FIFA 23 Career Mode Features

FIFA 23 Career Mode


The new FIFA 23 Career Mode features give you more freedom on how you approach this game mode, both in terms of gameplay and customization.


FIFA 23 Career Mode Features

Whether you want to focus on playing specific highlights of matches, have more control over your playstyle, or want to dabble in more off-pitch activities, the new FIFA 23 Career Mode features got you covered.


Player Personality

The Player Personality is one of the major features in Player Career this year. It is a fluid system that drives a personal connection to your player and it lets you define your character both on and off the pitch. For example, deciding whether or not you should pass the ball to a teammate or making a shot attempt on your own that contributes towards developing your personality in a certain direction and EA have three different personality types each type of decision contributing to those.

  • Mavericks
    They’re opportunists on the pitch aggressively chasing goals individual glory and they act on intuition and they seek stardom off the pitch as well.
  • Virtuoso
    Virtuosos are skilful and intelligent they use their technique to change matches and act spontaneously both on and off the pitch.
  • Heartbeat
    Heartbeats are as the names implies it the heartbeat of the team they read the game one step ahead of opponents they lead by example of the pitch. It’s not just about what you do on the pitch but about the activities that you engage with off the pitch as well you can visit an injured teammate in the hospital you can buy a sports car lots of activities that you can do that have an impact on your personality as well.

The great thing about this system is that it evolves as you play the game so you may start out as a maverick which in turn will unlock specific attribute boosts that are associated to the maverick play style so for example attributes such as finishing could end up being boosted if you’re really evolved as a maverick well as as a heartbeat you might see other attributes being boosted if you get to a certain personality level so there’s a lot of freedom and it’s a never-evolving system.


Playable Highlights

Playable Highlights feature allows you to only play the highlights of the match the situations which would have an outcome that influences the result directly it’s also very attributes driven depending on the quality of the two teams facing each other so lots of variation in there a very exciting feature that kind of presents itself as a highlight reel.


New Menu & Interface

FIFA 23 Career Mode has a new interface that allows you to get to what you need really fast spend less time navigating and spend more time actually actively thinking about how to best manage this time off the pitch.



Dynamic Moments

When it comes to winning trophies now there are some new cinematic sequences which would focus on the celebration of switching clubs or transferring players in and out of your squad to improve it but at the same time we have focused on other moments of player career as well if a new star signing arrives at your club you might see something happen with said player or if you’re achieving a key moment in your player career mode journey you could also see that highlighted as well so there’s a lot of fist bumping going around a lot of moments where you get to be surrounded by your squad mates.


Transfer Analysis

Transfer Analysis is a new immersive and fun feature in FIFA 23 Career Mode, and it is something that really brings you into that career mode universe that you’re creating for yourself speaking of transfers it’s almost like an art you learn as you go how is this all going to play out in FIFA 23 as we learn along the way signing new players.

The transfer window is one of the most exciting times for us as football fans, so EA are happy to complement that experience in career mode this year they built a new transfer evaluation feature that will give you an analysis of all the transfers that you’re doing so after each transfer you will see this new feature evaluate how well you’ve done as a negotiator or highlight where your new signing could best fit in your squad and would also give you hints as to how you can improve your negotiation moving forward maybe get a better price for your players or maybe even get a better deal for players that you want to sell on further in your career mode play through as a manager and not just our managers getting smarter here can you tell us how the AI is becoming more strategic in-game.

So, the new CPU AI system analyses all of these parameters in a much more intelligent way so what this means is that you will see your opponent make much more informed and better decision depending on the outcome of the different situations that you generate in game if you’re really dominating a match and you score one two goals you may see your opposition make some more offensive-minded substitutions to try to claw back into the game.


Authentic Managers

Authentic Managers feature has been a really long time coming FIFA, finally brings you the ability to step in the shoes of some of the world’s most famous managers you can actually pick from the authentic likeness of any authentic manager that EA have in the game and you can put them at their helm of their current club take them on to a different club.

If that’s a scenario, that you want to play out or even put them at the helm of a club that you create and manage on your own as well, so you can choose your manager you can customise their appearance you can lead your club to glory in the shoes of some of the world’s most known managers in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

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