How EA FIFA Games Influenced the World

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Since 1993 EA FIFA game has brought joy and intense matches to our screens. This game is the world’s best-selling game franchise with thousands of fans worldwide. FIFA truly brought many changes with each series being released, and fans are excited to get the latest edition each year. And since EA FIFA is such a big name in the gaming community, there is no surprise that it brought some changes to our world. So, let’s see how FIFA game changed the game.


Remembering the Football Legends

Not only is FIFA a popular game to play at home, but it reached a professional level with eSports events being held each year. FIFA eWorld cup is the biggest event in the community and it is producing great FIFA players, as well as an enormous community of new generations. Those new generations are learning about football and its huge legends that never should be forgotten.

This is thanks to ICON cards introduced into the EA FIFA game. These are driving more attention, value, and awareness to legends within the game, serving almost a historic purpose. Players such as Ronaldinho, Eden Hazard, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many more have been on the cover of the game, being remembered. Thanks to these cards, new fans and players can learn about those icons and they will stay remembered forever.


It Sold ‘Soccer’ to the US

Even though European football has its leagues in the US, the biggest contribution to its popularity brought video games. Without FIFA, even the biggest MLS players of today, would probably never learn about European football and would never enter the big leagues. Since FIFA games have been around for a while now, more and more Americans were introduced to the game and have grown to love soccer. Most American athletes are used to more complicated rules of the game, including American football, basketball, and baseball, and the simplicity of the European football rules and play truly brought a refreshment.

FIFA’s influence on American ‘soccer’ fans cannot be forgotten and underestimated. North America is actually the fastest-growing market for this franchise, and there is a strong relationship between this video game and real-life match experiences in the US. Plus, FIFA plays a big role in America’s youth culture, specifically in colleges and universities where students love playing games on their consoles.


Influences in the iGaming World

It goes without saying that FIFA games brought changes and trends in the iGaming world. First and foremost, the emergence of FIFA eSports brought new ideas and now we can see various punters making their bets on their favorite eSports teams. Also, FIFA sparked ideas, and new games were introduced, and today we have an abundance of football-themed online slots for example. All you have to do is research your favorite and rely on easy payment methods to start playing. What’s more, PayPal, too, can be used in online casinos where you can play those glorious football-themed slots and many other games.

There are also the infamous Loot boxes players can get with their digital payments and gather goods for their gameplay. These boxes are used to build your ultimate FIFA squad, and you can use your cash to purchase them with the possibility of getting great players and packs of cards. However, there is no way of knowing what you’re going to get, so there is a bit of relying on luck, just like in gambling.


Influencing Youngsters Away from the TV

Even though FIFA games are played on TV, it is still helping younger people draw their attention away from the TV. Instead of being exposed to politics, not-so-great TV content, and reality shows, youngsters are choosing to play games. And the most played game is certainly FIFA.

In the beginning, the kids and young adults might be more focused on the ball, rather than on the game and strategy, but later on, they do create their own strategies and focus on the quality of the game. This additionally contributes to their hand-eye coordination and other motor and thinking skills. Even though youngsters do love watching football matches, sometimes they get easily bored. But, with FIFA games, their focus is better and lasts longer, and they tend to have much more fun playing the game, rather than watching TV.

It is obvious that FIFA brought a lot of changes both to our lives and many industries. Ever since the first one was released in 1993, people are going crazy about it. And now, 30 years later, EA FIFA is still going strong and has loyal fans and even professional eSports players from all over the world.

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