FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tax Calculator


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tax Calculator / Calculadora de Imposto de FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tax Calculator – Instructions

This Calculator allows you to know the true amount of coins that you get every time you sell a card. You just need to insert by which price you sold a card and it says how much you will receive.


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 FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tax Calculator

This calculator was built with the support of the FIFA U Team Website


18 thoughts on “FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tax Calculator”

  1. Is the tax waived for sales below 50 in tax? If I sell a player for 450 that is 23 coins tax but I have never noticed my amount to be an anything less than 50 increments.

  2. I hate this tax, I didn’t realise it existed because I have never been into trading but today for the first time had 90k+ so i brought a cheap if pedro for 87k.. i then sold him on for 94k hoping to make a nice little profit to get me over 100k but i ended up only making 2k when i only got 89k from it… ridiculous!

  3. Is this right my son had £50 of fifa coins for his birthday but has lost almost all of it due to tax. Please can someone explain as i have a very upset 12 year old and i realy dont want to be buying anymore coins if this continues?? Help please

    1. Hi.
      Impossible. You don’t pay taxes when you buy FIFA Points or Packs. You pay taxes (5%) when you buy a player in the market.
      With £50 of fifa coins (probably you mean ‘fifa points’) he should be able to buy packs with dozens of players.

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