FIFA 14 Career Mode – First Impressions

FIFA 14 Career Mode


How it will be FIFA 14 Career Mode ? Check out the first impressions of this game mode.


FIFA 14 Career Mode – First Impressions

Behind the fabled youth academy of FC Barcelona or Arsene Wenger’s impressive reputation for discovering unknown talent is a team of trusted scouts. These sophisticated global scouting networks are responsible for finding their club’s next superstar, and FIFA 14 brings this world of professional scouting to life.


Global Scouting Network

The way you play Career Mode will forever change thanks to the Global Scouting Network. Managers are now able to develop, build and refine their network of scouts, gathering details on the attributes and traits of players from around the world. Scouts can be directed to search various leagues, player-types or keep an eye on specific players.

This innovative way of playing Career Mode also moves away from the concept of player overall rating as an on-demand metric of a player’s abilities. Instead, you communicate to your scouts what type of player you are looking for, using football terms such as prolific, promising, pacey and many more. This results in greater interaction with your scouts and the transfer market, and will feel much more organic and authentic.

Best of all, scouting is no longer limited to the transfer window. As in the real world, your network of scouts now searches for talent year-round, better preparing you for the frantic transfer window.


Career Hub

At the center of the Global Scouting Network is an all-new hub; the biggest revamp since its inception three years ago. The streamlined hub allows for intuitive navigation to all of the available Career Mode features. There will be fewer interruptions as communications from your club’s staff will no longer distract you from the flow of the game. Live scouting reports are also delivered from your network in real-time to better inform your decision-making.

With FIFA 14’s new Global Scouting Network you have the potential to unearth signings before they become the superstars of tomorrow.


FIFA 14 Career Mode – First Screenshots


FIFA 14 Career Mode
Main Menu (click over the image to maximize it)


FIFA 14 Career Mode
Scout Report (click over the image to maximize it)


FIFA 14 Career Mode
Squad management screen (click over the image to maximize it)


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