EA Sports FIFA 23 Release Date

EA Sports FIFA 23

As you probably know, every year we are the first website in the world to predict correctly the FIFA release dates. We are doing it since FIFA 13 and this year it won’t be an exception. We are now secure about when it will be happening and want to share it with you. Find out on this page the most likely FIFA 23 release date.


FIFA 23 Release Date

FIFA 23 will be the last ever FIFA football simulator development by Electronic Arts. The game is expected to be released on September 30, 2022 (Friday). We estimated the FIFA 23 released date based on many factors, like release dates of previous years, stockholders meetings, interviews, and, most important, internal leaks.

The community is very excited to know the new game, mostly because it will be the first FIFA title in which cross-play will be enabled. It will be possible to play against a friend who doesn’t have the same console as you do. This is an important feature for next-gen consoles but you can also expect versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A legacy edition for Nintendo Switch is also on EA’s plans. FIFA 23 will also be played on the Stadia service from Google, a subscription-based cloud gaming platform with streaming video games up to 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second, as well as on PC Origin and Steam, as long as your machine meets the minimum specifications.

The EA Sports FIFA 23 release date on all these platforms should be the same. Just like it happened in the last years, it will be a worldwide release. In other words, the FIFA 23 release date will be the same for the UK, the rest of Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, or any other country.

FUT Web App for FIFA 23 is expected to be available for returning FUT gamers on September 21, 2021 (Wednesday), and the Companion App one day later, which is more than one week before the official global launch. Gamers will be rewarded with some welcome packs according to their FUT 22 activity.

Another way to start playing FIFA 23 earlier is to subscribe the EA Play service. For some dollars more you will be able to start playing the new FIFA on September 21, 2022.

Last year, due to the covid disease situation, FIFA 22 was released on October 1 and launch sales were up 10% over FIFA 21.

Keep in mind that all dates indicated in this article are merely indicative. Currently, there is not any official confirmation of when it will be possible to play FIFA 23. However, since the estimated dates of the past years were all correct, the odds of the estimated dates for FIFA 23 being right are high.

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  1. Jimi Johansen.

    Nice. I also feel like this game is over. When season 8 begins FIFA Ends. And I always look forward to the new game. I expect a lot from FIFA 23. DUE to the fact that this version is one big disaster, upon disasters. The game play sucks compared to 21. And whats the deal with Shape Shifters Cards. Shape = Position Change= Sergio Ramos & Marcelo, two defenders both suddenly become Strikers?? = Shit. Thats just wrong!!! I dont know why. I dont know why Volland is a CB. Many FIFA22 Player Cards, makes no sense. That Ronaldo however gets a 99 LW card is the only good thing about shape shifters and I dont even use him, but it makes sense. I hope that FIFA23 Has a better Gameplay experience. Better rated cards. Christian Eriksens 82 card is a joke. Please step it up EA. I Rate FIFA22 with 2 stars of 5. Bad gameplay. Weird player cards. Too much pay to play. And the best players are the only one that gets the good rewards. Shame on EA

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