FIFA 14 Creation Centre – Frequently Asked Questions

FIFA 14 Creation Centre - Frequently Asked Questions


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FIFA 14 Creation Centre – Frequently Asked Questions


What is Creation Centre?
Creation Centre is a free-to-play mode that allows you to enrich your FIFA 14 experience. Create a player and customize everything from their appearance and accessories to attributes and behaviors. Create teams using players you, or anyone else has created, and assign formations and tactics to them. Place teams created by yourself or anyone else in a Tournament (League) that can be used in Career Mode within FIFA 14. Even if you don’t create your own player, you can search on the web for your favorite players, teams, and tournaments and add them to Creation Centre.

What is new to Creation Centre 14?
Here is a brief overview of all the content and features available with Creation Centre 14:
All content and functionality on the web application is free
New kit templates
The latest boots, balls, gloves, etc.

What does Bookmark mean and what does it do?
Bookmark means that you are selecting a Player, Team, or Tournament for download. Once you have bookmarked any teams and players they will appear inside the Creation Centre Gallery in FIFA 14 where you can download them.

What about all my saved drafts from FIFA Creation Centre 13?
Saved drafts from FIFA Creation Centre 13 will no longer be available for FIFA Creation Centre 14.


FIFA 14 Creation Centre - Frequently Asked Questions

You can create your own players in the FIFA 14 Creation Centre


Why are there three different Save Options?
‘Save as a Draft’ will save the Player, Team, or Tournament you are working on at any point during the process. Regardless of if you’ve completed every field, some, or none, you can save your progress and return to finish the job at a later time.
‘Publish for my personal use only’ will save a fully completed Player, Team or Tournament, but only for your use. What you save can never be used by anyone except yourself, and will not appear in the Gallery to be visible to other users.
‘Publish for Public Use’ will only save a completed Player, Team or Tournament, and will be accessible by the public. What you save can be used by anyone and will appear in the Gallery to be visible to other users.

How many Players, Teams and Tournaments can I create?
You can create 100 Teams, 100 Players and five Tournaments.

Where can I see all the Teams I’ve Created and/or Bookmarked?
On the Creation Centre Home Page, there is a ‘Go’ button for players, teams, and tournaments. Clicking these buttons will take you to the Creation Centre Gallery where you can view the teams and players you’ve created and bookmarked, and search for teams and players created by other people.

How do I select a Player, Team, or Tournament I have created so I can download it into FIFA 14?
Go into the Gallery and click on the Team or Player you want to download. At the top of the page you will see a big red box that says ‘Bookmark’. When you click bookmark, the Team or Player will then be available to download into FIFA 14. Likewise there will also be a small white tag in the top left corner of each of the teams and players cards that appear in one of the website’s viewing galleries. Clicking on this tag will make it turn red, and also bookmark it so that it becomes available for download.

How do I find my Created Players, Teams and Tournaments?
Once you have created your Players, Teams and Tournaments you can download them into FIFA 14 by going into Customise > Creation Centre. In this screen you will see all of the Tournaments, Teams and Players you created and bookmarked in the web application for download.

Where can I use my Created Players, Teams, Tournaments and Leagues after I have downloaded them?
Created Players can be found in the Free Agent Pool in the Club Transfers screen. From there they can be transferred to any regular FIFA 14 Team for use in any game mode where Customised Squads are allowed.
Created Teams and Leagues will appear under the nation ‘Creation Centre’ in any game mode where Customised Squads are allowed. This includes Online Friendlies, Online Custom Matches, Kick Off, Tournament Mode, and Career Mode. As mentioned above, use of Created Teams and Leagues in Career Mode is only offered to EA Sports Season Ticket Holders, or users that have purchased the appropriate downloadable content from the FIFA 14 Store.
Carrying over from FIFA 13, users will be able to create Leagues, Knockout and Group Knockout Tournaments on the Creation Centre Web App that they will be able to bring into FIFA 14’s ‘New Tournament’ Game Mode.

What about all my teams and players in FIFA 13 or FIFA Creation Centre 13?
All of your FIFA 13 teams, tournaments, and players will remain unchanged. You will still be able to download them as they are to your console in FIFA 13, or edit them and re-save them as FIFA 14 teams, tournaments, and players through the Creation Centre web application.

These teams and players will not appear for download in FIFA 14, but you will be able to update them to FIFA 14 players, and teams on the website!

How do I share a Squad online?
When viewing a created Team, Player, or League/Tournament on the website, there is a ‘Share’ button. Clicking on this button will provide a URL that you can then send to your friends. There are also Twitter and Facebook links that your friends can click on. When someone clicks on the URL, they will be able to view your Player, Team, or Tournament.

How can I use my content in Career Mode?
EA Sports Season Ticket Holders will be able to download any Creation Centre League (A type of Creation Centre Tournament that can be created) and will be prompted to bring a downloaded Creation Centre League into Career Mode upon beginning a new Career Mode session. Additionally users will be able to swap in Creation Centre Teams they have downloaded into any of the Leagues appearing in Career Mode. Non-EA Sports Season Ticket Holders will need to purchase either the Creation Centre ‘All in One Pack’ or the Creation Centre ‘Career Mode Pack’ to access the same features described above.

What do I need to use Creation Centre in FIFA?
In order to use Creation Centre you need an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 console with an Internet connection, as well as a PC with access to the web. You must also have a linked Origin (EA) Account. Once you have a linked account, you can sign into the FC website and start using the Creation Centre web application.

What Browsers are supported for Creation Centre?
Creation Centre can be run using the following web browsers:
Firefox 3.0+
Internet Explorer 8.0+
Google Chrome 13+
Safari 4.0+

What Flash version is needed to access Creation Centre?
It is recommended that you download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

What languages can I access Creation Centre in?
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Polish.

Does Creation Centre require users to have an XBOX Live Gold Account in order to use their created Teams and Players in game?
No. Source: EA Website


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  1. Non ho ancora capito come mai questo benedetto creation centre 14 da ancora problemi cosi come il 13 riguardo le squadre create.Praticamente le partite vengono disputate sempre in notturna ma perché?non ce un metodo per risolvere questo problema…aspetto notizie GRAZIE

      1. Is it possible that i can use my creation league and play career mode and qualify to play in the championship league or eruo leage ??

  2. In FIFA14 you have to have an item from the catalogue to put your created team into a career mode? Correct? Where is this item at in the catalogue? What level? I cannot seem to find it.

  3. When i play kick off with a friend i use a camera i really like. its similar to people like r9rai and aa9skillz camera. but when i am playing by myself or ultimate team or carrer mode i use the same camera settings but still the view is different? please tell me you know how to fix it because i know it works somehow because some players use the camera i like on ultimate team… r9rai for ex… thx 🙂

  4. so fifa updated to 15, i’m still playing 14, is it possible to create a new player for fifa 14?

  5. I have owned FIFA 11 and FIFA 15 and in both of these I was able to create players normally in the beginning. After a few weeks with both of these games it stops saving my created player names. That is first, surname, known as, commentary name and kit name will be blank again after I hit save. All the other edits made to the player will save. I find it strange to have this problem in both of the FIFA games I’ve owned years apart and I can’t find anyone talking about it on the internet. It can’t be just me. Any suggestions or ideas?

    1. I had the same thing. I’ve just found a solution. Just create a new settings file after the generic. Then everything is gonna be fine

  6. Is it possible a created Player in my carrier is to go one club to another club by buying not for loan

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