FIFA 22 Pro Clubs New Features



FIFA 22 Pro Clubs makes it easier to connect and play with your friends. It features a refreshing Virtual Pro progression and provides new team customization options.


FIFA 22 Pro Clubs New Features

The new features of FIFA 22 Pro Clubs can be grouped into three groups: Drop-Ins with Friends, Player Growth and Team Customization.


Drop-Ins with Friends

Every Pro Clubs player knows it’s not always an easy task to gather 10 teammates in a lobby at the same time, all of the time. With this in mind, the new Drop-In experience allows you to squad up with up to 4 friends, or recent teammates, prior to searching for a Drop-In match. With this change, there is now a way to earn XP for your Pro, while playing with your Club teammates, but without it impacting your Club record. You can also play with friends from other Clubs without having to leave your Club.

When playing the new Drop-In, you select your Play Style prior to searching for a match. Your Play Style will determine your preferred position. For example, selecting an ST Play Style will drop you into a match in which you’ll play as an attacker, as either a ST, LW, or RW. You will not be placed into a position that doesn’t suit your role on the pitch.

The lobby host can choose to enable the Fill Teammates option, which will attempt to fill your lobby with other players, allowing you to discover and play with new teammates.

You will also notice a brand new set of kits featured exclusively for Drop Ins. These new kits, along with a refreshed stadium experience and atmosphere will give you a taste of the team customization options to come.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs New Features

Player Growth

In FIFA 22 Pro Clubs, you will be able to play and earn experience (XP) in all matches, except for Practice ones. So whether you’re playing Drop-In, League, Cup, or strictly Friendly matches against rival Clubs, you’ll keep on growing your Virtual Pro to the max level of 25.

Gameplay actions performed during a match and the match rating of your Virtual Pro contribute to the final XP gained for that match. A summary of this information is displayed during the post match flow, including a detailed breakdown of all actions performed and the total XP earned. Players will be able to clearly see what actions grant XP (Passing, Tackles, Saves, etc), how much XP they grant, and how much it contributes overall to their next level.

Alongside the post-match player growth XP analysis, the individual player performance screens have been enhanced. You will now be able to see individual heat maps and a wide selection of stats that are broken down on a per-category basis, including Possession, Shooting, Passing, Defending, Saving, and the overall Summary. Players can use this information to learn and analyze both their team and opposition’s actions during the current match.

As in previous years, as you earn XP and level up your Virtual Pro, you will be rewarded with Skill Points that can be used to customize your pro and Play Style. In FIFA 22, you can further customize your Virtual Pros with Perks and Archetypes.

Perks are a new way to improve your Virtual Pro, allowing you to refine your Play Style further. Every Virtual Pro starts with one Perk Slot unlocked, which can be filled with one of 3 starter Perks. From there, you’ll earn at least one new Perk per level, and you’ll unlock additional Perk Slots at level 9 and level 19. This means that when your Virtual Pro reaches its max level, you’ll be able to choose from up to 26 different Perks to equip in your 3 Perk Slots.


Team Customization

This year, EA have been able to expand Team Customization and give you more choices than before.

In FIFA 22, Club Managers will be able to customize the following:

Kit & Crest
Home Stadium
Club Nickname (Commentary Name)
Stadium Theme (Banners)
Stadium Colour
Seat Colour
Pitch Line Colour
Pitch Wear
Pitch Colour
Pitch Pattern
Net Pattern
Net Shape
Net Meshing
Goal Song
Crowd Chants

EA have added more diversity to the Virtual Pro creator, enabling you to better express yourself by creating either a male or female Virtual Pro. No matter what kind of Virtual Pro you choose to create, the on-pitch action brings all Virtual Pros together, and the cosmetic customization of them has no additional gameplay impact.

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