FIFA eNations Cup 2019

The first ever FIFA eNations Cup will be an invite-only exhibition event in 2019 and will introduce a new format of national teams and member associations competing against each other in a team competition on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup™ 2019. The event FIFA eNations Cup 2019 will provide players with a unique opportunity to represent their national team at a tournament during this season’s EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series.


FIFA eNations Cup 2019 Overview

20 national teams representing all of FIFA’s confederations, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, CAF, OFC, AFC and UEFA will be invited to take part in this event. The nations themselves will be able to host national eFootball championships to find their national team. The two selected players will then be invited to the FIFA eNations Cup to represent their country.

Involving 20 of the world’s top eFootball nations, this year, the FIFA eNations Cup is the first of its kind, taking place in London from 13 to 14 April.


FIFA eNations Cup 2019 Prizes

In addition to international glory and a prize pool of USD 100,000 at stake for the teams, players selected by their member association for the FIFA eNations Cup 2019 will also have the chance to win up to 1,500 EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series points, providing them with an opportunity to move up the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings and take a significant step forward on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup™ 2019.

Distribution of the prize money and the Global Series Points:*

EA SPORTS Global Series points (per player)
1st place: 1500
2nd place: 850
3rd – 4th place: 625
5th – 8th place: 450
9th – 16th place: 275
17th – 20th place: 150

Prize money (per team)
1st place: USD $40,000
2nd place: USD $20,000
3rd – 4th place: USD $8,000
5th – 8th place: USD $3,000
9th – 16th place: USD $1,100
17th – 20th place: USD $800

*This prize money and the Global Series Points do not accumulate and are only distributed once the final placings have been confirmed.


FIFA eNations Cup Format

The qualification process for national teams competing at the FIFA eNations Cup will be run by member associations.

As part of the format of the first-ever FIFA eNations Cup, participating countries and players will compete in individual (1v1) and team (2v2) matches on both Xbox and PlayStation during the group stage, with the top two nations in each of the four groups progressing through to the knockout stages.

FIFA eNations Cup 2019

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