Check the FIFA 15 Release Dates

Check the FIFA 15 Release Dates


The FIFA 15 release date is in secret. But FGN already has some information that want to share with you.


Once again, we were the first website of the world to announce the FIFA 15 Release Dates. And we were right, of course.


FIFA 15 Release Dates


Last year, we were the first website to announce the FIFA 14 release dates. We did it 38 days before the official announcement. This year, we will be again the first ones to share this information with you.

Here are the estimated FIFA 15 Release Dates:

    North America
    September 23, 2014 (Tuesday)
    Latin America
    September 25, 2014 (Thursday)
    Except Brazil
    September 25, 2014 (Thursday)
    September 25, 2014 (Thursday)
    Except UK
    September 26, 2014 (Friday)
    October 9th, 2014 (Thursday)
    October 9th, 2014 (Thursday)


FIFA 15, also known as FIFA Soccer 15 in North America, will be available to Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, XBox One and Playstation 4.

The FIFA 15 release dates for all these platforms should be the same, including current and next-gen consoles.

FUT 15 Web App is available for old FUT gamers since September 17, 2014. They were rewarded with some welcome packs according to their FUT 14 activity. If everything goes normal, the FIFA 15 Demo could be launched on September 9th.

Another way to start playing FIFA 14 earlier is to buy the EA Season Ticket. For some dollars more you will be able to start playing the new FIFA at September 20, 2014.


FIFA 14 Release Date

FGN was the first website to announce the FIFA 14 release date


Android and iOS users may be lucky since it is expected that ‘FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’ will be free in these platforms. EA will use advertising, like they already done in the last SimCity and the game will comes only with Ultimate Team mode.

Last year, FIFA 14 was released on September 24 in North America, September 26 in Australia and September 27 in Europe. The game was sold in Brazilian stores only at October 3rd.

We remind you that the FIFA 15 release dates indicated in this article are merely indicative. Currently, there is not any official confirmation of when it will be possible to play FIFA 15. Last year, EA Sports have announced the FIFA 14 release date at May 23rd. So, they will do it for FIFA 15 very soon. We will keep you updated on this subject.


266 thoughts on “Check the FIFA 15 Release Dates”

  1. jian thailandfanfifa

    Pls add eng league is “conference national”

    Pls add uefa champion league / europa league / super cup

    Pls add 3.liga germany
    add 3rd league national france

          1. FIFA on mobile will be free, yes. But it will b called ‘FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’, instead of ‘FIFA 15’. And there will be a lot of changes.

          2. khaldoun bou chakra

            Plz I tried to download comentary several times but still not working and need to download again and again . Any help

    1. jian thailandfanfifa

      Add England League
      Conference national
      Conference n/S

      Cup now ok

      Add Spain League
      Segunda B
      Tercera Division

      Add cup check 4 cup
      Copa del rey
      Copa fedaraction
      Copa catalunya
      Super cup

      Add France League

      Add cup check 3 cup
      Coupe de france
      Coupe de ligue
      Super cup

      Add Germany League

      Add cup check 3 cup
      Dfb pokal
      Liga pokal
      Super cup

      Add Italy League
      Lega pro 1
      Lega pro 2
      Serie D

      Add cup check
      Copa Italia
      Copa Italia Lega Pro

      Uefa champion league – now ok
      Uefa europa league – now ok
      European super cup – now ok pls change picture cup not same real world

      Pls add “fifa club world cup”

      Add south africa league i need see mwaruwari benjani ^_^

      I play on android fifa 14 with career mode i hope this

  2. jian thailandfanfifa

    Not serious uefa but just add it include fifa club world cup

    Pls make video when i win league or any cup that is celebration with my team

    1. Sorry but that will never happen….. you cant have you and your mate on different consoles playing FUT together all you can do is Verse

  3. ElShaarawy9214

    2015 is the year of the Womens World cup, how about adding women to fifa 15?
    Like the american league NWSL, the leagues in Europe, and national teams like Canada and USA?

