FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties Promo Event

FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties

FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties is a brand new Football Club promo that showcases player items associated with family connections.


FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties Promo Event

Family matters in Ultimate Dynasties—a brand new Ultimate Team campaign that celebrates players with rich personal footballing heritage. Add a sibling connection or a father and son duo to your squad with permanent upgrades to related players, with brothers, sisters, parents, and kids all teaming up to form ultimate family dynasties.

Ultimate Dynasties includes a new class of campaign ICONs, including some versions that represent the earlier days in these legends’ careers.

Take one family connection to the next level with a custom Evolutions slot designed to continue their development them via further upgrades.

The Ultimate Dynasties squad is released on Friday, December 8 and a mini-release of six players, two days later. Throughout the event in FC 24 you’ll also find new Evolutions slots and other offers.

FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties Promo Event

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