What Are FIFA Coins and Where Can I Buy Them?

Learn what FIFA coins are and what they can be used for as well as how to get FIFA coins by earning them in-game or by purchasing them.

FIFA or FIFA Football is a collection of football/soccer video games developed by Electronic Arts with the first game being released back in 1993. Since then a new game has been released under the EA Sports label annually and FIFA has become the most popular sports video game franchise of all time. In FIFA players can build their own team and choose the stadium where they play or even customize their own. For example, Liverpool fans may opt to play at Anfield Stadiumin Merseyside, England. This realism is one of many things that has helped to make the FIFA video games so popular.

The FIFA Ultimate Team mode or FUT uses FIFA coins as an in-game currency. These coins can be used to buy card packs and/or players for your team, to trade FUT items on the Transfer Market and to enter some game modes such as FUT Draft as well as upgrade players. Putting together the best team in FIFA requires purchasing the best players who don’t come cheap.

You will need plenty of these virtual coins if you intend to put together a winning group of players which means a lot of players will be looking for cheap fut 22 coins to build a team that performs well.

How To Get FIFA Coins

There are 2 different virtual currencies used in the FIFA video games, FIFA points and FIFA coins. FIFA points can only be purchased for real money while FIFA coins must be earned by playing the game. So how does a player get FIFA coins? The following are some of the ways you can get your hands on FIFA coins.

  • Play Matches: Players receive FIFA coins for every match they play. Obviously, the more matches you play the more coins you will amass, and over time this can really add up.
  • Sell Players and Items on the Transfer Market: This is one of the easiest ways to get FIFA coins. Sell players and items you aren’t using on the Transfer Market to pick up additional coins.
  • Squad Building Challenges: Squad Building Challenges or SBCs are when you are asked to use cards you don’t really want to put together a temporary squad. Completing SBCs earns players a reward once the challenge is completed. It is fairly rare to receive FIFA coins as a reward but new packs are frequently awarded and these frequently contain cards that you can sell for coins. As a plus, you will get some use out of cards you would otherwise never play.
  • Complete Objectives: Objectives are a type of challenge in FIFA that rewards players for completing them. Rewards are frequently in the form of FIFA coins, players or Packs. Some of the objectives are relatively easy to complete and you can sell players and some of the content of packs for coins.
  • Participate in Squad Battles: In FUT Squad Battles are matches against AI opponents using real player’s squads. There are 40 Squad Battles that players can participate in every week. The more matches you play the better the rewards you will earn. Rewards are unlocked after each weekly competition based on the number of points earned. Rewards are in the form of FIFA coins and card packs.
  • Buy and Sell Packs: Technically EA doesn’t allow the outright buying of FIFA coins with real money. However, you can buy FIFA points with real money. These FIFA points can then be used to purchase packs, the contents of which can then be sold for FIFA coins. If you go this route it is recommended to focus on Bronze and Silver packs as the Transfer Market tends to be flooded with Gold players which drives the price down a bit and decreases the profit you can earn.

Purchasing FIFA Coins

As previously mentioned, EA doesn’t allow the outright buying of FIFA coins for real money. However, it does happen and there are a number of places where a player can purchase FIFA coins. Buying FIFA coins isn’t illegal but as it is prohibited by EA, getting caught purchasing coins could result in your account being banned, which is something you should be aware of.

The most common place to purchase FIFA coins is through video game boosting services. Boosting services offer FIFA coins for sell just as they do any other game boost. Some of the things to consider when choosing a boosting service to purchase FIFA coins from include:

  • Security: A good service takes steps to protect the players gaming account. They also should have a secure payment platform to protect user’s financial and personal data.
  • Customer Support: Ideally, customer support should be available 24/7 and be able to address questions and issues quickly without long delays.
  • Reputation: Before selecting a boosting service for FIFA coins check out reviews of the service from previous clients. Sites like Trustpilot and Reddit are good places to find boosting service reviews.

There are plenty of options available for getting FIFA coins to build a great team. It is up to the individual to choose the best option for their needs.

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