What FIFA 23 Needs to Improve On: A Look at What Fans Want to See


Every time a new FIFA game is released, there is an abundance of new players trying to figure out how to get better at the popular Ultimate Team game.

This task is made more difficult each year as developers EA Sports constantly make new changes and features to make each FIFA game better than the last.

With a new team bonding system and a new positional change system, players should consider a few tips to ensure they get the most out of Ultimate Team in FIFA 23. But before that how to bet on FIFA today?


Five tips how to improve gameplay in FIFA 23

There are obviously many tips and tricks out there, but here are five that Goal has selected to help you at the start of your adventure and throughout the game. What makes these tips and tricks so good is the fact that they incorporate the Ultimate Team player rankings, which is crucial to the game mode.

  1. Understanding and following the META
  2. In every FIFA game, there is always a META. For those who don’t know what it is, the META refers to the strongest strategies of the moment. A simple example is to make sure you have fast central defenders. As FIFA 23 updates, the META may change, so make sure you understand what the current META is and make sure you build your team around it.

  3. Play Divisions Rivals and Squad Battles a lot
    Divisions Rivals and Squad Battles are two great game modes in Ultimate Team. Rivals are played online against other players, while Squad Battles are an offline game mode. The reason you should play these two modes often is because they offer rewards each week. These rewards can include packs and coins, and the rewards increase based on your performance and ranking. With these rewards, you can easily build a great team quickly.

  5. Build a cheap and powerful team right away
    When you start a new FIFA game, you need to make sure that you have a team that holds up as soon as possible. This team doesn’t need to be filled with players with cheat cards, it just needs to have players who have META stats. At the start of FIFA 23, you should be able to put together an overpowered starting team for around 30-50,000 coins. Don’t save your coins in the beginning, make sure you have a good starting team and then you can start saving for higher ranked and special players.

  7. Complete the team building challenges
    Team building challenges are an easy way to unlock special packs, coins or player cards. You’ll need to complete unique requirements for each SBC (DCE in French) depending on the reward, but they’re definitely worth completing throughout the game as it’s an easy way to get rid of your club’s cannon fodder and earn coins or packs to upgrade your team. Good SBCs to complete early on are “Medium Icon Reinforcement” and “Dynamic Duo”.

  9. Try trading Silver Cards
    Silver card trading is buying silver cards cheaply and reselling them for a profit. It’s a more time-consuming method of generating coins, but if you do it right, you can build up a huge investment and have a team that rivals the best. For this to work, you need to look for rare Silver cards in the major leagues: Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga.

You need to find the average coin price for these players (you can check it on the transfer market) and then look to snatch these cards below that price in order to resell them at a profit. As mentioned, this takes a bit of time and effort, but if you want to play FIFA 23 for the whole year, you will be in a great position after a few months



Women’s soccer is not played in FIFA 23: What Fans Want to See

One of the reasons why players are not ready to play with women’s teams is the lack of implementation in the existing game modes. In Ultimate Team or Career mode, it is sometimes difficult to find women’s teams. In FIFA 22, EA has integrated women into the Pro Clubs mode. Here, men and women simply play together and against each other.

Even though this implementation is far from reality, female soccer players are not that absurd in FUT. EA has a duty to provide reasonable content for women’s teams. A simple club license probably won’t make the hearts of hardcore FIFA veterans flutter. It remains to be seen what waves women’s soccer will make in FIFA 23.


Develop your FIFA skills with betting strategy

FIFA is the most popular sports simulator. The game respects the terms of use of the names of soccer leagues, international tournaments, as well as the names of the players playing for these clubs.

FIFA has exclusive licensing rights, attracting a large number of soccer fans to its ranks. Betting on cyber soccer has become a part of betting.

Choosing Rich Palms Casino for cyber soccer betting, you should understand that in real soccer everything depends on the players on the field, and in cyber soccer the skill of the gamer is key.

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