FC 24 Trailblazers Promo Event

FC 24 Trailblazers

Meet the Trailblazers—the stars of the season so far defying expectations and dominating matches by showcasing a signature spark to their game. Each Trailblazer’s performances are being honoured with new PlayStyles(+) boosts, equipping them in Ultimate Team with the new signature abilities they’ve shown on the pitch.


FC 24 Trailblazers

These are some of the most popular Trailblazer players:

Jude Bellingham
To celebrate Jude Bellingham’s incredible start to his Real Madrid career, Jude’s Trailblazers upgrade sees him earn the Technical PlayStyle+, giving him the ability to reach even higher speed when performing Controlled Sprint and perform wide turns on the ball with greater precision. His good goal-scoring form and assist record also has earned him the Finesse Shot and Incisive Pass PlayStyles to go along with his Intercept, Flair, and Relentless PlayStyles.

Rúben Dias
Ruben Dias’ Trailblazers upgrade celebrates the world-class reading of the game he’s shown in the early parts of City’s Premier League and UEFA Champions League campaigns with the Anticipate PlayStyle+ which improves his ability to win and retain the ball with a stand tackle.

Antoine Griezmann
With already four goals to his name this season, Antoine Griezmann’s Trailblazers upgrade showcases his ability with the outside of his boot with the Trivela PlayStyle+, giving him exceptional accuracy when attempting outside of the foot passes and shots.

The first Trailblazers squad is released on Friday, October 14 and a mini-release of three players, two days later. Throughout the event in FC 24 you’ll also find a second team, new Evolutions, themed Squad Building Challenges, Objectives, and more with some great rewards on offer to help you boost your squad.

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