  4. hello, i am rumailison
    i have a psvita
    i want something different know
    i dont want to play 3 years the same game
    all the psvita players won to play something different just put ultimate team in fifa 15 on the psvita thats the only thing i wont
    i hope you guys are going to do that
    and if you guys do that you going to create more money
    please do that please !!!!!

  5. Pls add jupiler league from the netherlands!
    Add some championships like champions league/europe league.

    More teams at international like Croatia, Bosnia, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Iran and all the other World Cup international teams.

    And pls put India out of Fifa. India is playing no role at all in the world.

    1. I agree. Put Egypt, Morocco, World Cup teams, etc. I love soccer and I know almost everything about it. But India is not one of the countries. By the way, India is ranked 150 in the world rankings. LOL:D

  6. Pls add south african league,afcon and pls add an 8 player mode where 8 friends cn create 1 tournament n compete 2 each other

  7. Pls add RSA league,more african national teams,afcon and an 8 player mode where 8 friends can challenge each other until to the finals

    1. Yes, it has been announced that all teams in the Turkish league will be in Fifa 15 but the Brazilian league won’t.

  8. abbas hussain

    how come there is no Pakistan team or Afghanistan team in the fifa and there is all the other Asian teams in there when will there be Pakistan in the fut and exhibition

    1. EA puts India and other garbage teams. They dont put good leagues like the Egyptian or Moroccan League. I doubt they’d put Pakistan. I feel your confusion bro.

  9. Pls I wanna b able to play d UEFA Champions League,Europa League,FIFA World Cup,AFCON,Player career mode in IOS. Fnk u

    1. Actually Mr.Lopes is quite wrong. In FIFA 13 on ios there were all of the UEFA tournaments in career mode (Champions, Europa, Supercup) so it should be possible on FIFA 15. The World Cup tournament may be possible but I don’t believe the same for the AFCON based on the fact that it is not very popular internationally.

      Mr.Lopes, please back up your claim with some facts. I know that you’re not very familiar with other platforms besides PS and Xbox, so instead of false claims it would be great if you just say you do not know.

      However, I really like your FUT suggestions and hope that you continue with it.

      1. Hi.
        I think there is a misunderstanding. When someone asked me if there will be a UEFA tournament on FIFA 15, I suppose that he is asking about full licensed tournaments. As you probably know, UEFA competitions are an exclusive of Konami since many years ago. EA Sports cannot use it. The tournaments you are talking about are non-licensed tournaments that also exist in consoles version. It is clear enough ? When we do not know, we just say we do not know. That’s why you know that we are not much familiar with FIFA mobile: because we said that.

  10. Hector Gutierrez

    I hope that they add the ability to manage international teams on the ios version of the game,and adding the liga Ascenso MX (Mexican second division) wouldn’t hurt ether

  11. Will you be able to transfer your ultimate team to Fifa15 on iOS? Because I already started my team and don’t want to have to start all over

  12. Hector Gutierrez

    do you think they will add the ability to manage international teams in the ios version of the game?

  13. we really really really want play online on fifa15 for android is there will be online on fifa15 for android our not??

  14. i want to be able to play the worldcup and also manage international teams….and will other teams be added like Bosnia,Ghana, Nigeria….e.t.c…am an android user tho

  15. If i had a good ptogress in FUT 14 can i keep allmy players and stuff on the FIFA 15 for android? Can i just log in with my old origin acount and play with my team?

      1. Pls can u make all the players to look exactly the way they look in real life? In FIFA 14 the structure and face are not convincing pls make it to look like play station 4

  16. I went on ea sports site and they didn’t add iOS to the platform release date. Does it mean that fifa 15 is not gonna be on iOS? Coz that’d suck ass!

  17. Hellos. I read on wiki about Fifa 15 and they did’t add iOS and Android to the platforms. Are you sure that Fifa 15 is gonna be iOS and Android? Do you have source?

  18. I have had the FIFA series from 2008-present and not once I have seen the Serbian league. I am not even a Serbian myself but star players like; Ivanovic, Vidic and the new Liverpool signing, Markovic come from this league. This league have 2 teams which stand out. These teams are; Red Star Belgrade and Patizan Belgrade. Both teams which have won the Champions League once. So in FIFA 15 or in the FIFA’S to come, I would like to see the Serbian League. Thanks.

