Will FIFA Continue To Get Sponsorships and Why?

FIFA 20 Road to the Final Event

Casinos and betting websites are known to go way beyond the extra mile to reach their target markets. Professional football has become more than a recreational activity—it’s now a multi-billion-dollar industry. In such an industry, there’s a need for money—and that’s the reason why FIFA started to get sponsorships to meet its financial goals. In 2020, FIFA is projected to raise $6.44 billion in revenue, with $1.77 billion coming from sponsorships. And why does FIFA need all this money?
Football has some of the highest-paid athletes in the sports industry. Besides, organizing and running tournaments like the FIFA World Cup require a lot of money. The football governing body sponsors everything—from the facilities, staff and the ultimate reward for the winning team. FIFA could not achieve this if it were not for its partners. This is why casino sponsorships have become an integral part of FIFA. Partnering with them provides FIFA with the financial flexibility to run its operations.

On the Flip Side

The partnership between casinos and FIFA isn’t about to end soon, as both parties stand to benefit from it. Through sponsorships, FIFA will be able to meet its financial obligations. That’s why you should expect to see FIFA signing more sponsorship deals in the future. You can check here the complete list of some of the top casinos with the best bonus offers that could potentially cooperate with FIFA in the near future. So, how will casinos benefit from this partnership?

Brand Awareness

Partnering with FIFA is often seen as an opportunity to create brand awareness. When signing the deal, the sponsoring will get some rights—allowing them to display their name and logo anywhere around different stadiums used in a particular world cup tournament. The casino can also brand merchandise for players and football supporters.
Since the FIFA World Cup is one of the largest sporting events in the world, it attracts millions of spectators. Casinos aim to capitalize on these numbers to increase their brand awareness. It’s no surprise that they convert thousands of fans into customers after every match.

Lucrative bonuses

Most casinos today have a sportsbook that offers a variety of betting bonuses on key sporting events like the world cup. If a casino sponsors FIFA, it can capitalize on this partnership by offering juicy bonuses and promotions that punters will be more likely to claim. This can benefit the casino and football fans as it adds an extra thrill to the match and earns the casino more revenue.

TV Viewership

Most people watch the world cup on their TV. This makes TVs a big marketing opportunity that casino sponsorships can leverage for more revenue. When two teams play against each other, the match attracts millions of fans, which is a big opportunity for the sponsors.
They can advertise their services and products at a lower price and reach millions of target audiences. A casino is guaranteed to receive more customers after every match, with the majority being TV viewers. This marketing strategy is more effective than billboards and banners in a foreign country.

Building Trust

Advertising isn’t about converting the target audience into customers. It’s also the perfect medium to inform potential and existing customers about new products and services. In addition, it acts as proof that the it is legitimate because the authorities notice it too.
That’s why fans and spectators worldwide will receive the casino positively. Also, it helps to increase trust among people. They can offer bonuses on different matches as a sign of good faith.

Bottom Line

These are the reasons why we’ve seen increased partnerships between FIFA and casinos. As indicated earlier, both parties get to benefit from this partnership. With so much stake on the table, it’s more likely that we will see more FIFA sponsorships in the future.

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