FIFA 18 Calendar Dates – When Everything Will Happen ?

FIFA 18 Calendar Dates - When Everything Will Happen ?


In the previous four years, we published a FIFA calendar that were quite popular due to the extremely high rate success. Today we are publishing a FIFA 18 calendar with all the important dates of this game.

More than 95% of the FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 calendar dates were right, so you can be sure that the most accurate dates are in this FIFA 18 Calendar.


FIFA 18 Calendar Dates

FIFA 18 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

10th, Thursday
Beta Launch (XBox One and PS4)

FIFA 18 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

12th, Tuesday
Demo Launch (PC, XBox One and PS4)

15th, Friday
FUT 17 Web App Goes Offline

20th, Wednesday
First TOTW Release
A new TOTW will be released every Wednesday at 6pm 🇬🇧

20, Wednesday
Daily Gifts

20, Wednesday
FUT 18 Web App Release
Not available for new FUT players

21st, Thursday
Early Access to EA Access Subscribers
Only 10 hours of playtime

21st, Thursday
Early Access to Origin Access Subscribers
Only 10 hours of playtime

21st, Thursday
Squad Battles Release

21st, Thursday
EA Sports FIFA companion app Release for FUT 18

26th, Tuesday
Icon and Ronaldo Editions early access

29th, Friday
Official North America FIFA 18 Release (all platforms)

29th, Friday
Official Latin America FIFA 18 Release (all platforms)

29th, Friday
Official Australian FIFA 18 Release (all platforms)

29th, Friday
Official European FIFA 18 Release (all platforms)

29th, Friday
Official Japanese FIFA 18 Release (all platforms)

29th, Friday
Official UK FIFA 18 Release (all platforms)

29th, Friday
Ones to Watch – Summer Edition

29th, Friday
Weekly Objectives Release

FIFA 18 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

3rd, Tuesday
First Game Update

6th, Friday
Last day to use Companion App for FIFA 17

06th, Friday
Weekend League First Round

9th, Monday
Web and Companion Transfer Market Early Access End

20th, Friday
Halloween Event
Available until November 1, Wednesday

FIFA 18 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

10th, Friday
Path to Glory

24th, Friday
Black Friday

27th, Monday
Cyber Monday

FIFA 18 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

8th, Friday
Social Giveaway ’18 Days of FIFA’
Available until December 25th

8th, Friday
European Team of the Group Stage

15th, Friday
FUTmas Event
Available until January 2, Monday

31th, Sunday
Last day to transfer FIFA Points from FUT 17 to FUT 18

FIFA 18 Release Date

8th, Monday
TOTY Nominees Announcement

10nd, Wednesday
First Winter Transfers Updates

12th, Thursday
TOTY Votes

15th, Monday
TOTY Forwards Release
Available in packs for 24 hours

16th, Tuesday
TOTY Midfielders Release
Available in packs for 24 hours

17th, Wednesday
TOTY Goalkeeper and Defender Release
Available in packs for 48 hours

19th, Friday
Full TOTY Release
Available in packs for 72 hours

26th, Friday
FUT Cups (Winter)
Available until January 28, Sunday

FIFA 18 Calendar - When Everything Will Happen ?

2nd, Friday
Ones to Watch – Winter Edition
Available until February 9

16th, Friday
Lunar New Year Event

23rd, Friday
Ratings Refresh Release – Premier League

25th, Sunday
Ratings Refresh Release – Serie A

27th, Tuesday
Ratings Refresh Release – Ligue 1

FIFA 18 Release Date

01st, Thursday
Ratings Refresh Release – Bi«undesliga

03rd, Saturday
Ratings Refresh Release – LaLiga

05th, Monday
Ratings Refresh Release – ROTW

9th, Friday
Path to Glory – Second Edition

16th, Friday
FUT Birthday Event
Available until March 25, Sunday

16th, Friday
St Patricks Event
Available until March 23, Friday

FIFA 18 Release Date

04th, Wednesday
Swap Deals
Available until April 27, Friday

19th, Thursday
FUT Cups (Spring)
Available until April 21, Saturday

27th, Friday
First Team of the Season Release
During 5 weeks, every Friday a new TOTS will be released

FIFA 18 Release Date

29th, Tuesday
World Cup mode

FIFA 18 Release Date

13th, Wednesday
Festival of FUTBall Event

FIFA 18 Release Date

2nd, Monday
First Summer Transfers Updates

9th, Thursday
FEWC Final
Available until August 11, Saturday

20th, Friday
Available until August 24, Friday

27th, Friday
MLS All Stars Players Release


If you see anything wrong in this FIFA 18 Calendar, please inform us in the comments.


98 thoughts on “FIFA 18 Calendar Dates – When Everything Will Happen ?”

  1. So EA/Origin Acces is 1 week before release for 10 hours and the icon/ronaldo edition is 3 days before release and for actual 72 hours? Sorry… its still unclear for me as this is the first time they give early acces away outside of the EA/Origin Acces as far as i know.