  19. Manish Shrestha

    I would like to ask you one queation. Abt fifa 15. Currently i am playing fifa 14 on android. I hav my own squad. After fifa 15 released can we get the same squad on it. If yes. Will EA upgrade or degrade my current squad rating in fifa 15. This the only thing around my mind hope you”ll ans. Me. THANK YOU!!

      1. What new additions will there be for fifa 15 android new teams, new player moves, online multiplayer, anything?

  20. hey if my country india will not in the fifa 15 then fifa EA will lost their popularity in india cause their are soo many football fans and android video gamers…..many indians dont like to play with other team…….one big reason we want to see our team in world cup but we think that it is not possible in 3 or 4 or more world cup…….so we will love to see our own team India in Ea Fifa 15 …16…17…..always…..EA also earn great profit from india so just love to see my team india to ea 15 fifa again …..

    1. First time you comment, you need to wait for a prior approval.
      Yes, it is a paid game. The languages depends of the region where you buy. The ones that have Arabic commentators will feature two commentators and not only one.

  21. pls Mr. Rodrigo, wont the release be as early as before, and also, I wonder why they have not been adding scorer and assist ranking in android version

  22. AwesomenessInRL

    I read the comment way above stating there will be lots of changes In the mobile app. I didn’t quite get what it means. Will there be all modes ((Kickoff, penalties, manager, tournaments etc.) in it like FIFA 14? Or just Ultimate Team?….

  23. Fifa 15 on ios without manager mode? This is horrible idea, manager mode is the best thing, only ultimate team? WTF. Not gonna pay for this even a “small fee”

  24. Will there be free career mode on Android? just wishful thinking. hehehe. And I do hope there will be quick games wherein you can play your favorite club without the need of internet connection (for android) 🙂

  25. I really love the FIFA football game but I’ve always had a big problem with the FIFA 14 on my iPhone 4s anytime I download the commentary in less than a day it disappears and asks me to keep downloading it over and over again I want to know what the problem is and if this problem will persist in the FIFA 15 because I can’t wait to get it.

      1. Ermanythingz

        So all my fifa 14 players will be useless in fifa 15 android? I have alot of the super rares like tots messi and ibra. Is it useless now ? Or can we transfer them. Please reply.

  26. Hi Rodrigo

    I still get upset by the fact that is not available the portuguese 2nd league, i undertsand there is the issue on segment and buyers all across the world…still bothers me though.

    Well, wish we could at least have the league cup, and that on the first season we could access the champions league (manager mode iOS liga portuguesa)

    On another subject, players on loan shouldnt cost any money to the original club ;), had to buy ola jhon for a lot of money to get him back on the squad (Benfica) 😉

    God speed and thank for your time!


  27. Im fifa 14 android was it so that you download fot free but to use in fifa 14 manager career , online and play a game with a team that you want cost i think 4€.
    is fifa 15 for android like 14 ?
    Have fifa 15 manager career , fut , online ?
    hope you can understand me sry for my englisch

    1. Hi.
      We have no details about the Android version of FIFA 15 but we believe that it will free and only comes with the Ultimate Team mode. Let’s wait and see if we are right.

  28. Hi Rodrigo

    Well i’m another Gonçalo Cunha 😉 although been playing fifa consistingly since 1995!

    That alone makes me at least a veteran! (NBA too since 95)

    No manager mode for iOS….that will certainly be the perfect excuse to buy the ps4 :p

    Really like your insight on this matters, keep up the good work!

