FIFA 21 Referees – Complete List of Real-Life and Fictitious Referees


Real-life referees were introduced in the FIFA franchise six years ago. In FIFA 21 you have a large range of fictitious and real referees, each one with his own characteristics. We have published on this page the complete list of FIFA 21 Referees, their nation, cards and foul strictness.


Complete List of Real-Life FIFA 21 Referees

Here is the list of real-life FIFA 21 referees:


Referee Name
Card Strictness
Foul Strictness
Alan Young France Average Strict
Andre Marriner England Lenient Lenient
Andy Davies England Strict Lenient
Andy Haines Sweden Average Average
Andy Madley England Average Strict
Andy Woolmer Germany Lenient Lenient
Anthony Backhouse Mexico Average Average
Anthony Taylor England Average Lenient
Antony Coggins Bolivia Average Strict
Ben Toner Argentina Lenient Strict
Brett Huxtable United States Strict Strict
Carl Boyeson England Lenient Strict
Charles Breakspear Japan Strict Strict
Chris Kavanagh France Strict Lenient
Chris Sarginson England Average Average
Christopher Pollard Spain Average Average
Craig Hicks England Average Strict
Craig Pawson France Strict Lenient
Darren Bond Scotland Average Average
Darren Drysdale Portugal Average Average
Darren England England Strict Strict
Darren Handley Saudi Arabia Average Average
David Coote England Strict Strict
David Rock Germany Average Average
David Webb France Lenient Lenient
Dean Whitestone Malaysia Lenient Average
Gavin Ward Spain Lenient Average
Geoff Eltringham England Strict Strict
Graham Salisbury Serbia Strict Average
Graham Scott Australia Lenient Average
James Adcock England Average Average
James Linington Belgium Strict Strict
James Oldham England Average Average
Jarred Gillett England Average Average
Jeremy Simpson Switzerland Strict Strict
John Brooks England Lenient Strict
John Busby England Lenient Lenient
Jonathan Moss Korea Republic Average Average
Josh Smith England Average Average
Keith Stroud England Strict Strict
Kevin Friend Poland Lenient Lenient
Kevin Johnson England Average Lenient
Lee Mason China PR Lenient Lenient
Lee Swabey Sweden Average Average
Leigh Doughty Scotland Average Average
Marc Edwards United States Average Average
Martin Atkinson Romania Strict Average
Martin Coy Belgium Lenient Average
Matthew Donohue France Strict Average
Michael Oliver England Average Average
Michael Salisbury Brazil Average Strict
Mike Dean Korea Republic Strict Lenient
Neil Hair Saudi Arabia Strict Strict
Oliver Langford England Average Average
Ollie Yates England Average Average
Paul Tierney England Lenient Strict
Peter Bankes Argentina Strict Strict
Peter Wright Brazil Average Lenient
Rob Lewis Ukraine Lenient Average
Robert Jones Norway Average Strict
Ross Joyce England Strict Average
Sam Allison Korea Republic Average Average
Sam Purkiss Switzerland Average Average
Scott Duncan United States Average Lenient
Scott Oldham China PR Lenient Lenient
Seb Stockbridge Finland Strict Lenient
Simon Hooper England Average Strict
Stephen Martin England Lenient Average
Stuart Attwell Argentina Strict Average
Thomas Bramall Brazil Lenient Average
Tim Robinson Sweden Strict Strict
Tom Nield England Lenient Average
Tony Harrington Austria Strict Strict
Trevor Kettle Ghana Average Lenient
Will Finnie France Average Average


Complete List of Fictitious Referees

Here is the list of fictitious FIFA 21 referees:


Referee Name
Card Strictness
Foul Strictness
Abdulmajeed Al-Reshedi Holland Average Average
Adrian Gløersen Germany Lenient Average
Afonso Masarenhas Holland Lenient Average
Afonso Secretario England Average Strict
Alasdair McMann England Average Average
Albin Kuniak Sweden Average Lenient
Alvaro Aldgate Republic of Ireland Average Average
Álvaro Arias Romera Denmark Average Average
Alvaro Joaquín Florez Denmark Strict Strict
An-Jol Park Austria Lenient Average
Anna Poltavkina England Average Average
Ansgar von Hauenstein Norway Average Strict
Arcibaldo Pombal Germany Average Lenient
Aske Hemmingsen Portugal Average Average
Aurelio Oriol Gaspar England Lenient Strict
Austen Bayliffe England Average Average
Azlan Hamberi England Lenient Lenient
Baptiste Alacoque Spain Average Average
Benoît Taillade Portugal Strict Average
Bethany Callanish Australia Lenient Average
Buk-Chol Choi Portugal Average Average
Celina Heiselmann England Average Average
Conor O’Connelly Chile Average Lenient
Daisuke Matsuyo Spain Average Strict
Daniel Soengas Bello England Average Strict
Dario Nuessli Poland Lenient Lenient
Dawud Al-Habash Spain Average Average
Dietmar Schönlebe England Strict Average
Dong-Kyoo Choi France Lenient Strict
Dragoș Tismăneanu South Africa Average Average
Elanne Fung Turkey Average Average
Elias Monteiro Flavio China PR Lenient Lenient
Enis Balbay Norway Average Average
Esben Schjønberg Scotland Lenient Strict
Eufemio Lafranchi Italy Average Lenient
Fabrice Madoulet Poland Strict Strict
Fedder Gotthard England Average Average
Federico Ramos Navarro England Average Strict
Feridun Doğançay Austria Average Strict
Filippo Giacoletti Holland Strict Average
Flemming Fredskild Holland Lenient Average
Francisco Caldejos England Average Strict
Françoise Berringuet Sweden Average Average
Fuad Al-Rishani France Average Lenient
Gabriel Santiseban France Average Average
Gang-sheng Bai Australia Lenient Average
Gavin Monksfield Republic of Ireland Average Average
Gianluca Del Tarano Republic of Ireland Average Average
Gijsbert Declerck England Strict Average
Gökberk Topaloğlu China PR Average Average
Graham Boverick England Lenient Strict
Grant Lindum Singapore Strict Average
Guilherme Santoso Austria Average Average
Gustavo Apollonio Japan Lenient Strict
Gwidon Pietrzykowski England Lenient Average
Hadrien Dumortier Korea Republic Average Average
Hai-wang Sui Australia Average Lenient
Hans de Noteboom England Average Average
Harald Fimmler Germany Average Lenient
Haruto Shimaguchi England Average Average
Heimo Wasserschneider Saudi Arabia Average Average
Henry McDillon Portugal Average Strict
Heribert Allmaier England Average Strict
Hoo-gwo Xiang Poland Average Average
Hussain Al-Shamkali Germany Average Average
Hyun-Soon Han Hong Kong Average Average
Iacob Săulescu France Average Strict
Ian Lowcroft England Lenient Average
Ignacio Muñiz Villate Turkey Strict Strict
Ingrún Svansdóttir England Average Strict
Ingvar Tollefsen France Average Average
Innes McKellar England Average Average
Ireneusz Iglikowski England Average Strict
Iwona Małdowicz England Average Average
Jannik Zöckler England Average Average
Jascha Zurheide Belgium Lenient Average
Jasper de Waart Australia Average Average
Jean Rabault Poland Lenient Average
Jean-Daniel Lacagne England Average Strict
Jefferson Robertford England Average Lenient
Jerónimo Santarelli England Strict Average
Jett Colling Spain Average Average
Jochem Van Vosselen Mexico Average Strict
Joel Highett England Lenient Average
Joep Druppers Brazil Strict Average
José del Mirrón Serbia Average Average
Josh Brithwell Sweden Strict Lenient
Kasper Krosby United States Average Strict
Kenji Sunadori Republic of Ireland Average Average
Klemens Pilegaard England Average Lenient
Kristoffer Frohlander Romania Average Average
Lamon Darawan Greece Lenient Average
Lasse Lagerroth England Average Average
Laurent Glaisyer Denmark Average Average
Laurits Tyllesen Iceland Average Average
Leonardo San Milano Spain Strict Average
Leonidas Lambrakis England Average Average
Loïc Dacquigny England Average Strict
Ludger Falck Poland Strict Average
Ludvig Walfridsson England Average Lenient
Lutz Gersthofer Mexico Lenient Average
Luuk Hoebacke Saudi Arabia Average Lenient
Mălin Butacu Romania Average Strict
Manuel Rui Barbosa England Average Average
Márcio Herrera Lomba England Strict Strict
Mariam Peñarrieta England Average Average
Matthew Mzizi Mexico Average Strict
Maximilian Mehlbacher Holland Strict Average
Maximiliano Recobedo Switzerland Average Strict
Mazhar Al-Amur Mexico Lenient Average
Mehmet Yıldıraz England Average Average
Miloje Tomčić Russia Average Average
Moray Baird Germany Average Average
Nazario Dasmarinas Thailand Strict Average
Neea Jokelainen Norway Average Average
Nikodem Dworaczyk Romania Average Average
Njål Flaten Belgium Average Strict
Oliver Benito Ledesma England Average Strict
Özgür Öztürkmek Belgium Strict Average
Pat Framlow Switzerland Average Average
Paweł Grygorski Turkey Strict Average
Pedro Orteguilla Germany Strict Average
Philippe Daboussier Turkey Strict Average
Pim Ploegmakers Korea Republic Average Strict
Pim van Tilburgh France Lenient Average
Pontus Ortendhal England Lenient Average
Radovan Palenković Italy Average Average
Rafael Ruibal Losada Argentina Lenient Average
Rainier Vannier Germany Average Lenient
Ramón Alcanto England Strict Lenient
Regis Graver Poland Average Strict
Roald Wikborg England Average Lenient
Robin Cainsdorf Denmark Average Average
Rodolfo Costinha Japan Strict Average
Ruaridh Monroe England Average Average
Scott McBeanie Germany Average Average
Sébastien Mittré Denmark Lenient Lenient
Sergey Piputkin Denmark Average Average
Serwa Attram Japan Average Average
Sheamus McArthur England Strict Average
Siem Decauwer Russia Lenient Average
Stefan Häsenecker England Lenient Average
Steffen Schwurbel England Strict Average
Sung-Kwan Cho Korea Republic Average Average
Sven Solomonsson England Strict Average
Thorvald Oedegaard Scotland Average Strict
Timothée Gueguen England Average Average
Torjus Løken Scotland Lenient Average
Valente Larrazábal England Strict Average
Viggo Toksvig Norway Strict Lenient
Vincent Lentvogt Germany Average Average
Vyacheslav Bondartchuk Italy Average Average
Wesley Vangorten England Average Lenient
Wilson Guiremes Sans Turkey Average Strict
Wilson Mountland Zimbabwe Lenient Average
Xavier Aguilar Ramírez Norway Average Lenient
Yasuto Arakida England Average Average
Yoon-Fang Lee England Lenient Lenient
Yusri Kao #REF! Average Average
Zachariasz Krzywicki Spain Average Average
Zamfir Izbașa Italy Average Average
Zhi-xiang Qun Australia Average Strict

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