FIFA 16 Calendar – When Everything Will Happen ?

FIFA 16 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?


In the previous two years, we published a FIFA calendar that were quite popular due to the extremely high rate success. Today we are publishing a FIFA 16 calendar with all the important dates of this game.

More than 95% of the FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 calendar dates were right, so you can be sure that the most accurate dates are in this FIFA 16 Calendar.



The dates on green boxes are official dates
The dates on red boxes are not confirmed dates. They are only estimated dates.
We will be updating this FIFA 16 Calendar as soon as news dates are officially confirmed.


FIFA 16 Calendar – When Everything Will Happen ?


FIFA 16 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?


8th, Tuesday
Demo Launch (XBox 360, PS3, PC, XBox One and PS4)
Note: you can know more about it clicking here

9th, Wednesday
Demo Launch (European Playstation gamers)
Note: you can know more about it clicking here
15th, Tuesday
FUT 16 Web App Release
Note: not available for new FUT players
More details here
16th, Wednesday
First TOTW Release
Note: a new TOTW will be released every Wednesday at 6pm (GTM)
17th, Thursday
EA Sports FIFA companion app Release for FUT 16
17th, Thursday
Early Access to EA Access Subscribers
Note: only 10 hours of playtime
You can know more about it clicking here
18th, Friday
First Update
22nd, Tuesday
FIFA 16 Ultimate Team release for mobile devices
22nd, Tuesday
Official North American FIFA 16 Release (all platforms)
24th, Thursday
Official Latin America FIFA 16 Release (except Brazil)
24th, Thursday
Official Australian FIFA 16 Release (all platforms)
24th, Thursday
Official European FIFA 16 Release (all platforms)
24th, Thursday
Official UK FIFA 16 Release (all platforms)


FIFA 16 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

1st, Thursday
Official Brazilian FIFA 16 Release (all platforms)

1st, Thursday
First Round of FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016
1st, Thursday
First Happy Hour
8th, Thursday
Official Japanese FIFA 16 Release (all platforms)


FIFA 16 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

13th, Friday
FUT United – First Edition
Note: during two days
27th, Friday
Daily Gifts & Black Friday
30th, Monday
Cyber Monday


FIFA 16 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

10th, Thursday
Social Giveaway ’16 Days of FIFA’
Note: available until December 25th
18th, Friday
FUTMas – Holiday Daily Gifts
Note: available until January 4th


FIFA 16 Release Date

5th, Tuesday
First Winter Transfers Updates
11th, Monday
Team of the Year Announcement
Note: available in packs by one week
11th, Monday
TOTY Goalkeepers and TOTY Defenders Release
Note: available in packs for 46 hours
13th, Wednesday
TOTY Midfielders Release
Note: available in packs for 48 hours
15th, Friday
TOTY Forwards Release
Note: available in packs for 24 hours
16th, Saturday
Full TOTY Release
Note: available in packs for 48 hours


FIFA 16 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

2nd, Tuesday
Lunar New Year Event
Note: until February 8th
5th, Friday
Upgrades Release – Batch 1
12th, Friday
Upgrades Release – Batch 2
5th, Friday
FUT United Second Edition
Note: available until February 22
19th, Friday
Upgrades Release – Batch 3
26th, Friday
Upgrades Release – Batch 4


FIFA 16 Release Date

16th, Wednesday
St Patricks Day Tournament
21th, Monday
Seven Years of FUT
22nd, Tuesday
FIWC Grand Final


FIFA 16 Release Date

19th, Tuesday
FIFA 16 added to EA Access The Vault
22nd, Friday
FIFA Community Week
29th, Friday
First Team of the Season Release
Note: during 6 weeks, every Monday and Friday it will be released a new squad


FIFA 16 Release Date

22nd, Friday
FUTTIES announcement
26th, Tuesday
MSL All Stars Players Release



  1. I think I heard that Chuboi confirmed that there is a web app this year?
    Just a thought, so you can confirm it on your site.

  2. So FIFA 16 is not going to be available for low end android phones? FIFA 15 was available for all devices but not this. Stupidity!!!

  3. What’s the world cup tourny? You mean euro cup??? And since it didn’t come out on the 1st do you have an update of when it will be released if at all? For the world cup 2 years ago didn’t they wait till the summer when the final group stages started? Should be the same no?

  4. Hi Rodrigo , why prices have fallen so much for the players in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team ? their prices will come back ? Thank you

      • Thank you very much Rodrigo you helped me greatly , on what date is Black Friday ? I have many players that I bought very expensive , like Aguero , Yaya Touré , Sanchez , etc …
        somehow know the exact day when prices rise ? thank you again

          • Hello rodrigo. I am new in fut and played only 15 days of it until now. I opened many packs and bought many good players. I am seeing price droo happening every day. Here you are saying the biggest drop will happen on BF. Can you tell what the logic behind this estimate? And it will keep droping in coming days right or it will go up again?

