FIFA 17 will not feature the Brazilian clubs full Licensed

FIFA 17 will not feature the Brazilian clubs full Licensed as Announced


Another year of FIFA and another year without the Brazilian clubs. In early September, Electronic Arts announced they would be included full licensed in FIFA 17. This week, they turned back and informed that FIFA 17 will not feature the Brazilian clubs full licensed as announced.


FIFA 17 will not feature the Brazilian clubs full Licensed as Announced


What a coincidence! Just after the best sales week of FIFA franchise history, EA announced that FIFA 17 will not feature the Brazilian clubs full licensed as announced on the first day of September. Here is the new statement:

Brazilian clubs will launch with generic player names, and will not be included in FUT. We’ll update all FIFA 17 fans about player names when and if information becomes available.


Did you miss this announcement? Of course you missed. They haven’t tweeted or shared on their Facebook page. They published a small note in a old article that you can find here and that’s it. It’s done. Typically from Electronic Arts. This is more serious than it looks because they are selling a product that doesn’t match with the features officially announced.

Let’s remember the first announcement about the Brazilian clubs in FIFA 17:


Electronic Arts announced today that 23 Brazilian teams will feature in EA SPORTS FIFA 17. The teams, all with official names and authentic crests include:

Ponte Preta
Santa Cruz
São Paulo
Vasco da Gama

The 18 teams from Brazil’s first division are playable in Career Mode in FIFA 17.

“Some of the most exciting football is played in Brazil, in front of some of the most passionate fans, so we made a commitment to continue to bring that experience to life for the fans of EA SPORTS FIFA,” said Jonathan Harris, Publishing Business Manager for EA Brazil. “This is the largest number of Brazilian teams in FIFA since the launch of the latest generation of consoles and we’re very excited to have some of them return to Career Mode.”

All 18 first division Brazilian teams will be listed in their respective league in the FIFA 17 menu, and the five second division teams will be found in the Rest of World Menu. Stay tuned for more news about Brazilian clubs, leagues, and players if and when information becomes available.


7 thoughts on “FIFA 17 will not feature the Brazilian clubs full Licensed”

  1. To be fair, they said: “The teams, all with official names and authentic crests include” teams names and crests are all alright. This statement does not specifies that players would also have their names and likenesses fully licensed. I get what you meant and fully agree to it, but they will probably get away with it, since technically they haven’t done anything wrong

  2. Hydalker Amaral

    It’s not really EA’s fault, even though they do this stuff a lot. It’s really the football players playing in Brazil. In Brazil there is no Fifapro like in Europe that handles players image rights. In Brazil every player owns their image rights individually. So EA has to either negotiate with every single player from each team or get permission from the players to have their teams pay them from the teams EA payment. It’s a long ending process. EA should just bag the Brazilian league for awhile or until they get an organization to handle players image rights in Brazil. PES got the license from CBF, which is the Confederation of Brazilian Football forvthe league license and some players agreed to have their image rights paid for by their teams. Their are over 300+ players in Brazil that have sued and have a lawsuit in process against EA Sports from past fifa games.
    I’m Brazilian/American and would love to play with my favorite club Atletico Mineiro in fifa, but until they settle this we will have to wait. Maybe by November they will get things straightened out and an update will be made with all or some of the Brazilian league players. But don’t count on it. EA does a lot of shady things, all these companies do, but this problem with the brazilian players is not really their fault.

  3. Gabriel Pires

    This really sucks! And the fact that we can’t even change the players names in the game is even worse!

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