Become a FIFA Hotshot: FIFA 19 Tips and Tricks



With FIFA 19 now available around the world, gamers are starting to get their heads around the latest innovations and updates. With calling FIFA 18 not much more than an updated version of 17, the developers at Electronic Arts (EA) have had to pull some tricks out of the bag to impress punters. Leading this way in the latest release is House Rule. Essentially a free-for-all game during which anything goes, this new addition certainly brings the fun back to FIFA. However, for those that are in it for the competition, the active touch system will be the most important change.

According to EA, the new technology “fundamentally changes the way you receive and strike the ball, providing closer control, improved fluidity, more creativity and increased player personality.” In essence, the upgrade should make FIFA 19 more realistic than ever which, in turn, should increase the difficulty level. If that’s the case, you’ll need to use all your footballing knowledge to get ahead of the curve. With that in mind, we’ve got three FIFA 19 tips you can use to become the proverbial hotshot among your friends.


How to Beat FIFA 19

Look for Bargains
In career mode, budgets matter and there’s no better way to add some firepower to your ranks than by picking up a free agent or two. Indeed, even if your fingers aren’t yet nimble enough to take advantage of active touch, a few solid signings can cancel out any skill disadvantage you might have. Using our guide to the best free agents, we’ve not only run through the stats but given you a few suggestions on who to target. Topping the bill is Mario Balotelli but, if you can’t scoop him up, Munir from Spain and Jonas from Brazil are absolute bargains.

Think Tactically
With FIFA 19 pushing the boundaries of authenticity, those that can think like a professional will always have an edge. The obvious way to improve your tactical understanding of the game is to study the formations used by managerial greats.

Learn How to Defend
According to Ryan ‘Hashtag Ryan’ Pessoa, the biggest problem players have in FIFA is defending. Discussing the issue with in June 2018, the gamer said that even pros struggle with this aspect of the game. A simple tip he offered for those playing FIFA 18 was to hold A.
“When I defend I hold A. Let’s say my opponent’s on the wing and about to come inside, I hold A+LT because it’ll help them shuffle. If they’re good with skills you’re in trouble though. It’s pretty hard to defend this year,” Pessoa said.
Although this trick might not work for you, it’s something to consider as you delve deeper into FIFA 19. Indeed, if you can improve your defensive skills and learn to make the right tactical moves on and off the pitch, there’s every chance you could become the next FIFA superstar.

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