    • The dates on green boxes are official dates
      The dates on red boxes are not confirmed dates. They are only estimated dates.
      We will be updating this FIFA 16 Calendar as soon as news dates are officially confirmed.

    • Olá futuro tricampeão.
      Se gosta de simuladores de futebol, o FIFA é uma compra obrigatória, até porque agora está a metade do preço na PSN.
      Deve guardar as coins para investir numa equipa ou em trading durante a TOTY (11 a 18 de janeiro).

  5. Let’s say I buy IF Javier Hernandez, and he gets a upgrade , will his in form go up in price if so how much.

  6. Hi Rodrigo,

    What are chances for release of all TOTY cards in same time? I saved my packs from first day of the game, now i have 100 packs. I want to open all of them on Saturday, 16th, when all cards are available, but if EA release GK+DEF, MID and ATT only in separate times before Saturday, i will be f*cked.

    What do you think is smartest thing to do?

    Thanks for all things you do for FUT community.

    • Hi.
      I believe that they will release all TOTY cards at once. They did it in the last years and there is no reason to change it.
      I think there is 98% chances. It is always a risk but this one shouldn’t be a big risk. Keep inmind that TOTY lasts until Jan 18 – 7 days – which is more than 2 days for each position.

  7. Hi Rodrigo,

    Just a simple question. Do Fifa release special packs for TOTY and TOTS or will we just have to find them in the normal 7.5k packs?

  8. Hey Rodrigo,
    Do you happen to have an idea which high quality player prices will drop and or rise? I have about 2.7 mil and I want to be able to have two great teams with equal distribution of talent and this requires me to buy at the correct time. Thanks for your input.

  9. Hi rodrigo Lopez is team of the year coming out on fifa 15 the new season ios I would really like to know thank you

  10. Hey Rod, big fan. Have been following your blog since last year, keep up the good work. I gotta quick question for ya, what is the best time/day to buy a TOTY? I mean when will they be at their lowest? Looking to pick up a Ronnie or Messi.


    • TOTY prices are unpredictable. Usually they are very expensive in the first hours and then they become cheaper. However, as soon as TOTY ends, prices go up again.
      I believe that Sunday will be a good day to buy them but, like I already say, it is always something unpredictable.

  11. Hey Rodrigo,
    I live in the U.S. and the hype is real for all of us wanting to open packs. What time does the ENTIRE team release in packs?
    Thank you

  12. Hey Rodrigo!
    What’s the best time to buy players like if dani alves, if iniesta, regular neymar and regular suarez? Want to buy them but not sure if i’m already too late. If so, when will prices drop again?

  13. okay so here I’m. I waited and waited but it seems the market on PC is messed up big time this year. I wanted to land Modric and Pogba, but their price keeps going up. They were actually the cheapest at the time of their release! Not to mention, spent about 200 USD on FP to open packs, the best I got was Jonas TIF, who goes for about 22k

  14. Hey Rodrigo. Do you know that how much would i be able to sell neuer( toty) in 1 months time in fifa 15 ultimate team new season android?

  15. Thank you very much for this information, i was looking for this for a long time.
    I have a question , its 31 january 2016 and i want to make my team but im afraid of the prices because i dont want to buy Neymar for 270k and then he turns to 200k, can you tell me when is the right moment to waste my coins ? I have 464k

  16. hi !! rodrigo you are doing a great job bro !!! i have seen your responses to each and every question so thats great!!! i bought Toty dani alves and marcelo for 2milion now there prices dropped to 1million… what should i do??? when to sell them because Tots will be coming too…so when their prices go up like they were before 7million
    thank you

  17. Hi, (i’m french sorry for my bad english.)
    When i can buy a new squad this month ? (februar)
    Thanks for this calendar of events !! 😉

  18. rodrigo why ea is not releasing fut united earlier it was scheduled 5 febraury and then 12 febraury but no fut united second edition till now will ea not release them this year?

  19. Hi, is there have a full player list for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team New Seasons IOS version?
    Today EA lunch few Ones to Watch players (Welbeck, Depay….), but never know how many players include.
    Thank you

  20. Can you please tell me when there will be free packs/giveaway.
    Will they be on St Patrick day, Black Friday, EA Birthday and Christmas.
    On FIFA 16

  21. Hey there.
    First of all, congrats for this list and the amazing site!
    When should I sell my team for the TOTS market crash? I was thinking maybe around March 20, would it be too close and prices are going to be already down?
    Thanks man, and sorry for my poo english, I’m a brazilian fan of FUT

  22. Hey bro 🙂
    is the st.patrick day date official yet and what’s the rewurements of the tournamen?
    note: i’m on android console.

  23. Hi, in FIFA 15 ultimate team new season mobile version, the first batch of “Stars of Europe” (100+ rated players) release on 7 Mar already. Do you know when will release the second batch of “Stars of Europe”?

