up to five additional dynamic upgrades:
1) First knockout game win after campaign launch (qualify for the round of 16 in the case of UEL and Conference League)
2) Qualifying for the Quarter Finals
3) Qualifying for the Semi-Finals
4) Qualifying for the Final
5) Winning the tournament

The RTTF team was available from February 2 and stayed in packs for 7 days.

FUT 23 Road to the Final Event


Let’s see the answers to the most common questions about the FC 24 Road to the Final event and special player items.

When will items be upgraded in-game?
Any earned Road to the Final Player Item upgrades will occur at the end of each week when a given stage has concluded:

  • February 24th;
  • March 17th;
  • April 21st;
  • May 19th;
  • June 12th.

Does the player have to play in order for their RTTF Player Item to receive upgrades?
Upgrades will go live in-game starting on the Friday after the first round of the knockout stages. This means RTTF players will be upgraded at the end of a week following a milestone victory or qualification.

Does the player have to play in order to receive upgrades?
Road to the Final upgrades are only based on team performance, so a player doesn’t have to feature in the game (or any games) to be eligible.

Can a player receive upgrades once their club has been knocked out of their European competition?
No—all RTTF upgrades are awarded for wins/progression so if a player’s club loses/is knocked out, they will not receive any further upgrades.

What happens if a RTTF Player Item comes out after their team has played their first knockout match in the UEFA Champions League?
All “won first match” upgrades for UCL RTTF Player Items are based on the first game their team plays after the item is released. This means that if a Player Item is released after their team’s first knockout match, their “won first match” upgrade will be based on the result of their team’s next knockout match (even if it requires extra time or penalties).

What happens if a UCL RTTF Player Item’s “won first match” upgrade also qualifies their team for the Quarter Finals?
If a UCL RTTF Player Item’s first match since their release is the second leg of the Round of 16 and their club wins resulting in qualification for the next round, they’ll receive a double upgrade, a +1 In-From Upgrade for winning and a +1 In-Form Upgrade for qualifying for the Quarter Finals.

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