FC Pro Competition

FC Pro

FC Pro is an innovative program that centers on elite 1v1 competition, shining a spotlight on the world’s finest players as they embark on their journey towards the FC Pro World Championships. With a streamlined schedule and a clear narrative for the season, FC Pro provides direct entry to the EA SPORTS FC Pro World Championships for top contenders from EA and League Partner competitions.


FC Pro Competition Calendar

The FC Pro calendar is organized into distinct competition windows, making it more fan-friendly than ever. Starting from the game’s launch until early February, the focus will be on global competition with FC Pro Open. This will involve a series of competitions, beginning with the FC Pro Open Ladder, where top contenders will progress to FC Pro Open – a weekly event spanning eight weeks. For those who don’t qualify for FC Pro Open, the chance to compete in regional online competitions for prizes and bragging rights will still be available.

Moving on to the period from February to April, domestic competitions will take center stage, hosted by our network of league partners. They will crown national champions who will earn their spot in the prestigious FC Pro World Championships. During this time, competing players won’t have to worry about global commitments, allowing clubs to seek out the best talents worldwide to represent them in their country’s most prestigious tournament.

The top four players from FC Pro Open will join the highest-performing players from League Partners worldwide in the 32-player FC Pro World Championships in June. At this grand event, we will ultimately crown the World Champion of EA Sports FC 24.


FC Pro Open

Starting with in-game competitions, players who qualify and meet eligibility criteria will gain access to the competitive game mode. Additionally, this year brings a new feature – the ability to participate in the FC Pro Open Ladder, which will be hosted by our tournament operations partner. This ladder allows contenders to face off against other elite players within their competitive region during specific timeframes. Throughout the FC Pro Open, players have the option to represent themselves, football clubs, or esports teams. The FC Pro Open Ladder is exclusively 1v1 and will include a real-time leaderboard accessible outside of the game.

The top-performing players in each regional ladder will move on to compete in the FC Pro Open Regional Qualifiers, aiming for an invitation and a fully funded trip to the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier, a 64-player event scheduled for November. The top 16 players from the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier will then join the world’s top four players from the previous season in the FC Pro Open.

For players who don’t secure a spot in FC Pro Open, there will still be opportunities to participate in regional-level online competitions for the remainder of the FC Pro Open window.


FC Pro Leagues

Between February and April, League Partner competitions will be held worldwide to determine national champions, providing players with the special opportunity to represent their favorite clubs in virtual matches. Additional information regarding each of these competitions will be communicated directly from our Football League Partners as the season commences. Players who participated in FC Pro Open can also engage in Official Football League competitions for which they meet the eligibility requirements.


FC Pro World Championship

The season will culminate in a remarkable world championship. The 32-player event will feature the top four players from FC Pro Open, along with elite competitors from Partner League competitions worldwide.

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