    Saudações benfiquistas


  29. Okay i explain are you positive is going to come out to iOS and android threse no news or official news. Or nothing i check ea fifa .com But nothing

  30. What will happen to my fifa 14 coins and ultimate team will it still be the same…..plz answer me this

  31. Fifa 2015 for android is already on Torrent but i’ll stay on fifa 2014 for android, becuase 2015 will only be fut and also ads. 2014 has no ads. And Finally got the hack for unlimited coins and fifa points…still wondering if it’s a trojan though. Need to connect phone to PC and than run the hack.Anyone used this hack? Fifa should be free though you buy the game and than still have to buy points and packs to get players…that’s kinda fake.EA are some greedy bastards

  32. Why tis it ultimate team i don’t really like it i mostly played carrier and manager oh and rod rigo Is fifa 15 having training mode and animation like the arbitro

  33. Rodrigo, I have to say that you have a great demeanor to answer all of the same questions over and over again without losing it. If these people would just read the previous posts they would have most of the answers they’re looking for. You do a great job, Rodrigo!

  34. Is fifa 15 having new gameplay for iOS and also is it having traning mode And rodrigo your website is the best i ever visit with tons of information

  35. Why in fifa 15 UT isn’t kick off, penalty shootout like it’s on fifa 14. Will there be kick off, penalty shootout in fifa 15 UT?

  36. I know FIFA 15 ultimate team for android is just realised a few day ago…. i m playing that…. its quite great… but when, fifa 15 will realise…. instead of ultimate team… in which i can play kick off, leagues….like FIFA 14 for android..

    so, my question is when Fifa 15 will realise for android?….not Fifa 15 ultimate team

  37. Xbox one is finally being released in south africa on the 23rd of September. When will FIFA 15 be released in South Africa, I’m guessing we fall under Europe’s release date?. Btw the south african leagues and clubs are wack, I’m happy with just having Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs 🙂

  38. FIFA 15 ultimate team is not available on my country! says so when i searched the app. is there any way to download it? 🙁

  39. Hi, I am from India, when will the iOS version release in India and when can we download it from the app store

  40. Sandro Guetirez

    cant download it for android, searched google playstore for fifa 15 ultimate team and opened via playstore (since i couldnt find it through playstore). when i open it in playstore it says. not available in your country, from the netherlands :/

  41. I opened the fifa 15 ultimate team on android and came it is not available in your country and I live in Pakistan

    Can u tell me the date for that

    Looking for a reply

  42. hi mr lopez,

    1-in the seasons and tournament mode in fifa 15 ultimate team for android, am i playing with AI or real people?

    2- how to add commentary?

      1. thanks for the answer, i just wanted to play with real people not vs ai , do i play seasons or tournaments?

          1. what do u mean both? im playing seasons and im div 9 and all im playing vs is AI how to play vs real people? thanks

  43. Pranav Santhosh

    is the normal fifa 15 game going to be released or just fifa 15 ultimate team im talking about iphone version

  44. Brin back manager mode and ea mess up this year there’s no new gameplay no Maneeger mode no new commentarys hardly i play ultimate team

  45. pls Mr Lopes I find it difficult to play FIFA 14 on my android I can only play the penalty mode, I can play d manager, ultimate team including d cups and league it always dat I should connect to store pls how do I play it o

  46. I can only play the penalty mode I can’t play d manager mode , d cups and league it always say dat I should connect to store pls help me

  47. Rodrigo Lopes

    In UT you can play online seasons, for example.


    there is no online seasons here

    im playing on android fifa 15 ultimate team

    is the online only on ios like fifa 14 or also on android?

      1. is there any plans to implement online mode on android? why only IOS ? this is so stupid? i know android have a lot of phones but come on for 2 years, online exclusive to ios.

        Get your shit togther EA, u are a big company i would even pay for fifa with online

  48. hi . when the Time i open fifa 15 ,They ask me Security QuestionS ,and i write answer but They always Show
    , your security Question could not be Created..
    help me

  49. Hi,
    I download fifa 15 UT on my Xperia m2 but when I want to play the controls don’t show up I can’t play. What to do?

  50. Hey man,I just want to download FIFA 15 on my android bt in play store its called FIFA ultimate team so idnt undrstnd the deffrence btwn the previous FIFA 14 with this one so I want some brfly explntion

  51. do I have to pay to unlock the mode in FIFA 15 ultimate team before playing and do I ave to sign into origin account b4 playing d game pls reply Mr lopez

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