        1. Rodrigo Lopes

          Sorry but we think EA haven’t confirmed the demo release date. The rumour started in the XBox store it appears that the demo will be released on September 15. However, that’s not enough to call it ‘official source’.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      It’s not confirmed. The World XI will be announced in October but we still don’t know if EA will release the TOTY so soon or not.

  2. Can I buy Fifa points on web app before release? Or do I buy Fifa points on Fifa 17 and it will transfer on the web app before release?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      No. You can only transfer FIFA Points from FUT 17 to FUT 18 when you buy the game or during the early access from the EA Access

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      No, EA didn’t offer FIFA Points, except during the ‘Game Changers’ event.
      You can buy FIFA Points during the early access of EA Access but not during the early access of the Web/Companion app

      1. 1. Why does EA not let us use the transfer market when we only use the web app?
        2. Why did I not get my daily gift?

        1. Rodrigo Lopes

          They are restricting the access to the transfer market to ensure that the server works well
          Open you WEb App every day and you will get it.

  3. the 9th of october the web and companion market end for everyone? so the only way of purchasing is the in game market?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      No. The early access to the apps end. Not the access. In other words, after October 9, the apps will be only available for who bought the game.

  4. “9th, Monday
    Web and Companion Transfer Market Early Access End”

    Does this mean that if you don’t have the game the web app and companion app are shut off for you?

  5. Hi there, who do you think will get movember cards this year?
    Some beardy players got theirs but some didnt , turan / giroud ect.
    You think some of last years fifa will get it again or others this time?

    And what about SCREAMS how are they picked, i always wondered…

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      I believe that this year Movember may not happen. There is no Movember card on the FIFA 18 database.
      Scream Players are chosen according to their stats. Usually, the strongest and tallest players are picked.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      Good question. Last year it was on the last week of each month but in FIFA 18 we still don’t know.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      You mean Team of the Year. It is released when World 11 comes out, which is usually in January. However, this year, the World 11 will be announced on October 23. We still don’t know how EA will deal with that but it is unlikely that they release the TOTY this month.

  6. What do you think? Should I keep my high value players (over 1 million) and sell them on thurday or should I sell them because of the hype for the TOTY? I have a 3 million team and dont know what to do.

  7. HEy Rodrigo, can you please tell me if there will be some new SBC’s for Fifa 18 for PS3?Since the Bedinning there are no new SBC’s until today … Thnx for an answer

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      Sorry. We knew about that since a few weeks ago, when the cards database was public but we forgot to remove it.

  8. 1. Is black Friday confirmed by EA?
    2. Should I sell my players a few days before, and buy them back until like after cyber monday to make money?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      1. Yes. Cyber Monday too.
      2. You can do it but it’s not 100% guaranteed that you will recover your investment.

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      ✅ A new Promo Pack or Lightning Round every hour
      ✅ Flash Squad Building Challenges
      ✅ Progressive Rewards on Weekly Objectives themed and an exclusive kit

  9. Lachlan Zdebski

    march 15th is the last game for UEFA champions league knockout stage games. therefore like last fifa, there will most likely be Team of the knockout stage team and will consist of SBC’s. Just thought i would let you know considering it’s not there. Love the calendar keep up the great work!

  10. can you name some events which we can buy some player (like byuing iridh players before st patricks)

  11. When does The full TOTY come out? This side Means 12th January but how do you fond out That or do you guys just guess? But What date will it come out

  12. Nick Staaandish

    I’m in Australia using AEST and i’m wondering what date toty will be out in FIFA 18 as i’m not sure whether the date (12th Jan for the full team) is the day it comes out in Australia. If it’s not the Australian date can you tell what day it will come out for me please?

  13. Playing dirty is rewarded oh FIFA games. Too much shoving and grabbing. Once a defender grabbed my payer using both hands and just threw him out the way with no consequence. Too many defenders just crashing through the back of my players. This on not good defending – these are fouls. In any real game these would all be called. Also slide tackles from behind – somehow the AI manages to make the slightest contact with the ball before completely taking out my attacker – ridiculous. As long as even the slightest contact with the ball is made by the defender then they are allowed to assault your attacker on the follow-through. What is this, NFL? They need to clean this game up.

    1. Nowadays if youre a real good fifa player, you dont get rewarded anymore, you just need to have these days players like, g, jesus, son, salah or legends. Its absurd and not fun at all.. Everyone is playing like kids, only waiting for someone to run, pass it, and shoot it low in a corner.. Iam so dissapointed in fifa this year. Iam feeling frustrating and alone in every single futgame.. Miss the old days

  14. why did you put European Team of the Knockout Stage on the 18th of March?
    Shouldn’t it be the 18th of April? Because the games are played on the same dates as last year, so it would make sense that the TOTKS also gets released the same date as last year.
    Or am I wrong here?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      You are absolutely right. It was our mistake. We inserted the box in the wrong month. We already fixed it. Thank you!

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