Daniele Paolucci dominates Season 2 European Regional Final

The first Qualified to the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Final


The last Season 2 Regional Final on the Road to London took place in Madrid on Saturday May 6th, with 32 competitors battling it out with the hopes of taking home the bragging rights and a $30,000 USD check. The Italian Daniele ‘PRINSIPE’ Paolucci managed to leave all of them behind by not losing a single match and only drawing two encounters.

Although the field of players was packed with big names, Paolucci’s indomitable will put him a notch above many of the more experienced gamers. In the final, he beat Spencer ‘UNILAD GORILLA’ Ealing from England with an aggregate score of 6-4. The Englishman managed, in contrast to the European Regional Final in Season 1, to live up to the high expectations this time. Nevertheless, Ealing could not prevent Paolucci from walking away with the European Regional Final title. ‘PRINSIPE’ demonstrated in the final why he is one of the players to watch out for ahead of the FIWC Grand Final in London come August


Last Chance Season 3

2014 FIWC Champion August ‘PSG AGGE’ Rosenmeier on the contrary, was not able to improve the impression he made in the Season 1 European Regional Final in Paris. As the Paris SaintGermain signing did not qualify for the knockout stage in the French capital back in February, many expected him to prove all critics wrong. Although he did not lose a match in the group stage this time, he fell short as he could not win any of the three games either. The Season 3 FIWC Regional Finals will be the Dane’s and the other participants’ last chance to qualify for the Grand Final.

Apart from veterans, such as Ealing and last year’s FIWC runner-up Sean ‘DRAGON’ Allen, who barely missed the qualification for Berlin, some up and coming rookies proved their status as prospective world champions. Above all Rosenmeier’s younger team mate Lucas ‘PSG DAXE’ Cuillerier and Tim ‘THESTRXNGER’ Katnawatos, who punched their ticket for the German capital. In total, eight names were added to the FUT Championship roster to be held in the Adidas Base Berlin on May 19th and 20th, where the top eight players ultimately qualify for the FIWC Grand Final in London.


Road to London Season 2 Regional Finals

Madrid Participants (qualified players for Ultimate Team Championship in bold):
Luca ‘LUCA’ Saudelli – Belgium
August ‘PSG AGGE’ Rosenmeier – Denmark
Marcus ‘MARCUZO’ Jørgensen – Denmark
Spencer ‘UNILAD GORILLA’ Ealing – England
Sean ‘Dragon’ Allen – England
Steven ‘FUTWIZ PRICEY’ Price – England
Ty ‘TY’ Walton – England
Harry ‘HASHTAG HARRY’ Hesketh – England
Akima ‘EPSILON FULLY’ Byron – England
Kyran ‘KYEB RYANT’ Bryant – England
Lucas ‘PSG DAXE’ Cuillerier – France
Johann ‘MANIIKA’ Simon – France

Nathan ‘HEROZIA’ Gil – France
Yannik ‘GOTZERY’ de Groot – Germany
Tim ‘S04 TIM LATKA’ Schwartmann – Germany
Erhan ‘DRERHANO’ Kayman – Germany
Hakan ‘CURLY’ Aslan – Germany
Florian ‘CODY’ Müller – Germany
Ohmed ‘OHMEDOHMEDIAN’ Sultani – Germany
Michael ‘MEGABIT’ Bittner – Germany
Tim ‘THESTRXNGER’ Katnawatos – Germany
Niklas ‘NRASECK’ Raseck – Germany
Daniele ‘PRINSIPE Paolucci – Italy

Bas ‘BASTAFA’ Quist – Netherlands
Bob ‘KINGEP’ van Uden – Netherlands
Bryan ‘BRYANHESSING’ Hessing – Netherlands
Levy ‘STERRENSTATUSS’ Frederique – Netherlands
Tony ‘TONYKOKNL’ Kok – Netherlands
Dani ‘AFC AJAX DANI’ Hagebeuk – Netherlands
Quinten ‘FEYENOORD QUINTENX’ van der Most – Netherlands
Andrei ‘TIMON1777’ Gurev – Russia
Ivan ‘HASHTAG BORAS’ Lapanje – Sweden

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