  24. Will there be a st Patrick’s day tournament for sure this year? Or have FIFA decided to skip it this time around

  25. Hello Do u know when the Free Anniversary will be out I’m not sure if it’s out later today or are they gonna be out later in the week

  26. What does it mean by during 6 weeks, every Wednesday and Friday it will be released a new TOTS. If it means that their will be new tots every Wednesday and Friday, will it be possible to get any TOTS that came out before week 6 if you open packs on that week?

  27. Olá Rodrigo!
    Como sabemos, o market crash causado pelo TOTS vem aí, eis a minha dúvida: Quando você recomenda que eu venda meu time? Custa cerca de 2 milhões de coins.
    Obrigado e parabéns pelo site!

  28. When does the first tots come out (USA 5 hours behind uk) and what do their prices range from (low to high)

  29. The rumour mill has it that TOTS will happen earlier this year. The deadline for submission of MC TOTS is April 13th.

  30. Itani, a famous Youtuber, is saying that the TOTS are coming these month (April). Do you agree or ur almost sure it will be coming in May? (Sou Brasileiro, abraços!)

  31. Salve Rodrigo!
    Mais um brazuca apreciando o site! Deixo meus parabéns!
    Ouvi rumores de que o TOTS viria antes este ano, e já estou notando que os preços baixaram muito… Só na última semana, o Cristiano Ronaldo já baixou mais de 60k…
    Você acha que o TOTS se dará em 4 de maio mesmo? Sabe explicar porquê os preços já estão baixando?
    Obrigado e parabéns novamente!
    Uma última pergunta, esta mais “pessoal”: 4-3-2-1 ou 4-3-1-2?
    Abraço parça!

    • Olá Pedro. Antes de mais obrigado.
      Quando há grandes competições internacionais que antecipam o fim das ligas domésticas, é normal que também os TOTSA saiam mais cedo. É o caso deste ano.
      Em breve revelaremos aqui no site as datas de cada TOTS.
      Relativamente à questão da tática é demasiado pessoal. Terá de ser você a escolher a sua em função do seu estilo de jogo e preferências.

  32. Will the tots cards be rated higher than the toty?
    And will the toty cards drop in price once the tots cards are released?
    What should I do with all my toty cards?

  33. I seen on April 29, 2016 team of the season was released !!!! It is working on Xbox but doesn’t seem like team of the season was released for IOS …… Does anyone know when this is going to happen ?

  34. Hello, Rodrigo. By the way, you have clearly mentioned in your official post that “TOTS will not be released for FIFA 15 New Season”. Here My question is how can you be so assured about this when “EA Andy – Community Manager” is saying that TOTS is not yet planned for NS and till how he has no information on this matter. That means you definitely have the confirmation that TOTS will never come to NS. So, when you have that confirmation, you should also know the reason behind it. My request is kindly let us know the reason. EA can’t take our long term effort and money and can’t say ‘Good Bye’ to us like this. We are eagerly waiting for the reason. Please let us know. Thanks.

    • Hi.
      It was a EA advisor who told us that TOTS would not be released for FIFA 15 NS.
      It seems that he was wrong. WE are terrible sorry about that. Just to be clear: TOTS are now live for FIFA 15 NS.

  35. I heard that EA themselves don’t know if they’ll release TOTS on Fifa new season.. why is it official here? Truth is you guys just want us the build extremely expensive squads so you can drop more bombshells like those 100+ rated football abomination cards and destroy our coins

    • Hi.
      It was a EA advisor who told us that TOTS would not be released for FIFA 15 NS.
      It seems that he was wrong. We are terrible sorry. Just to be clear: TOTS are now live for FIFA 15 NS.

  36. Wow so much for official.. kindly pack your shit. TOTS was released on New Season yesterday and I packed Mahrez, Smalingx2, Payet and some others..your ‘official’ post probably sent many new season players into the trap of building extremely expensive squads since there is nothing more to look forward to…I also bought 2 TOTS piques from last season 🙁 …you owe me 10mil fifa new season coins

    • Thank you.
      It was a EA advisor who told us that TOTS would not be released for FIFA 15 NS.
      It seems that he was wrong. We are terrible sorry. Just to be clear: TOTS are now live for FIFA 15 NS.

  37. When will the LIGA BBVA be released in TOTS? And do you know if there will be a similar tournament for the LIGA BBVA as there was with the BPL where you can win a TOTS card from playing the tournament.

  38. Will FIFA 16 (mobile) and new season be updated again for the new football season? Or will we see FIFA 17 on play/app store??

  39. Rodrigo hello , I see players getting more expensive , increasingly, what to do? They will be cheaper ? in the next period ? and I see that there are hardly any players on the market? it’s fifa 16 . thank you for everything.


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