All the FIFA 16 Celebrations for Playstation

All the FIFA 16 Celebrations for Playstation


Check the complete list of FIFA 16 Celebrations for Playstation.


FIFA 16 Celebrations for Playstation

Click in Running Moves or Finishing Moves to check all the FIFA 15 Celebrations for Playstation.

Running Moves
Finishing Moves


One Arm RaisedHold O
Thumb SuckHold ■
Ear TwistHold ▲
Finger PointsTap O then hold O
Arms OutTap ■ then hold ■
Wrist FlickTap ▲ then hold ▲
AeroplanePress down RS
Point to the SkyHold RS up
Shhh!Hold RS right
TelephoneHold RS down
Can you hear me?Hold RS left
Hands outFlick RS right then hold RS left
Come on!Flick RS left then hold RS right
Blow KissesFlick RS down then hold RS up
Double Arm SwingFlick RS up then hold RS down
Flying BirdFlick RS right then hold RS right
Hand on HeadFlick RS left then hold RS left
Heart SymbolFlick RS down then hold RS down
Arms Pointing UpFlick RS up then hold RS up
WindmillSpin RS clockwise

Complete FIFA 16 Controls for Playstation


Point to the SkyHold L1, press O
Show RespectHold L1, double tap O
Standing ArcherHold L1, hold RS right
Punch and DodgeHold L1, hold RS left
Chest SlideHold L1, flick RS down then up
Signature Finishing MovePress X
Backflip/Arms to CrowsHold L1, flick RS up twice
Double Backflip and RollHold L1, spin RS counter-clockwise
ViolinistHold L2, press ■
Spanish ArcherHold L2, press ▲
Hands on EarsHold L2, double tap ■
Knee Slide Arms OutHold L2, hold RS up
I can’t hear youHold L2, hold RS right
Side SlideHold L2, hold RS down
Brick FallHold L2, hold RS left
Knee SlideHold L2, flick RS up then down
Who am I?Hold L2, flick RS right then left
Front Flip/Torero (depending on agility)Hold L2, flick RS up twice
Knee Slide to SitHold L2, flick RS down twice
Flip/Cartwheel (depending on agility)Hold L2, spin RS counter-clockwise
Why Always Me?Hold R1, double tap ▲
Kiss the PitchHold R2, double tap O
The SaluteHold R1, press ▲
PeacockHold R1, double tap O
Old ManHold L2, press R3
Stand TallHold R1, RS hold left
Right Here Right NowHold L1, press O
Kiss the WhistHold L2, double tap O
Hand BiteHold L2, flick RS down up
Belly FlopHold L1, press ■
Riding the WaveHold L1, press ▲
The BusinessHold L1, flick RS down twice
Hand Spring / Roll & PunchHold L1, spin RS counter-clockwise
Twist Flip / Cartwheel RollHold L2, spin RS clockwise
If I catch youHold R2, press R3
Spanish DanceHold L2, flick RS up twice
Point UpHold L1, flick RS left then right
Stomach SlideHold L2, double tap ▲
Chest ThumpHold R2, flick RS down twice
Glamour SlideHold R1, Flick RS left twice
KOHold L1, double tap ■
Bailando RobotHold L1, flick RS up down



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