FIFA 21 Trainer

FIFA 21 Trainer helps you to improve your gameplay and skills while playing the game, showing what you are doing right and wrong.


FIFA 21 Trainer

FIFA Trainer is an in-game feature in FIFA 21 which helps you improve your gameplay and skills while playing the game. FIFA Trainer co-op feature which is monitoring your gameplay and gives you some playing hints and tips depending on your situation.

This feature in FIFA 21 will helps you to make the best possible decisions by choosing the right moves when you are attacking or defending. No matter how good you’re at FIFA, playing FIFA 21 with this feature on will improve your gameplay and will remind you of the choices you have when playing the game.

You can turn on/off the FIFA Trainer feature from the pause menu. It’s available on Trainer tab on in pause screen. To turn it on, go to STATUS option and choose SHOW. To turn it off, change the option to hide.

FIFA 21 Trainer

Settings and Options

FIFA 21 Trainer is available in three display modes:

Movement – Which shows only movements
Movement & Mechanics- Which shows movements and mechanics for your moves, dribbling, passing, shots and etc.
Movement & Buttons – Which shows movements and buttons for taking action.

The Movement & Mechanics option will allow you to choose the mechanics options including Pass Receiver Indicator, Shot Elevation and Timed Finishing Bar Indicator. Refer to the Options table below for more details.

Lets take a look to the settings and options of the FIFA 21 Trainer.

Show / Hide
Turn on/off the Trainer during the gameplay


Movement | Shows only movement

Movement & Mechanics | Shows movement and mechanics. You can customise it for the below options
• Pass Receiver Indicator (On/Off) – Shows/hides which player is selected as the pass receiver for Ground Passes and Through Passes.
• Show Elevation (On/Off) – Shows/hides shot elevation when taking a shot.
• Time Finishing Bar Indicator (On/Off) – Shows/hides The Timed Finishing Bar Indicator when attempting a strike by double-tapping the “Shoot” button.

Movement & Buttons | Shows movement and buttons. You can customise it for the below options
• Mode (Manual/Auto) – Choose whether you want the button hints to change automatically, or if you prefer to manually cycle through the different Trainer levels using the selected controller during gameplay.
• Level (1/2/3/4/5/6) – The different levels of Trainer from basic to advanced – where 1 is very basic and 6 is advance. The Trainer will lock to the selected level when the Mode option is set Manual.

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