FIFA 23: These Settings you Need to Know to Become a Pro

Choosing the right game settings is essential for success not only for live casino. But which ones do the FIFA eSports players use to achieve the best possible results? FIFA is one of the most popular games regardless of the device you are using. There are several international competitions where you can show your skills or even challenge other players around the world. The fan community is huge so there is always someone to ask on how to improve your play. But with these following settings you will be the one who will be asked for advice.

In a FIFA duel at eye level, every little advantage can make the difference. The choice of the right game settings in particular is often underestimated in this context. Yet even here, decisive percentage points can be tickled out of one’s own performance.

EA Sports has once again added new options in the current version of the soccer simulation, which allow gamers to adapt their settings to their own style. But which of them can really tip the scales and give you more victories?


How to be More Successful?

The importance of choosing the optimal camera angle is already apparent when you start the game for the first time. EA implemented a new view years ago with the “EA SPORTS GameCam”, which is set by default and is regularly used in the trailers. However, the sideways view of the soccer field, which resembles a real TV broadcast, is considered anything but ideal for a FIFA game.


What to have in Mind to Improve your Display?

To get a better view of the field, select the “Broadcast Tele” option, which is proving to be extremely popular at Pro level. Alternatively, you can also opt for the co-op variant. You should also switch from “Standard” to “Individual” under camera settings to be able to adjust the zoom (0) as well as the height (20) yourself. Now you’ll have a visual advantage over the competition, which will help you when switching sides, for example.


Our List for yoyr Next Match

FIFA 23: The settings of the pros
In addition to the camera settings, you also have to pay attention to the details in the controller settings. The “competition master change” should be switched on at all times, since it is always activated in online competitions like FUT Champions anyway. This way, you won’t think you have a false sense of security when it comes to automatic free kicks, for example. Also, the completion timing tab should be set to “on”, as mastering this feature can elevate you to a higher level.

Furthermore, you should take advantage of the FIFA trainer’s visual aids. Even professional players can display the arrows of the Creative Runs (L1/LB + right stick) for better orientation, in order to better coordinate the runs of their offensive forces into the interfaces of the opponent’s defensive line. In addition, EA has added for FIFA 23 that you can have a small offside flag displayed above the players when they are in the forbidden zone.

Probably the most important setting in FIFA 23 concerns the player changes with the right analog stick. Another option has been added this year, which is set by default in most games. The option “Adaptive” lets you switch to players further away when you press the button for a longer time. However, this often causes problems in the form of lags in-game. Therefore, you should always opt for the classic option for now.

So go ahead and try for your next game. You will see how much you can improve.

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